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  1. i was just thinking the exact same thing. this is what im going to do. as a rule i have always had all bills and DD taken from my account the day after payday. so from now on i will go into the bank the following day and empty my account. and ill do this every month, im not fussed about a poxy few pence interest i may have earnt each month so sod em. the banks need our money, even in the supreme court ruling they said that effectively we lend money to the banks when we are in credit, so ill just make damn sure there is a zero balance in my account for 99% of each month. the one thing that really gets my goat about this whole thing is the fact that on two previous occasions things went our way, and now the supreme court rule that the last 2 judgements were wrong.... if so what is the point in having so many differnt types of court, just simply let one court rule and be done with it, the last 2 odd years have been a total waster of time and a total **** take for the general public.
  2. i got back from New York a few weeks ago (first time ive been, 2nd for my Mrs) anyway. we stayed in the Hilton on west 35th street.... it was a lovely hotel right next to the empire state so had an awesome view from our 19th floor room. food and tipping in quite expensive. we ate in time square everynight and paid between $60 and $120 for a meal for 2. but im sure there were cheaper places to eat. also there are Deli`s everywhere for things like breakfast or lunch. getting about is simple. we used the subway to get to places further away or just spent the day out walking. you can catch thestatten island ferry for free and get an awesome view of the statue of liberty and the whole of lower Manhattan. we got the light railway from JFK and it stopped a few blocks from our hotel so we just walked. one thing to note... there are so many things to see that you end up spending time looking around rather than how far you have walked, so you end up looking at the map and you are miles away from where you started. things like going up the Empire State must be done i think it was $20 per person to go up to the viewing floor. you will be pestered by the people selling tours ( i guess the same as london really) i thought it was a rip off at $89 for the day trip around new york. so we just walked and shopped and did our own thing and didnt miss anything. i just told the tour guys that id already been and they left us alone. just a few notes. make sure you have applied to enter the USA your tour operator will advise you of this. and be prepared to have your finger & palm prints taken aswell as an iris scan when entering the country. if you wanna know anything else then ask while the memories are fresh lol
  3. so if the payments or part payments are simply gestures of goodwill. if and when we eventually win this case will we be able to claim in full again and not take into account the gesture of goodwill free money the bank has already paid people. as it has never been stated that the gesture was for the refund of charges??? just a thought
  4. i have been away on holiday for a few weeks and got back to a letter from the FOS. they have finalised my complaint and Nationwide have told them that i set up the standing order after i stopped using my account so it was my fault. but are prepared to refund me £82 but dont admit to any wrong doings... what confuses me is if Nationwide have done everything by the book then why would they refund me £82 and certainly why would they remove the default from the account?????????? god knows wot to do now.
  5. just an update. the FOS phoned on thursday last week and have said my case is now being dealt with and they are writing to nationwide to try and sort this out. the FOS bod did say it was the first time he had seen a case of a bank removing a Default but then refusing to refund charges. and said usually its the other way round. i was wondering if anyone knows of such a case with anyone having the same problems im having??
  6. lol i currently have the sony ericsson C905, been replaced 3 times already lol i got an email from 02 saying i can only upgrade in October..... oh well i guess i will have to wait till then for the new 12.1mp camera Sony Ericsson.
  7. just wondered if anyone knew what 02's policy was for upgrading as im pretty sure when i took out my 18 month contract last April the call bod told me i could still upgrade after 12 months??????
  8. ok i understand that. so i put my claim into the bank in Nov 06 and they stopped dealing with my complaint in july 07 due to the test case. my complaint is still in the banks hands. am i safe under the waiver from the FSA to continue chasing charges back to Nov 2000 up until today??
  9. what if i have statements going back to 1998.... if i was "made Aware" by the OFT and the Test Case in feb 06.... can i then claim back charges to feb 2000 ????? i put my claim in to the bank in Nov 06 but can i ammend it to include everything that i have paper proof of??? my claim is not with the Courts.
  10. thanks Oh Boy that would be great. cheers
  11. but what about having false , damaging information registered against me with 3 credit reference agencies for the past 4 years. being refused for mortgages , loans. having to take out a 40%apr credit card to try repair my credit.???
  12. im only saying am i pushing it regarding compensation.... i will get the charges back and nothing less. but was wondering what kind of compensation i should either ask for or expect???????
  13. just an update. passed all details onto the FOS and now leaving it to them to deal with the monkies. the FOS have said again they find it hard to beleive that Nationwide have removed the default relating to the complaint but will not refund the charges related to the complaint. but obviously the FOS are very busy and will deal with my complaint whenever they can. so i guess ill just have to wait. i have put in my letter to the FOS that i would like to be compensated for the default being on my file for over 4 years. does anyone know if im pushing my luck or if they may compensate me..... and if so what have people managed to get out of the banks for holding false defaults on their credit files for this period of time???????
  14. im confused the first doc you posted is from experian and the second seems to be part of a letter to experian from the ombudsman???
  15. you really are looking at this the wrong way. and your wife will end up in a lot of trouble tomorrow. regardless of the fact if she signed anything the intention was there to de fraud the bank of money by applying for a card in your name. she then went on to spend the money which was not hers to spend. you can carry on till you are blue in the face at the end of the day any judge that looks at this and sees what your wife has done will at the very least make sure its paid back.... on the other hand she could end up being charged with fraud. the way you have to look at this is simple. say for instance someone got hold of your details and applied for a card. they got the card and spent 3k on it. the bank then asks you for the money. you tell them you never had an account with them. they track down who applied for the card and spent the money.... that person ends up in jail for fraud. THE END just because its your wife doesnt mean she will get away with it.
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