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  1. well done bluetack, one in the teeth for 1st credit
  2. Hi I once had a visit from a moorcroft 'home division collector', a pleasant chap who seemed helpful but at the end of the day he was on commission so requested a payment plan but soon went when told that he would get no money from me. He did ask to come into my home to discuss but accepted my answer of NO. My advice would be to keep everything in writing do not talk to doorstep collectors and if you accept the debt and believe that moorcroft have a right to collect the debt then offer them such amount you can afford and send that amount monthly to them,they would be foolish to take any furthe
  3. Hi clowders, not able to offer any legal advice but can tell you that when nat west took me to court for payment in full of my overdraft I defended an amount equal to the total charges placed on my 3 nat west accounts. At court their solicitor told me before the hearing that he could not see why there was a hearing as nat west had deducted the amount I was claiming due to the ongoing high court case and therefor the hearing was pointless. In chambers the Judge was annoyed with nat west as he believed that the case should not have gone to court and would not grant theirs solicitors costs agains
  4. Thank you for the replies, I will look into it more now you have given me the above info
  5. Hi dvdriley, In my case would not freeze interest and charges until I was 6 months in arrears and then for only 12 months after which they re instated interest and charges for another 190 days before they passed account onto BOS ,All the time I kept asking them to take me to court so that a Judge could determine a reasonable payment plan .My debt went up by another £3000 which certainly never helped me, For there unhelpfullness I have CCAd them and if I right that there is no CCA then they will pay for there lack of support in my time of trouble by being put at the bottom of the pile when it c
  6. Hi aparr, I dont think there is anything to worry about,regulations have changed recently concerning arrears and I think that creditors have to inform people in arrears what may happen and to seek help.I have just received a letter from A & L myself even though a DCA has been on the case for 6 months now and in it was an information sheet published by the office of fair trading all about arrears.
  7. sorry andy but tescos letter is quite usual for debt collection proceedures , threats threats and more threats, just wait until the debt collecting agents are involved and laugh at some of the rubbish they threaten you with ,luckily you have found this site and will be able to judge that most of the threats are not to be taken too seriously .
  8. Hi Jonno , if it helps I had all the threats from moorcroft including doorstep visits and additional costs etc well they were just that (threats) so do what the people on here suggest and dont worry about moorcroft and especially dont talk on the phone to them.
  9. If it helps ,I always have been led to believe that NDR are littlewoods in house Debt collection Agency.
  10. Fully agree pipster and fedup ,it is these people that drive the likes of us to find CAG and find what a load of rubbish that they have been feeding us and what our rights are.
  11. I had a suspended posession order placed on my property last year, was able to restart paying full mortgage payments and have done since court appearance , mortgage company put arrears over full term of mortgage once they had received 6 full payments on time. No problems with mortage company but interested if suspended order can be cancelled and if so how? ,just worried that if I ever was to miss payment mortgage company could go straight back to court for full posession order. Any advice would be welcomed. PS since reading some of the horror stories on this site it made me realise that I had
  12. Hi Pipster I'm also in a spot of bother with HFC. I would advise you to post the F&F offer on this site minus your personel details for someone to look over as the one they sent me would not of cleared the default from credit file and I suspect that some DCA would chase it up in the near future, when questioning HFC the offer was quickly withdrawn.
  13. Hi fedup74 , I know exactly what you mean about HFC. I'm having problems with them at the moment, apart from penalty charges wrongly applied, incorrect and wrongly applied default notices (6 so far) their in house debt collection company and themselves talking to me about the debt without security questions being answered and the fact that the left arm does not know what the right is doing they seem unable to run a credit account correctly. Still more ammo for the Judge to look at as I see it.
  14. Thank you ScabHunter for quick reply, hoped that would be the case.I shall keep the Postal order and file away along with the letter and wait and send the account in dispute letter as you suggest. Darryl 1960
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