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  1. Well over 3 months and numerous calls later we finally got a cheque yesterday.
  2. Were the accounts in dispute before the defaults were added and do you have proof? I don't think you can get a default removed after it's been added just by disputing it - the CRA's will add a note to an existing entry saying it is in dispute.
  3. Thanks Ting - yes, I believe they allowed themselves 28 days which has already gone over in our case. The Parking & Appeals Service pre-empted this situation and told us to contact them if TFL did not cough up which we will do.
  4. Just an update to this - I appealed to the parking and appeals service, and after my postal hearing date was set back about a week, I got a letter from TFL stating they had decided not to contest due to "improper processing". :D:D Bit of a catch all term so not sure if they are actually agreeing with me, but net result is £300 coming back my way. Thanks CAG'ers
  5. Thank you Spamheed. So in the event that 6 years from the default passes, it should drop off. How, supposing the debt is not paid, would it be represented on my credit file, if at all? Can anyone offer any reason why faced with 3 polite letters offering to pay off the debt, I have not received so much as a response refusing my terms or threatening court action?
  6. Against sound advice, I sent another letter recently, for my own peace of mind and again have had no response. In response and clarity to the above I have no issues with the debt being statute barred, I want to pay. My only concern is that the slackness (or whatever they are playing at) of the DCA will mean 6 years from the date of default will pass and it will not drop off or be reapplied. The debt will still be collectable as I've acknowledged it within the last few months so I cannot see the debt falling off my file completely or reverting back. I don't know what to do to encourage a resolution.
  7. Hi guys - quick update after your helpful responses above. TFL have rejected the appeal, and seem to have completely ignored the reasons given, quoting some boiler plate about my car definitely violating the conditions of parking. That I am not contesting! So now I have to go through the adjudicators process but from reading up it says that mitigating circumstances cannot be used to claim - so does my issues with sign visibility and direction of travel etc fall under one of the main categories as listed at the bottom of here: TMAClampRemoveEnforcement Thanks DB
  8. Thanks Grumpy. I am happy to pay what I know I owe, minus a bit for the trouble and hassle. Fortunately I know how it breaks down. My main issue is the redefault, so knowing they cannot (or shouldn't) redefault if their incompetencies mean the 6 years hits before I have settled is useful. I am not interested in pursuing statue barred for the reasons above. It's ironic, these people chase the wrong people for debts, hassle hard up debtors for miniscule repayments yet when someone wants to pay they go quiet.
  9. Thanks Spamheed. Just for the sake of clarity, the 6 year rule applies in two separate instances - once in terms of whether a debt is statute barred (reset if debt in acknowledged or payment is made), and once in terms of a default lifespan. Correct? If that's the case, what if this is not settled and the default has been on file for 6 years? Can they redefault? My main (sole) aim is to get the default removed as I would never had of allowed it to be placed if they had served my with it. I am fortunate enough to be in the position to pay it off outright today, so all I want to do is expedite the removal of the default. What I don't want to do is leave it in their hands and then have the 6 year cycle start again. Thanks, David
  10. Yes, but unfortunately the forum blocks url posting from users with less than 5 posts, so with http in front it would not work - that's why I posted it without and asked people to copy and paste.
  11. I have been awaiting a response from a DCA for a number of months now - suddenly, all their calls stopped (I never answered them anyway) and I have had no response to letters. I defaulted on an bank overdraft but only found out a couple of years later. No notification or anything - they had withdrawn the facility without letting me know. Was handed to a DCA and after some farcial misunderstandings between the OC and the DCA I am at a point now where I have written, twice to the DCA offering a deal whereby I pay off the debt and they remove the default as unjustified (they failed to produce copy of notice). I was more than obvious I would only deal in writing. Should I send another letter? Worry here is that they intermittently add interest to the debt despite the fact they probably are not able to. If I leave it and wait the default remains and accrues interest. I know that defaults are only 6 months long, but that's only if you have paid it off right? We are not far, a year or two away from those 6 years being up. I want it gone one way or another the minute that happens. I have no other debt at all (aside from student loan) - no credit card balances.
  12. Does the link work if you copy and paste it into your browser address bar? it does for me. Thanks for that - I'll certainly appeal.
  13. Link to image (copy and paste) img227.imageshack.us/img227/2977/parkingqn0.gif The sign is the blue bit facing away from the green squares (cars).
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