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  1. Just a thought, these guys have done lots of credit searches will this have affected his credit rating in any way? Thanks
  2. Cheers folks, looks like we have lots of letter writing to do. We wrote to MH back in Feb quoting the recent slap they got and they come back with this ...not got many brain cells have they!! Will try to write to the original debtor but doubtful it will be the correct address as this agreement dates back to 1995 so likely statute barred anyway! This firm really are bottom feeders aren't they! Thanks all
  3. Hi, My partner has been pursued by Mackenzie Hall for a credit card debt we know is not his for years. The first and surname is correct but the middle name incorrect. We have asked them a number of times to cease their harassment and requested a copy of the agreement and who the debt is owed to. Today an agreement arrived but it is NOT my partner's as we knew because we have never had a credit card. This agreement lists the other persons date of birth, no of dependants, address, previous address and bank account details!!!! It also has a letter attached to it that the debtor has writt
  4. Thank you it was a bit unsettling to come home to Last time they wrote once and took it straight to court so hope they do not try again.
  5. Hi, HFO took a case against me in 2007, they failed to attend the hearing and the Judge struck it out. They made an application to reinstate in 2008 and the Judge denied it, he gave them 7 days to appeal that decision and they did not. Now today I have come home to threatening letters and a 'copy' of an application form which they are passing off as an agreement. Surely given this case has been struck out they cannot do this? I have both copies of the paperwork from Court. BTW due to my mental health state at this time my husband was appointed my litigation friend by the Court in 200
  6. Hi, My partner recently did a SAR on a company he is in dispute with. It seems at some point somebody has applied for an official copy of register of title at the land registry. This has been passed on to the company and they have processed my data on my partner's electronic records. Is this a breach of Data Protection, should they not have blacked out my details before processing? I gather anybody can search the land registry I just feel a bit aggreived they are keeping this data on record relating to me when I have nothing to do with the alleged account. Have I waffled or do
  7. well peeps the saga continues! Still no mediation but they have applied for and successfully gained more time from the Court. They are also now saying that SLC have found signed original agreements. You can see these are recently signed even from the copies we have and one is dated the day after my hubby has dated his which would have been impossible as the university used to send off these agreements as job lots by post. We have requested these agreements be scienitifcally tested at our expense (unless any anomolies are discovered) and they have refused our request. They have admit
  8. Hi Slick132, Can she just ask to opt out of this system? I am staggered they can charge £22 every 5 days on an amount she never even asked for, she originally asked for £200 overdraft they raised it by another £150 without telling her. In the meantime I will get her to talk to them and fingers crossed they will help!! She is a lovely very polite young lady so that may get her somewhere, the flip side is she is a bit too nice sometimes! Thanks for your help it is very much appreciated
  9. Hi, My daughter has an account with Barclays she is a student. She went to them some time ago to explain she was having problems while awaiting a bursary payment so they gave her an overdraft of £200. That was fine for a while but then she had heart surgery and as a result of her medical condition had to change degree's and is now awaiting student loans payments so has zero money until the paperwork goes through. Barclays wrote to her and told her they had given her something called a Reserve of £150, which got eaten with direct debits. They are now charging her £22 every 5 days which
