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  1. Thanks for your input guys. Despite being there 5 years and having no disciplinary records to my name, I'm still waiting on tenterhooks. Fully agree with the week being a lifetime.
  2. Hi guys, Early last week, I was suspended until further notice for an incident involving negligence on my behalf. The HR Manager informed me that I was to be suspended on full salary while an investigation to takes place. All this was confirmed in writing, and they said that they would be in contact at a later stage. It's been nearly a week and there hasn't been any form of communication whatsoever. In 17 years of working this has been a first time being suspended and also facing disciplinary action of some sort too. Is there a rough time period that it takes for something
  3. Thanks Lee. I did send an email yesterday and received reference number - [#6364763]. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi all, At moment I owe Vodafone in the region of £500. This is due to the remaining balance owed and a termination fee as a result of non payment. As time has gone on this has debt has been passed over to Fredrickson International who have added fees to the debt and then threatened legal costs if payment wasn't made in 7 days totaling around £800. I have also received a " CONFIRMED RESIDENT " postcard today as well. I live with my father and his wife at the moment and the constant call bombarding is creating a bit of tension if I'm completely honest. I think it's a b
  5. Good evening guys. Like most people who start threads in this forum , I am in a bit of an unfortunate dilemma regarding Payday Loans. I have 2 outstanding Payday Loans with Quick Quid ( 343 ) and Payday Express ( 250 ). As well as Natwest advising me that I'll be giving them 200 pounds in charges , I am also being made redundant in 6 months time. Naturally the best thing for me to do would be to contact both party's and inform them of my decision. I have been deferring the loans and only paying off the interest each month , which I am now not in a position to do as ide
  6. I'm thinking I may have to go down the SAR route. Does anyone know how I can get a template letter for it ? Thanks again.
  7. It's a definite nightmare , agreed.
  8. I don't have 125.90 spare , which I feel they would request all in one go given my credit history.
  9. Hi man , who are the OC ? Thanks for the reply.
  10. Sorry to bring these ( insert what you feel is appropriate here ) again. In September last year I lost my phone , which was signed up to an O2 contract. Despite being sent new sim cards the handset I wanted to use wouldn't work with the sims. I carried on paying the bill anyway each month , till December when I fell in arrears by 2 months. Instead of paying back the 60 I was in arrears , I paid back 50. Sure enough , the letter came through asking me for the remaining amount , which I didn't pay. This obviously progressed onto my remaining debt being passed onto B
  11. Sorry I haven't made myself very clear. It was about a month after I opened the account , that I withdrew from The Advantage Blue Scheme. I realise the penalty is to do with going overdrawn un-agreed. The only thing that;s puzzling me is the fact I've been told I won't be charged and I'm off the scheme , but it still comes up on the statement. I would have thought the staff would have told me about the 6 month rule , but it appears they haven't. Big thanks for your help , it's appreciated.
  12. Hi, The account was in full use. In 4 months of having the account I've only been charged the once though. Thanks for the reply.
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