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  1. Can someone signpost me to 1 Loyds/TSB Debt collection telepne No and or address 2 If I send SAR-the address I should send it to. I am wondering if I should have posted my original post in Banks section ? Thanks for your time and advice.
  2. Hi 1985 Loyds TSB I obtained two credit cards visa/m/card 1992 could not meet repaymens on cards-CCJ made in respect of two cards/payment plan agreed by court. 1997 Could not meet repayment plan on cards re ccj order-application to court fo variation of orders made court agreed to variation £4 monthly on each card -accordingly set up s/o with my bank. From 1997 to January 2012 payments have been made in accordance with ccj variation order without a break in payment.During this period I have recieved no correspondence from L/TSB.My own estimate is that I still owe approx £350 on each ca
  3. Does a county court judgement stay in place until debt repaid ?
  4. Credit agencies have been called in by ministers hunting for massive savings in government spending to help slash Britain's £3bn benefit fraud bill.
  5. Credit agencies lined up to pinpoint benefit cheats - UK Politics, UK - The Independent
  6. Thankyou for the update I must have missed the original posting.
  7. BBC News - Debt sale firm hit by legal ban
  8. Thank goodness we have a sense of humour well done
  9. Thanks cerberusalert for the PC lesson I will try it next time trial & error !!!! Thanks
  10. Observer / Guardian online December 28 / money/Borrowing / Debt section The secret credit agency national Hunter website nhunter.co.uk address is N .Hunter Ltd PO Box 2756 Stoke on Trent ST69AQ no telephone number Run by Eperian Makes interesting Reading Sorry beginner with PC could not enter Link to article for easy access - hopefully someone else will do this.
  11. December 28/2008 Timesonline/Business Section "Skipton B S to sell DC Arm Homeloan Management Ltd for 200m "The sale comes amid increased scrutiny from FSA over debt collection practices as the credit crunch ralles fears that consumers are being treated unfairly "
  12. Thanks fuzzybobble - sound advice as allways. Happy Christmas M
  13. update just checked number with BT they tell me it is a residential number not company number. maybe it was just an error in dialing ?
  14. Silent calls from 01621854739 Have tried phoning back number - Lady answered but would not say who she was - said i had phoned a private number in Morden Essex ??I would give no details as to who I was - !!! Have tried tracing number on Phone call comments Who calls me - no comments recorded.Anyone no this number - ? Is it just me and my mind going into overdrive ? Thanks
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