  10. Hi, I am far from an expert but think you need to CCA to claim a dispute?
  11. Since I last posted my OH has recieved two letters from HSL, one a statement of account to which legal costs have been added despite the fact the judge said they were awarded NONE! The second is pretty intimidating and a gross misrepresntation of the facts. They are claiming the judge ordered my OH answer their statement of case - A LIE, they are also saying my PH admitted the debt - A LIE, and they are asking for their money!!!! How are we supposed to enter medition with tricksters like this? Can we go back to the judge with this even though the case is stayed for 2 months? To be
  12. Have just read this thread what fantastic news - well done everybody
  13. Hi, there was no explanation but they refer to a letter they have allegedly sent that apparently explains their reasoning. Of course I haven't received said letter! I think I maybe need to reply since they refer to a letter I haven't got they could pull a stunt or two with that? So at the very least maybe I need to let them know I do not have the letter they refer to? Thanks
  14. Hi, I am very new to this so hopefully someone with a lot more knowledge will be along soon to help. I think though if there is no CCJ (which I doubt) then your debts are statute barred under the Limitations Act. If there is a CCJ then I'm not sure what happens. Hopefully, someone with heaps of expereince will read this soon and help you out. This is a great group and I haven't felt so in control of my life for a long time
  15. Hi, I made a CCA request last week on two alleged catalogue debts that are not mine!! The same DCA is threatening me for both. Today I recieved a letter from them that says Further to our letter of x September, please find enclosed 2 postal orders for £1 each. I have not had a letter from them with the date on they state, nor any letter explaining why they would be sending back payment in lieu of a legitimate lawful request. Surely they cannot just refuse this request. I seriously do not believe I owe this money! Thanks in advance
  16. Hi Caro, The mediation is with the DCA and I must admit I am confused as to why my hubby should go. The judge even mentioned something about the loans going back to SLC but even if they do they will be subject to the Limitations Act. And to go back to SLC (assuming of course the SLC ever sold them in the first place and there is no evidence they did) would mean the SLC would have to buy them back! Then there is the matter that even the judge said the loan agreements submitted to the court were not enforceable. I can't see how mediation can work on this because as far as I can see with
  17. Hi Emma, She said well as you just heard the judge is really keen for you to pay up so we could make arrangements and save all the other trouble!!
  18. Hi, This Judge said he had just spent 15 years specialising as a Corporate Law judge so he knew his stuff I think I didn't go in with my OH and the numpties sent a local solicitor who looked about 10 years old and didn't seem very up on proceedings. The Judge has left OH to appoint a Mediation company told him who to avoid explained the cheaper one's whilst good would not be able to deal with the complexeties of our case - so numpties get to pay large costs The only sticking point for us is if mediation goes ahead how can we mediate with zero evidence these people even own any deb
  19. I am wondering if they will even bother with mediation and drop their claim all together since the Judge has said they have to pay their own costs, our costs and mediation costs they will end up paying out more than their original claim and if mediation fails they cannot prove they bought any debt with my OH's name on it nor can they come up with a legally enforceable agreement. Will shall see - will keep you all informed
  20. Hi, Well today we had our day in court and I think it all went reasonably well. The Judge said he had never seen such a badly put together claim. He said the T & C's were made up and not the originals and agreed the CCA was illegible indeed the only legible bit was the bit that says agreement not legal unless signed by the SLC which it was not so not enforceable! Also they have no NOA or DOA. However, the judge said he believed this money was owed and was public money which slightly ranckles me given that he probably did his degree for nothing financed by my parents et al tax money
  21. Hi, Just to let you know the Judge said the agreements were unenforceable because they were not signed by both parties However, he has stayed the case and reccommended mediation which he has said the other party must pay for if they want to pursue. If mediation fails the other party have to put together a proper POC with all original documents attached (which even the judge knows they haven't got). He said theirs was one of the worst put together cases he had ever seen and would take a full day in court to go through. He also said that the T & C's were not the ones that came with
  22. Excellent thank you will get on to this
  23. Ok feeling better now thanks guys. The numpties made an error on their POC so they made out an N244 to amend said POC which btw we have not heard anything about from the Court (we only knew they had done this because the solicitors told us but when we filed ours we had to hand a copy into the court for the solicitors so a bit odd) Anyway they have admitted the POC was an admin error on their part yet have added charges to the costs for the N244 and for serving it of almost £200 even though they admitted this was an admin error they were responsible for!! If the Court were allowing their N2
  24. Thanks Emma I think they are really trying to intimidate. They had not lodged ANY evidence in the required 14 days and yesterday one day before the hearing it all turned up in a big A4 file but they have simply submitted our evidence - we now this because one of the letters had my hubby's rantings scrawled on it - they have submitted it as if there own the numpties! Felt really calm when I got up too Thanks again
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