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  1. thanks onmywayout, thats what i thought but nice to hear someone else say it.
  2. just out of interest the letters i first received from marlin were just from them re my account number and now they are signed from "litigation section" at marlin and also headed " MCE PORTFOLIO LTD v my name". do you think this is just to try and scare me or serious???
  3. hi bridezilla, firstly i know my thread is also about marlin but i think you really need to start a new thread or we are all just going to get confusing information. anyway do you know when the last payment was, if its more than 6 years and no communication of any kind also then i think it may be statute barred but im sure others will help.
  4. hi saintly one they are just threatening it but seem very persistent or am i just being naive and believing they will go through with it?
  5. reported them to fso 3 days ago so hopefully might get a good reply. they are sending them a letter on my behalf asking for them to accept my temporary offer of payment and stop court action. we shall see!
  6. hi , i think they are just fishing but be careful. i have dealings with marlin and they are nasty bullies. very threatening, wont listen to you, refuse offers of payment, threaten court action, its all making me ill. would like to know how to tie them up in knots as i dont seem to be having any luck???
  7. thanks onmywayout. the copy is legible i suppose. iv sent another letter to marlin today reiterating everything iv already said. i.e. original offer of payment still stands, that this is hopefully only a temporary solution and hope to pay more soon, to stop asking me to telephone on their premium rate number i will only contact them by letter, to respect that i work shifts including nights and so may require extra time to reply to them, to reconsider my offer as it is all i can afford at present, they are bullying me by continually demanding more, that the court would frown on them for takin
  8. thanks purpledelly going to be an uphill stuggle i think!
  9. also have been reading some of the other threads and not sure i understand. the cca i was sent by marlin was a photocopy, should this be the original copy and not a photocopy to make it enforceable?
  10. hi anyone, in one of the previous replies pmhcfc said to report marlin to FOS , what is this?
  11. Am I Correct In Thinking That If They Did Take Me To Court The Court Would Not Neccessarily Grant A Ccj If I Can Prove Iv Tried To Resolve This? Or Would They Likely Grant The Ccj But At A Payment I Can Afford?
  12. my other thought is to just pay what they want to the detriment of something else in the short term???
  13. thanks, i was inclined to do this and call their bluff but from past communications with them i think they will take me to court. i wrote in one of the NDL letters informing them that under OFT guidelines the judge would frown on them for taking it to court after id offered several times to resolve this without court action. iv kept copies of all the letters iv sent so i do have proof. my only reluctance is that i have a fixed rate mortgage that ends next year and would be looking to move this , i dont want a ccj affecting my chances of switching. its so unfair because as iv already said my
  14. yes unfortunately it is. it has all the relevant details, total sum of credit, cash price, payments, APR etc etc.
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