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  1. Hi, I have had my CCA back and it did not comply. I used the letter found on here and Tesco have said thier final decsion is they hav complied and they will chase me for teh cash. Help what do I do next? They sent me a letter for the ombudsman but reading on here I find that some people say complain to trading standards. Please help and if anyone has any templates they would be gratefully received
  2. I have now received back a agreement and on one it says under credit limit - We will set your credit limit from time to time and tell you what they are. I am guessing this doesn't comply with cca 74 but would like some piece of mind before attacking them
  3. Sounds like if the loan wasn't used for the purpose then the agreement may be unenforcable
  4. This may be an old thread but something of interest for anyone who is searching for these companies as I was. I am sure that if this car was bought under finance then they are covered by the same way credit card purchases are and if you have got legal insurance (Check your home insurance policy) then these will pay any costs in challenging these
  5. Sorry I copied and pasted so a bit rubbish but you can pick the details from there I hope. If not PM me and I will E-mail
  6. Home addresses from companies house so in public domain. Use with care but I have written to directors in this case twice once BT and once NTL. Both times problem sorted in days. Write to all but make sure you just detail the facts and do not get personal. Just list the facts and why you have a grievance. directors View Previous Directors NameWilliam Samuel Hugh Laidlaw AddressHeadington House Old High Street Old Headington Oxford OX3 9HU Officers TitleMr W.S. LaidlawDate Of Birth03/01/1956 HonoursPresent Appointments4 Appointment Date01/07/2006FunctionDirector NamePaul A
  7. Read it again I wasn't complaining I was just curious
  8. I think from reading these forums (but I may be wrong ) that if the agreement is unenforcable you can either tell the banks that the debt is invalid or look for some kind of write off but as I said I have got a few cards all with zero balances. Is it worth me still checking the validity of the agreement? Can I still claim some kind of monetry retribution?
  9. I don't think so he used to work for a bank so I doubt he would but I will check tomorrow
  10. Thank you. I have done. Having read the forum everyone looks very friendly
  11. I understand this may be greedy but I have written for my agreements per this website but fortunatly I have no balance on them. Is there anything I can get back?
  12. One of my collegues has signed up to these. They have said they can get him £5,000 back from his mortgage and gave him copy letters and also said they can write off credit card balances. Having had a look here I can see how they can claim the balances but how do they get money from mortgages? He has never had PPI
  13. Just a quick note to introduce myself. One of my collegues has signed to cartel and being tight I did a search to se if I could do it myself. Thanks for all of the resources
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