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  1. I phoned directly one last time and was put through to a manager who asked me what the problem was. Im not sure how I got through, as the same number before had just put me through to the usual helpline. He offered to help out, and they finally admitted a few days later that the reason for the delay was simply due to lack of stock, and hopefully not poor delivery services after all. Hundreds of customers making argos money by using 0845 helplines, thinking argos is forgetting about their purchase, when in reality its simply out of stock, despite what the item availability on the official websi
  2. Sorry for the double post-but they did not call or email back. I did email their general customer services, no response, although I havent tried raye.summers yet-thanks, I will try it tomorrow as a last resort after trying their direct delivery telephone line instead of their money grabbing 0845 numbers - 01785 710253 and 01785 250000 are listed and recommended to find out about delivery times on a few websites. I know I shouldnt have, but I firstly went by their 0845 number yet again, wasting more money. They told me the delivery company they use would call me to arrange a date of delivery
  3. I eventually phoned their helpline, 0845 (higher than local rate with minimum cost per call added on-not sure what argos costs)... they phoned me back within one day and have told me that they will phone next week to arrange the time of delivery on the thursday, so hopefully thats all sorted out. I should have simply ordered in-store, as I think I would have gotten to write out some recommended delivery dates there-that will teach me not to use their online service for large items again, as there seems to be an obvious lack of communication
  4. I bought a washing machine online.The receipt clearly states that they will contact me before the 16th to arrange delivery. They have not-so where to complain? 14 days was plenty of time to merely arrange the delivery. Can I complain in-store even if I bought the item online with my purchase/order details? I am not phoning any premium call centre that will probably tell me to find out who their independant delivery company is in this area, and complain to them instead. I thought about getting a refund, but that can supposedly only be done within 30 days of purchase, and now knowing how incr
  5. ive never had additional charges, but I always worried that if they did not get what they constantly demanded (trying to increase what I pay every 4 months or so-despite constantly paying an agreed to initial sum), that they might start doing so. I wondered if it was the same long process of 'how to reclaim charges' through the debt collectors just as it is through the bank, if it ever did happen then there mightve been a fight on my hands on which charges were unlawful and which were not! or perhaps not. perhaps I should stop worrying, and only worry if it ever did lol
  6. Thanks for the replies. Thats all I have been doing, I saved my original expenditures letter before (simply a list of outgoings each month) and have been sending the same one back each time. I received the latest expenditures letter last week to fill once again-it stated "with proof of income". Im positive that I had sent the proof of income before (a letter signed from job centre or similar a few months back), but this time around I forgot to get one, so last week I had simply sent them a list of what I spend my money on. This week Ive received the exact same letter again, with the exac
  7. Im quite happy in filling in a general expenses lists, if they feel they need me to, but it doesnt change the fact that my income does not change.... what about the issue that they are stating that the expenses sheets purpose is solely to figure out how to increase how much I pay back? you say it might help my cause.. if I didnt get proof of where my money was coming in, and by how much, then do most of these companies then have the right to take action against me as a result - eg by adding their own additional charges (or as they say in most of their letters, "take court action")?
  8. Im paying back a uni debt (cost of a course) who forwarded it on to The Lewis Group. Unfortunately I cannot work at the moment due to health, so health allowance is all I am receiving at the moment, and have been for some time. When I first started off paying the money back through Lewis, they wanted written proof of my health allowance income through the Job Centre, and a list to fill in of what I spend roughly each month (food/clothes etc), in order for me to work out how much I could pay them each month, for the cost of this course. I sent them the relevant printed document on health allowa
  9. thanks for the link, I might try calling tomorrow, instead of having to wait or argue in the high st store! Since the phone was paid for via bank card in the shop, Ill assume that the shop will only give a refund if I hand over the original card (or its details) to refund back onto-Ive been told thats pretty standard process. Since I do not have the card, the last resort I think for me will be to just give the phone to a relation, send a thankyou card etc to the purchaser, and try not to act so ungrateful! lol. cheers
  10. Hi, I was given a phone that I do not need by a relation, so I need to return it - I have the original receipt and the item, but will I need to be the original purchaser and/or have the original bank card that was used, in order to get money back at all? The money being returned to the original purchasers bank account would be fine, and/or physical, it doesnt matter which-as long as its not "store credit".. I noticed that at their desk today that there was a small sign at the till stating "we do NOT have a 14 day cooling off period/money back policy", and most worrying or all, it did no
  11. Ok, thanks. I was mainly thinking about up to what amounts would not be worth claiming back in the long run, if i had to pay anything out myself for the whole reclaiming process, but will have a read first before asking anything further thanks again
  12. The last 2 yrs would b all i need, but after a quick browse it sounds like alot of work- does it cost anything on my part to counter claim, trying to get back all my charges, would i need a lawyer or equivalent, and/if i would have to pay anything in order to achieve my goal, how much would i expect to use up? Would my health be beneficial to winning a claim? .. as a first step, are there any made up letters on this site i could use to send to tell the bank about what im planning to do? Ps am up north, so claiming might b different in the eyes of the law in what i can do up here. Thanks for al
  13. would an internet print out or saved webpages from their online service do as proof of charges? it has only been below 0 for around a yr and a half, and since i have hardly used the account, i may b able to do a straight print out online of all charges if it will go that far back for me? Roughly, i have put in around £300 over the last few months, and the account has stayed at the exact same level since, roughly no more, no less, since their charges kept taking it back up
  14. ok, thanks. thanks to everyone. Im going to guess if i no longer pay money in, im going to have to be prepared for non stop call centres calling me for a change.. should i tell the bank i can no longer pay money in as i cant afford to, or simply sit back for the consequences? I have already had initial letters telling me they would take it up with the courts if i did not pay, or is this the usual threat to try and keep people paying? I can imagine with my health it would not stand up in court very well
  15. sorry- ill guess to 'default' is the term to bring that balance up to zero? ..i meant terminate as this is the term they use themselves for bringing my account to their own debt recovery team. as you say, i should let them do so, but how can i get them do this sooner, if they will not until 12 months of further charges? what can i do? Even if i can reclaim charges right now, I do not know if they will 'terminate' my account sooner if i refuse to pay anything or what they require in? I imagine they might try and make the most money by keeping it going, and not letting it to go to their debt r
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