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  1. With certainty it's 6 years plus, wonder how I can determine this?
  2. Defaulted dates are: For the bank OD which has had no correspondence for over 6 years at the least, it says it is 10.05.2010. A total fiction this, I feel the DCA has made this up For the other one, they have said 29.06.2009 some 2 years after the account went into default in 2007. Looks like the DCA are making dates up?
  3. Thanks dx. There is a field in noddle which says "account created date" and this pertains to 2005. Having said this there has been no activity on said account for > 6 years so as per your advice it appears SB. should I send a SB letter to the DCA informing them of this? Their default date has a big red D for the month of sep 2013 so I present they are making things up here.
  4. It doesn't explicitly say that- the debt is from 2005 and no letters etc have been acknowledged. BUT the DCA has put a default on from sep 2013! Appears totally made up. What should I do?
  5. I'm totally confused! Debt claim 1: no actual transactions took place: no letters of acknowledgment were made. I believe the first payment should have been made a month after the purchase: ie November 2007. Debt claim 2: pertains to an old overdraft from account used by ex partner set up in my name. There has been no letters or acknowledgment of the debt for at least 6 years since when the bank seemed to put it in default in 1995. But the DCA says its default from 10.05.2010??? Debt claim 3:
  6. Thank you Eric'sbrother. Why do the DCA use dates set way after the actual date? What do you think I should do, write to them in jab 2015 of these are still showing on the report?
  7. Yep, the first example shows a default date almost 2 years after the date of when the account started (small credit with a little woods type catalogue).
  8. Hi, the last updated date for all three things is recent, September 2013. The actual default dates for each of the things appears to have been a date added by the DCA, so the dates given in my original sequence appear sound. I could upload a screen shot perhaps?
  9. I would hugely appreciate some advice relating to historic debt on my credit file now shown as in default: Looking on Noddle I have 3 things in default: The first of which is a small sum with an 'account start date' of 29.10.2007 - this date pertains to the date at which a purchase was made. This is being shown on Noddle as in in Default (D) every month of this year. The debt collection agency has written to me but I have not acknowledged their letters nor calls. They have apparently applied a default date of 29.06.2009 - some 2 years after the credit was obtained. The second of which is again with a DCA, the 'date of default' is 10.05.2010 and on Noddle only one default sign can be seen and it pertains to August of 2013 (why is this date of default much later than the date of default in which it was originally raised i.e. 10.05.2010??) In both of these debts I have not acknowledged these nor responded to letters. What is the process surrounding a statute barred debt in these particular examples? Why is the DCA updating the file each month with Defaults when the original date of default as shown on the report is 29.10.2007 and 10.05.2010 respectively? Account Start Date Date of Default Defaults (2013)? 29.10.2007 29.06.2009 Monthly 24.09.1996 10.05.2010 Sep only The final debt is an unsecured loan taken via a bank on behalf of a partner who failed to pay me back. Start Date Date of Default 01.11.2005 14.06.2009 The defaults are shown monthly. They have written to me 2 occasions since 2005 and I have not written back nor spoken to them. Can anyone advise me on this? Any more information required please feel free to ask me. Yours faithfully.
  10. Dear all, I was made redundant from my job in July. I was also quite seriously injured four days after being made redundant. As such, it has prevented me from returing to work swiftly. I have been served a s21 notice to vacate at the end of September. It has been correctly served. My question is: if I do not move out on the stipulated date what is the likely course of action (e.g. court action, eviction & financial costs to me) that will follow and over what timeframe? If I was to stay beyond my tenancy I would of course continue to pay rent as normal for any additional time that I am living in the property - I am only considering staying because I have nowhere else to go and was hoping to try and buy more time until I could recieve an offer of social housing. As I am not working I cannot simply move into another private rented property. Does anyone have any experience on this and could anyone offer any advice?
  11. Thanks for all this. I have filed an acknowledgement of service to prepare for my defence. I'm going to get all my photographs and my written attempts to contact the landlord together as a report and send this to the court. I just hope that the landlord will take stock when he sees this and hold off on the court appearance and sort things out directly (though I doubt this). I think that fact that he was ignored my grievance for over three months will not do him any favours in the eyes of the court! In terms of the damage and cleaning. I had a broken bedside lamp and some clothes and bedsheets were soiled. There was a lot of muck on the carpet and it was stained. What was a concern was the ammount of residual dust in the air (the old boiler cupboard is in my bedroom) and this was really bad for my chest (asthmatic). I didn't actually stay in the flat for two days until the place was cleaned and hoovered. Moreover, there is still a vast ammount of muck, wood and other material in the old cupboard that still hasn't been picked up and taken out. I suppose a lot of this, what I describe could be termed subjective so thankfully I have photographs to substantiate things. Also some people may say, "well it isn't that bad in the scheme of things" but it was in some ways - it had quite an unsettling effect on me and took a while to sort out. Moreover, the unannounced visit a week later was hugely disrespectful - especially as they left my room in a similar state.
  12. Cheers for your response slick 132. Please see my answers to your questions above.
  13. Thanks for your response. Please see my resposne to your questions above.
  14. Dear All, I'd love to get some advice on this issue and would appreciate any feedback from the forum. In September 2007 I signed a 12 month contract on a private rented property. In May this year I granted access to the property so that essential repairs to the water system could be carried out on the adjacent flat. When I arrived back from work, the place was a complete mess. There was muck and filfth all over the carpets, my personal towels and toilet paper had all been used, my bedsheets and clothing was dirty - and to cap it all my laptop was missing. I took pictures and called the police. I obtained a police ref and attempted to contact the landlord. No avail. Over the next month I called and wrote letters - nothing. Eventually, I wrote a letter to say that I would be witholding 1 month rent to pay for repairs, cleaning and loss of my laptop - if there was any issue he should contact me to discuss. Again - no reply. For June and July I paid my rent as normal. Last week, I recieved a county court claim through the door saying I had ceased to pay rent since April and that I owed £800 in arrears. I have proof that I paid rent for April, June and July contrary to the particular to the claim. The only month that I did not pay was May, and as I have said, this was on the back of loads of failed attempts to open dialogue with the landlord. So in reality I am only one month in arrear, however - the damage to my property, cleaning and missing laptop is of a higher value than the rent he argues I owe. I really could do with some advice on this. Do I have any grounds to go to court and say 'not only do I not owe you £800 as your claim states - but through the repairs you (or your contractors) carried out I am actually owed more than this one month rent arrear. Do you think that the court will look favourably on my predicament? For over 3 months now I have tried to contact the landlord but he just ignores me - that is until he slaps a CCJ case in front of me. I'd really really appreciate any help and guidance you can offer (ps, I did go to CAB and they said I should defend the claim. I've just today filed an acknowledgemnt of service to get myself another 14 days to compile my evidence i.e. photographs, police reference, letters etc) but what I'm worried about is losing the case and getting hit by huge court costs and the CCJ. Thank you for your time.
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