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  1. Hi All, My local council is in the process of implementing a controlled Parking zone in our residential estate, at the beginning of August with 6 weeks of notification . Neighbours against this have acquired more than 100 signatures from a petition in order to challenge this decision. As a council must implement a decision that reflects the wishes for all the residents. No residents were consulted. They have not complied to their statutory provisions. How can we stop them from implementing this I would appreciate any replies....
  2. Hi Coniff, Are there any templates on the site or create by other parties for this area for a claim? PS I didn't see anything Regards
  3. Hi Conniff, Thanks for the reply.. Just a quick question what is the signature?
  4. Hi Conniff, They have admitted liabilty and offered £100. Yes I can show the missed appointments....I even have work details illustrating time taken off.On arrival after travelling for an hour they would state the appointment is cancelled..No phone call or e-mail.. TP
  5. Dear All, Please could you guide me as to what area of Law I would use to effectively charge a bank for loss of income (Damages). A Bank caused me to lose £1800 of loss income when my Bank manager was off ill !! They kept on cancelling appointments and I lost a whole heap of money!!! Thanks TP
  6. Hi Slick 132 A savings account of 10k has not been tranferred 30k was tranferred last July 2011. No response from the CEO as yet.. Barclays Wealth have not tranferred the 10k outstanding. The court order is the probate..... The Order in thefavour of the executors is the Order from the Court authorising the executors to stand in the place of thedeceased person and the authority to call in on behalf of the Court theEstate... And Yes the FOS ...your right TP
  7. Please note that the Bank are in contravention of a court order therefore we will add interest at 8% on the 10k over from the last !!!
  8. Hi Slick 132, The bank has tried to get me to accept £100 for the as acceptance for missed bank appointments in which I lost £1590 of income and the non -transfer of the account. I have written to the complaints dept, the dept holding the 10k (not 20k) and the Deceased Customer Unit........ This is a farce..The bank is stalling.....I want a stop to this . The complaint letter has been sent to the CEO office...We have also been through the FOS and 6 months on no answers...My solicitor advises this claim falls under small claims.... I would appreciate any help...
  9. Hi Slick 132, Are you able to guide me towards a POC for a claim against Barclays on not being able to transfer an account following a Court order after 11 months. Further What interest should I apply to the court as mentioned in your reply..Is it 8% as with say a Bank charges claim... ??
  10. Hi thanks for the replies, We have probate. It has been forwarded to the Banks deceased customer unit on receipt in March last year. They are the only financial institution dragging their heels......Probably will contact my solicitor this week....
  11. Barclays have not transferred an account from my late parents since February last year. They blame the fact that the account resides within the Woolwich area of the bank. They have all the necessary legal paperwork. My siblings and myself are the administrators to the estate What legal recourse do I have ? The amount is over 25k so its probably the County court........ Further any ideas on legal costs? I personally have had enough.... Many Thanks
  12. the.pimpernel75

    Me V MBNA

    I have a court case with our friends at MBNA come up shortly? Does anyone have details of their dirtytricks in court that I should be aware of ? Thanks The Pimpernel
  13. Thanks, I overheard a radio interview stating that if the banks lose their case against the OFT this opens up cases against the Banks for breking the Data Protection Act !!
  14. Can Anyone out there Tell me what part of the Data Protection act will be broken by the banks for placing incorrect information on a person's credit file because of these illegal bank and credit card charges ?? Regards The Pimpernel75
  15. Has anyone had troubles with any county courts when claiming to lose their cheques I have had problems with Lambeth county court stating that no cheques have been enclosed twice in the last month ?
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