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  1. She came round twice, First time was when I made her aware of my circumstances and she said she would leave it for a week or so, she then phoned and said she would leave it until the end of March and we would talk again then but when she did come wound I was in the hospital with my daughter so she levied the car, but it didn't cover the debt it would have only covered the costs. I am so confused now as the council have taken back the debt does it mean the levy is no longer in place? Or is the car now levied against the baillifs fees?
  2. I have had a reply from the Council this morning saying that the Debt is going to be returned to them. But they are saying that I still have to pay the bailiff costs of £70.50, so does this mean the bailiffs can take the car for their costs as the levy for the council tax debt is on the car? I can't understand why I still have to pay the baillif costs when on the first visit she was aware of the situation so therefore she should have passed this back to the council? Does anyone have an email address for Rossendales? I can't find one anywhere.
  3. Just a quick update, I have just phoned the council to get all the reference numbers I need and unfortunatly I broke down on the phone. The gentleman I spoke to was lovley and advised me to write to them explaining everything I had just told him and also that the bailliff was wrong! Letters all sent so now awaiting replies.
  4. lol didn't want to be rude and say snail mail . My brain hurts I have learnt so much today regarding shimids.
  5. Thank you everyone, I didn't manage to get on yesterday as I was really poorly and still feeling it (just think the stress got to me) I am sending all of the letters off today just waiting for the new tweaked one and have made an appointment with the gp for Wednesday. Seanamarts thank you for the link. I have looked before but Im not very good with the web. I do know its classed as a disability but I have never claimed for it I just try to get on with it. Is it best to ask for all of their confirmation to be via email or normal mail?
  6. Its quite a rare condition, its is officially called (please forgive the spelling) Shmidtz metaphsyl achondraplaisa, there isn't much on the net regarding it (last time I looked there wasn't) as there are so many mutations of dwarfisim, it is genetic so its a 50/50 if it is passed on to the baby and they can't tell if the baby has it until it is at least 2/3 yrs old (something else im worried about) And the bad back was an accident I had a while ago, which until our local pct stopped them I had injections in my back to ease the pain. I can now only use paracetamol and a tens machine for pain releif.
  7. Thank you so much for that had a bit of a scare last night but all is ok, I will be seeing the midwife on Wednesday and will also be making an appointment with GP. I also suffer from a bad back and a genetic condition called Shmidtz. Its a type of dwarfism that normally doesn't bother me too much but being pregnant it does as it adds excess pressure on my lower limbs which are already fragile. What can I do regarding the car? It is in my name but it is my sons? Also it does not cover the debt but covers then bailiffs charges? I actually stopped thinking about it for a while this morning then BANG! there it is again. I think I would maybe cope a little better if I knew everything was going to be ok with baby and my daughter.
  8. "not 100%sure if there is a template regarding the levy on your car but i will have a look i think there may something that ploddertom has done before for the same situation if not someone will write one for you" That would be fantasic. I forgot to say the debt is in my name not my partners, I dont work but he does.
  9. Thanks both of you. I am still paying the £25 a month and have never missed a payment or being late. I pay by card but its not from an account that has lots of money in, So I have all of the receipts and also bank statement. Ive looked and it is another debt. