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  1. I dont have anything telling me the figures but I do have a letter regarding my loan and that I took PPI.
  2. Hi All, Im hoping somebody can give me some advice.... I had a £12k loan with Egg beginning 27/08/2003. I paid it until Oct 2008 and then went into financial difficulty eventually defaulting. I now owe £2700. I have been in touch with them for my CCA but they refused saying that the account is no longer open and that they are not seeking to enforce any agreement on the account. My question is... .I know that the arrears will be repaid first from any PPI refund I may recieve which I am more than happy to do but with the interest over the years I know I would
  3. Hi All, I did as advised and ignored the last letter I received. I have now received a letter from Buchanan Clark & Wells......a FINAL NOTICE. This says that unless payment is made immediately, legal proceedings will be commencing against me including interest and costs. The thing is......they STILL haven`t provided me with an acceptable CCA. I cant see how a printed excel table with no signatures or agreement stands as a CCA. My question is....where do i go from here? Do I send Buchanan another CCA request letter? Thanks so much for any responses Vtr80
  4. To be honest, id be happy if it just cleared the outstanding debt
  5. I have the terms and conditions but not the actual agreement. I would imagine the ppi would clear the outstanding debt though...isnt it that ppi is 20% of your monthly payment?? I might be totally wrong there lol but I thought thats what I read??
  6. Hi All, I need to pick some of your brains........ I got a loan for £12000 in Aug 2003 from Egg with PPI. I paid it with no problems until 2007 when I had employment problems and ceased payments. I then moved to Scotland and didnt hear anything from them. I have recieved letters since 2008 from 3 or 4 different unscrupulous debt collection agencies and have asked each of them for copy credit agreements, which I have never recieved. I only owed £2850 to finish the loan. My question is......Can I go to Egg and claim the PPI back? If so, how? Thanks for any responses in advan
  7. Thanks guys Just recieved another letter from them this morning......this time saying im recommended for enforcement action, but that they will make one final offer to me..... They are prepared to except a payment in full of £540.69...instead of the £983.08 they originally wanted to settle the account! Let me guess, I should....IGNORE!!!!! Cheers Vtr
  8. Well, we contacted these scumbags for a reduction and surprise, surprise!!! they took £100 off! To be honest we are so confused with what the hell is going on with this now, the court say there is a CCJ against my gf and that if we pay the reduced amount by the 12th it will be removed.......thats what we are gonna do.
  9. Had more letters from SRJ, so decided to complain to British Gas. Didnt get me anywhere as they say, because I dont have a Tenancy agreement for that address, there is nothing they can do. Told me to phone SRJ! I havent phoned them, but decided to email them, explaining the dates I lived there etc and that im not liable for the full amount. Also that I dont have to prove my tenancy....they do! So, will now have to wait and see what response I get.....
  10. How would it work, if I could get half by the 12th and the rest the following month? could I still get the CCJ removed or at least satisfactorily address on her credit score?
  11. Yea thats what we are going to try and do. Is is worth asking if they would possibly reduce the debt for a quick payment?
  12. Hi Havinastella, Is there a template for this kind of request for the original creditor? If so I will get a letter sent asap. Also once they have sent the statement, what are the chances of clearing the charges?
  13. Hi Just off the phone from the court. It turns out they did recieve notice of our original offer of £20 from Howard Cohen & Co and a court official decided the amount for the judgement for the claimant and advised £416.66 by 12th Sept. The court has not yet recieved our N245 form offering £50, I think it should get there tomorrow. The only way to get rid of the CCJ is either pay the full £471.66 or email Howard Cohen asking for a lower settlement figure
  14. Thanks so much for your help. it is hugely appreciated. I will indeed write to Santander. Is it ok for me to call the court on behalf of my partner or dies she have to call - she is working so its difficult Vtr
  15. We sent the completed claim form to Howard Cohen as it directed. I honestly thought we were doing the right thing as this is what it told us to do.
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