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  1. Hi, Firstly a big thank you as without the help of CAG last year my girlfriend would have lost her house. Unfortunately its my turn to get myself out of a mess. Up until a couple of years ago I was working as a pro singer and living in my own house with my wife and children. My marriage had been shaky for years and ultimately things didnt work out. Around this time my voice started to fail as i had developed a hardened vocal chord. I had also bought into a company catering for large outdoor events, just as the recession started to kick in. Things snowballed pretty quickly after i moved out. I could no longer sing properly so retired from showbiz. Worked dried up for the company and I spiralled into self pity and depression. I let things slide with payments to credit cards and a loan taken out to buy into the company. As i had moved out and post wasn't being forwarded (my fault i know) it was a case of out of sight out of mind. My job prior to singing was in the building industry, and try as i might (100's of job applications) I just couldnt find work. During this time my girlfriend was paying one of my credit cards (MBNA) but the loan (Tesco/RBS) had not been paid for some time. I was contacted by Incasso but without any means to offer regular payment they sought and got a CCJ against me. I can fully understand why this was done but have big issues with the way I was dealt with, which I can go into further detail about but not tonight. The good news is I finally started work this week. Its not a great job compared to what I have had in the past financially, but its hopefully pretty secure and means that at last I can start to redress the situation. Although my estranged wife and i do not communicate she has made me aware that incasso sent her papers regarding an application for a charging order and the hearing is August 3rd. Having communicated with Incasso prior to the CCJ they are fully aware that i do not live at that address but i have received no correspondence since the CCJ. I am currently compiling an Income and Expenditure so as to make offers of payment to my creditors which hopefully they will accept, but would greatly appreciate any advice firstly with Incasso not contacting me at the address they know me to be at, and with dealing with my creditors in general. Apologies in advance at how vague and meandering this post is. I am trying to understand the best course of action having browsed lots of posts and hope that giving a little background helps to indicate that it was certainly not my intention to get into this mess, but it certainly is my intention to do my best to rectify it. Many many thanks for any help or advice, as I know you are all busy people. Best Wishes XXX
  2. Hi Wic, as Ell said start a new thread is easier to keep tabs on Best Wishes Gaz
  3. Hi all, Thank you so much for your sentiments! Yes it does feel like we are truly starting our lives together and the sun's come out at last! (metaphorically speaking hee hee) Just updating that not only are Natwest listening at last (on the strong advice of their solicitors who are not unsympathetic to our case hee hee) but Juliette has been offered a different mortgage which saves her quite a bit a month. Does beg the question why couldnt this have happened 6 months ago, but hey ho! So just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL YOU LOVELY WONDERFUL HUMAN BEINGS!!!!! And for anyone who has read this thread and is in the same position as we were. LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! Stay positive and take control and things may not turn out as bad as your fears would have you believe! Love Gary and Juliette xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Hi all! Latest update, solicitors wrote back and seems Natwest are always open to discussions lmao! Sure thats why they told us to go thru their solicitors! Anyway after a letter indicating that an instalment plan would be acceptable from Irwin Mitchell and a very good conversation with a guy there we have been talking to throughout this, Irwin Mitchell are strongly advising Natwest to accept our offer and have said to us off the record that we should appeal immediately if they don't. Seems we have been hard on the solicitors in error as we thought it was them who represented Natwest in court but it wasnt and when we told them of the financial irregularities and goings on they said that we should rigorously pursue them against all partyies (although you would expect a solicitor to say that lol touting for business possibly?) Anyway it looks as if things are coming good and your advice all the way through has been spot on! I really can't thank you all enough! xxx Juliette for the first time in months is believing that there's a way out of this and although I believed it all along ( albeit tenuously) it is your help and support that has given us hope. I started a new life with Juliette a few months ago and it has been tough to say the least but now it seems that we can hopefully plan a future rather than dealing with stuff that didnt really allow us too. Will keep you all updated and will support and recommend this site as much as humanly possible. Love Gaz and Ju xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Hi Ell, Yes did send the I and E with letter, and its a loan not mortgage just in case you needed to know . Will send letter and cheque tmoz in accordance with your advice. Many Thanks Gaz
