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  1. Just to update Received cheque for £25 from capquest on tuesday 21st oct via special delivery (this was just within the 14days) Capquest have since the court hearig have sent two more letters demanding payment and threatening legal action ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz I have requested a copy of their complaints proceedure and am writing letters of complaint to all and sundry! Will keep you posted on any other contact. Kind regards Suzie xxx
  2. I'm sat here wondering what do I do next with regard to my set aside.... (Sorry I don't know how to put the link it here but its a thread by me and says WON at the end). Do I just forget the whole thing and hope capquest just go away now? (hardly likely I feel considering they are still sending me letters threatening legal actiondespite already taking me there) - Do I still try and get the correct information from Cap One and Capquest depite them both still being non compliant in case I need it in the future? I certainly want to make a complaint about capquests behaviour in
  3. I received a SD from crapquest in July for an old cc I had with cap 1. I disputed the debt , sent cca and sar requests to both (no deed on assignment - no statements - no list of charges - no cc agreement etc etc) - told both they had been non compliant etc. set aside hearing was this week and judge set it aside and awarded me £25 costs - he wasn't really interested in listening to anything I had to say about caquest using sd's as a debt collecting tool despite them not bothering their arses to turn up and to stop sending me threatening letters to take me to court! Not sure of
  4. Thanks everyone for the congrats and well wishes! Sorry if I sounded offish in my last post - I think all the emotion, stress and sleepless nights caught up straight after the hearing I was more annoyed with the judges lack of interest than him not granting high costs against capquest. I was both annoyed and releived capquest didn't turn up. It never was about the money for me. I've have had to invest plenty of time and money into making a defence for the set aside hearing when capquest get away with the price of a 2nd class stamp and then my £25 costs ------ just shows how unfair this
  5. When my £25 costs cheque comes through from CRAPQUEST - I will send the money on to the CAG..... seems only fitting that CRAPQUESTS money should go to such a worthy cause! And what's the betting the wealthy backer is a DCA like CRAPQUEST who have far more to gain by the CAG being out the way the the actual person sueing for libel???!!!
  6. Ok well Im back home in one bit after court hearing for set aside. Really peed off and angry despite the judge setting is a side - am I supposed to feel elated I wonder ???? I just feel cheated and disappointed Ok a run down from the beginning. Got to court well early - bag of nerves but my 'mckenzie' friend did a good job of making me breath and try to relax. I looked at everyone coming in to see if anyone from capquest was there but after checking with the usher was told they hadn't come! Eventually got called into see the judge. His welcoming words were: "Good m
  7. thanks for 42man! wish I had some of your positive vibes - I'm a bag of nerves and practically no sleep last night Oh well - hi ho hi ho its off to court I go xx
  8. Last update before the moment of truth! Managed to fax costs and defence details through to the courts - shame I couldn't afford to fax capquest a copy so they will have to wait until tomorrow. why is it we have to be upfront and defend our position, do all the running, go to court to get the application set down for hearing and then prepare everything when capquest, once they have posted the SD, do nothing - they don't even have to acknowledge that the case has been set down for hearing or if in fact they are even bothering to turn up before the actual time for the hearing - how is
  9. OK just rang the court to find out about faxing the costs across - so going to do that as soon as I get dressed! lol The court official said technically I should have sent copies of ALL documents I was going to refer to in my case into the court by now and I should have also sent a copy of everything to the other side! Has anyone else done this??? Do I really want capquest to know my defence in advance just in case they decide to turn up???
  10. Morning 42man - thanks for the reply! I didn't know I had to get the costs to the court BEFORE the hearing!!!!???? Is it just costs you should do this with or the whole case notes I have prepared ???? I thought I could just take them along with me and give them to the court offical before the hearing - is this not the case?? I'm in Ireland at the moment and not returning home until tonight!! What are the implications of not getting the costs to the judge before the hearing ? Any suggestions ??? Suzie xxx
  11. My Defence In Response To The Statutory Demanded Posted By Capqquest 29th July ‘08 I believe this alleged debt is statue barred and have clearly stated this to Capquest (see page 5 dated 6th Aug). I believe the last payment was made in 2000/01. I believe the alleged debt has not been verified, validated, substantiated or proved by either Capquest or Capital One. I am completely incensed by this action as nothing has been served on me, just an frivolous demand sent by unrecorded post as opposed to it being sent by recorded post which I believe is the minimum requiremen
  12. Thanks VERY much for your reply surfaceagent - I REALLY appreciate the help! I think the nerves are beginning to kick in as I try and get everything ready! xxx
  13. Just preparing all the paperwork for my set aside hearing on Tuesday 7th - I'm a little nervous and stressed sorry! I have a few questions/queries - hopefully someone can help. Later on/tomorrow I will post my defence and would really appreciate you guys having a quick look at it and let me know what you think . 1. Is serving a SD by post (either 1st or 2nd class) allowed legally? Are there any legal requirements about the process of serving these SD‘s? - should it be personally served on you and posted only as a final process when all others have failed? (legal definition of the servi
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