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  1. Update: We received a letter from DCA collections, it turns out my girlfriend has paid them a deposit of £39.00 + 86.66 2x Months membership (via cheque) which she forgotten about from an old bank account till we checked. So in total DCA learning have taken £125.66 - Does this now put them in a higher standing to be able to demand the money or are we even able to collect the funds back? - I find it weird that the lady on the phone even said that the account had been canclled. We requested that they forwarded us proof that money is owed to them, they instead forwarde
  2. Thought I would give an update on this situation and say thanks to the users that have posted in reply to me, you have all been a great help We have received a new letter from BPO collections after sending them the above letter to both them and DCA Home learning:
  3. Could any one please look over this for me Dear Sir/Madam Account Ref: - NOTICE Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing. I have noted your repeated attempts to contact me by telephone over the past few weeks/months and these have been duly logged by time and date. Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange a “doorstep call”, please be advised that under OFT rules, you can only visit me at my home if you make an appointment and I have no wish to make an appointment with you. There is only an implied li
  4. I asked them this previously on the phone however she could say nothing more than "the sum must be paid". I will add this in to the letter I am sending.
  5. Thanks, We are also a little unsure on how to deal with this long term. The people at Bpo Collection / Home learning are nothing more than broken records repeating over and over that the sum must be paid. No service by the company has been provided, it is even noted by DCA learning that the course was cancelled so I have no idea on why they wish to pursuit payment. There has been no correspondence between my girlfriend and DCA home learning during the past year. We only know anything about this now that Bpo collections is trying to force money from us which we don't have (stu
  6. Thanks you very much. if either the bailiffs or field agents happen to turn up are they able to just climb through a window / walk through an unlocked door without a court order being issued? I will mail the letter and have one ready in hand
  7. Update: Today we have received further correspondence from Bpo Collections: Dated 8th August We have instructed our field agents to VISIT YOUR ADDRESS TO COLLECT THE ABOVE DEBT You have made this action necessary as you have ignored all other requests to contact us and you have failed to pay this account. should you wish to avoid this course of action, you must contact our office within 72hours of receipt of this notice failure to comply with this request may lead to the above action without further warning or notice. For and on behalf of Bpo collections Recoveries Departm
  8. Thanks, you have confirmed pretty much what I thought to begin with. We don't intend to back down from them since we don't believe we owe any funds to the company, they have already gained £40 for doing next to nothing, she didn't receive any service which warranted paying for. Good luck with them taking her to court! she's a uni student they would have better luck trying to get blood from a rock Thanks
  9. The course is offered by dclearn (i cant post urls but its .co.uk) My girlfriend payed a deposit of £40 and was supposed to setup a direct debit to cover each month she carried on with the course (1 year I think), she canceled the course during the 1st month (even the lady on the phone said she had canceled it but that she still needed to pay the full sum) Since the course was cancelled she disposed of the direct debit slip and thought nothing of it, nor heard anything from it till this letter. She never received any other materials other then which the 1st monthly deposit c
  10. Hi Over a year ago my girlfriend signed up for a course with “DCA Home Learning” initially she paid a deposit of around £40 (by cheque) and received the starting materials. The course material turned out to be less then expected so she cancelled the course within the initial month and no further payments have been taken as expected nor had she received any further material or sent any material off to be marked (she assumed she would loose the deposit which wasn’t a problem). Included in the materials were direct debit forms which she never bothered with after canceling the course a
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