  6. Hi Ell, Doh! Already sent letter but can send another maybe tmoz? Will do recorded delivery too? Many Thanks Gaz
  7. Hi Ell and Bona, Hope the sun is shining there too! Will speak to Ju about it later and sending the letter today. Payments have been made up until the debt management plan was canceled approx 1 month ago. So what should we now do with regards payment and who should we make it to? Reason I ask is obviously we want to ensure this looks favourably on us and we are doing what is necessary to prove our good intent, to the court if necessary. Also did the I and E sheet using the flash based form, but would prefer to do one where we are able to put in the figures and arranged payments, rather than this one that calculates for you as doesn't accurately reflect how we have sorted it out. I am happy to send you this one anyway, but if you know of any other alternatives could you please let me know? Many Thanks Gaz
  8. Hi Ell, Just a quick question. Had chat with Ju about waiting to see what will happen at the hearing and she has the same reservations as me about what powers we have if we wait? Have drafted letter you sent, thank you, and will send according to th details you specified. Still no response from Irwin Mitchell to emails, so should we bother phoning them? Personally I think that documented evidence will carry more weight than a phone call? Many Thanks Gaz
  9. Hi Ell, Thank you for the quick reply and no worries when you get back to me, the fact you do is a godsend! xxx Will speak to Ju later about you suggestion. In the mean time will get stuff to you later, as can't find the I&E so she prob taken paperwork with her today as she was going to phone them. Will draft the letter also, try and get as much prepared for whatever is going to happen! Hope your internet problem is resolve soon, feels like I lose a limb when I have problems grr! Best Wishes Gaz
  10. Hi ell, Does it help? Bloody well think so think so!!! Thank you so much xxx Did the I and E some weeks ago just need to transfer it onto prettier form lol and will send you today. Yes payments have been regular right up till cancellation of DMP, and subsequently we offered the revised figure, but as I said we have heard nothing grr! Little worried about waiting. Just feel they have acted in a devious or disregarding way so far (sorry tend to err on side of paranoia!) so wanted to ensure that all options do remain open by appealing? Also am including what i have written in the document so far, could you let me know whats ok and what might not be? " After the last court hearing, when the possession order was granted, I took the advice of District Judge Mitchell and took control of my own financial affairs. After terminating my debt management plan, contacting independant free advice organisations and drawing up a revised income and expenditure sheet (see attatched), I was able to offer Natwest a monthly payment of £300, more than double the figure the DMP had calculated. Despite repeated attempts at communicating directly with Natwest and their solicitors, I have had no success in finding out even if this is and acceptable offer. To date no response has been forthcoming at all. Immediately after the last hearing I contacted Natwest, only to be told I had to speak to their solicitors. This i have tried to do by phone and in writing and still haven't been given any response." There's still more I would like to say, but don't want to get bogged down in semantics at this stage. Thank you so much xxx Gaz
  11. Hi Ell, It is a possession order to be enforced on the 24th. Still nothing from Irwin Mitchell! Really very annoyed at how they have operated! We were talking about the whole thing last night and are quite concerned at how Natwest and their solicitors have stonewalled us. Juliette is going to phone them this morning to ask why they haven't had the decency to respond to us. My personal opinion is to press ahead with the appeal as I really do not think they can be trusted. She has done pretty much everything that has been suggested at the last hearing, and I feel that because of that she has the right to present that in court rather than wait day after day for a response from a third party that really doesn't appear to give a damn. Sorry i'm sounding off a bit. Just gets my goat when someone who tries so hard to make good in life gets such a raw deal! Going through form at the moment will let you know when I am done. Shouldn't be too long. Many Thanks Gaz
