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  1. Thanks banker rhymes but our payments at the moment are more than we earn. if we consolidate everything over 8- 10 years our payments will be less than a quater and this includes 10k for essential repairs on our property.I think a secured loan is the only saine move. I would love to get it unsecured but no one dose unsecured now above 15k. When we got into debt over the last 10 years we were a one small income familly we are now a two income family and the income has over trebled. A lot of what i am paying out is credit card and overdraft charges, once all sorted I am going to try and get these back, I just cant cope with the fight to reclaim charges whilst I am in debt.
  2. If you can you could get an extra loan and pay off father in which case the bank's charge would then automatically become the first charge - if that makes sense. thanks for that advice only problem is father in law wont let us pay him back its a gift he dosent want the money but wont remove the charge....................... He means well but he is a difficult bugger at times
  3. Hi I hope you can help. Our home is owned out right in my husbands name his father has a 15k possibly less charge on the property registered with the land registry. We want to consolidate all our credit cards bank loan etc and borrow 25k against the property which is worth 300 to 350k. once we have consolidated we have some work that we would like done to the property. We have no morgage as the property is paid for out right just this interest of my father in laws. Can he really stop us borrowing money with this charge. Is there a way around telling him. I am also having trouble borrowing the money as banks do not want to be first charge , why is this. Its all a bit odd we have a 300 grand home and want to borrow 25k over 8 years to consolidate our debts its that or an IVa or worse. You would think they would be bitting our arms off despite our poor credit history there is more than enough security. Please can anyone advise me
  4. Thanks for the help So why are the chasing me continually for 10 years and will this be on my credit profile. I have never once responed to them or acknowledged there existance.
  5. Looking on this site I have seen a varying range of charges my question is I thought it would be interesting to know, which council charges the most/least when they apply for a Liability order. Three Rivers £100
  6. I used to work for a car finance company be careful you do not have an excess Millage clause as this can be nasty. Also get the vehicle checked over if you can by the RAC or AA for damages as they can sting you for this once the vehicle is returned often many months later as with the XSM. It is best to get everything regarding possible damages and excess millage in writting before you go ahead with the VT.
  7. Hi Quick question Aproximatly 12 years ago I had an Abbey overdraft, at the time I was held up at work in an armed Robbery, my employers did not pay more than a weeks sick leave and I had no means by which to clear my overdraft, the abbey would not freeze the interest and charges, when they did eventually freeze this the only funds left outstanding were charges on charges. They have since sold the debt to an agency who send me a black print letter on white paper, a red print letter on white paper, a black print letter on yellow then on Pink paper annually and have been for many years for a £300 debt that I dispute. Same four letters year in year out. i am not stressed about this its fone on too long,its a bit of a familly joke now. I dofeel the Bank were unfair especially as I worked 6 doors away! My question is how many more years is this debt legally valid ? Are there different limits on differnt Types of debt? And do credtit Markers last accordingly ?
  8. My local authority has set the Baliffes on me even though I have paid my Council Tax within the council Tax year. I did not receive the initial bill. I called to ask for a copy before the first payment was due. They have this recorded They have no record of it being printed or sent and say it was not. my first Bill was a summons I was upto date when this went to Court I paid my council tax just with in the Council tax year Now I have been threatened with Police and Bailiffes For the £100 charge plus £180.00 fees Plus further fees when they attend. Any Ideas how I deal with this ?
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