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  1. Hi some years ago I had a contract phone with T-mobile. I ended the contract and as far as I was aware that was that end of the term all monies paid. For the last couple of years I have had various companies attempt to tell me I owe the sum of just over £50. I have so far ignored them all however being a recent member of this forum I have discovered that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing . I currently have to companies chasing me for this sum Hamptons Legal and Red. I wrote to Hamptons requesting the original credit agreement and quoted the CCA and incuded a £1 postal order. They p
  2. Hi, I recently posted outlining all the details of my husbands case (pease see) helllppp honours student loans. (sorry it won't let me add as a hyperlink) I had sent a template letter from this site asking for a number of things - copies of credit agreement, deed of assignment with proof of sending etc. We recieved a letter and copies of some of the paperwork asked for can I take it point by point. 1. Honours Student Loans have sent us copies of the agreements, two of them unsigned by the SLC. I thought that meant we were on to a winner but HSL have quoted the following "Please note
  3. oh I am so so happy well done everyone xxxxx
  4. oh I am so so happy well done everyone xxxxx
  5. Hi, Would really appreciate some help. My husband has three student loans from 1994-1996, he has not paid anything on them since 2003 when he was paying arrears only as he had deferments on the account. These arrears were to a company called Intrim Justica. Suddenly this year we have been hit by a company called Honours Student Loans who are saying they bought the loans some years ago. We have never been informed of this before and to date despite requests they have not provided proof. They are also saying that my husband made a one off payment of £40 to them in 2004, we have as
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