  12. Hi All, Apologies for the delay. Been away for a bit sorting out my own personal affairs but Juliette has kept me posted. Situation at present is Natwest will not talk to us directly so we have tried to speak to their solicitors Irwin Mitchell. Despite repeated efforts they haven't responded to us once. We know that at least 8 people from their offices have looked at our email so we feel they are just messing us around hoping to take posession on the 24th. We made them an offer of £300 a month ( which the district judge at the last court hearing clearly indicated he would consider acceptable) but to no avail. Could you advise us please on best action now? We believe that the only way we are going to get anywhere is by going back to court. We have no confidence in Irwin Mitchell as they have made errors in prersenting their case in court, no been helpful at all in communication and also we have found very unsettling financial irregularities with the payments made to them (gaps of 8 and 5months between receipt of payments by us to them and them to Natwest, and also money being paid to them not actually having a natwest destination as they account we found is closed so where did it go?) We really dont want anymore dealings with Natwests solicitors and I dont want to get ahead of ourselves but we wondered if he Judge could order Natwest to talk to us rather than go through this distinctly dodgy middle man? Other than that things are good, although frustrating! We have got a handle on almost all aspects of this difficult time and although I repeat myself, we couldn't have done it without you! xxx I am back for the time being so will respond asap to any messages. Many Thanks in advance! Gary and Ju
  13. Hi All, Just a quick update. Have done the I and E (will be forwarding copy to Ell-enn) but its looking pretty good! Don't wish to sound foolishly optimistic but with all creditors being paid and including an offer of £300 p/m to Natwest my partner (Juliette by the way lol) should be able to cope with it on her own. I know that was a very big boost to her as I think we both feared a scenario where her debt was more than she could afford and would have left her reliant on help from me or for instance if it wasnt me then no way she could have coped alone. Obviously I am going to help but now we are much more informed of the situation we dont feel like its a losing batlle in fact quite the opposite and so much of that has been gained from the help and information from yourselves and this fantastic site! On the downside I fitted new brake pads to her car on Friday and obviously hadnt checked them properly resulting in Ju going through a garden wall just down the road ...... oops! Luckily all insured etc but perhaps I'll stick to what I'm good at which is errrrr washing up? As for the PPI we will def contest after we have made offer/appealed as makes up 5k plus of the debt and will also be investigating all other debts to see if ppi has been applied and if so def requesting refunds! As for financial irregulairties we are seriously concerned at some of the anomalies we have found with deferred payments, incorrect facts etc we have discovered and are taking these up with the solicitors representing Natwest immediately. We have established one point of contact and every communication is in writing as the phone calls we have conducted in the past tend to be forgotten or even denied lol! Anyway hope to have more news this week as going to put all the wheels in motion now we are sure of where we are and what our options are. Know i keep saying it but it is totally meant THANK YOU! Wouldnt have ever considered the options we have now possible a couple of weeks ago and have already been advising friends of mine in similar situations to look at this site and see that there is always hope! Best Wishes and hope you are all having a great weekend! Gaz and Ju xxx
  14. Hi Ell-enn, Bona, Olives, Tawny, Sorry for the delay been a busy weekend but hopefully well on the way. Have done an up to date I and E sheet, but have a few questions if you could help? Based on my partners income (including keep from elder son, child benefit and tax credits) we have a £700 a month excess. There's probably things we have missed and I would prefer to PM it to someone if that's ok just to see if you can guide us a little, but the important thing is that its based on an offer to Natwest of £300 a month. Original loan payments to them were £310. We did contact Natwest (litigations dept) but were told that any dealings had to be with Irwin Mithcell the solicitors. Is this standard practice? What we are concerned about is costs being applied by them every time we correspond etc. Also as we have said before their are irregularities we are not happy about made by them so we don't have a massive amount of confidence in them to say the least! We will be seeking refund for PPI costs, and have learnt that these are part of the total sum demanded (approx £5000), but feel this is better left till after payment offer is made. Would you agree with that, as we don't want to leave anything to chance but think it's about priorities and ensuring we are not forced to sell the house is number one. Hope you all had a good weekend (despite the weather!) and thanks in advance for you rhelp and advice! Best Wishes Gaz xxx
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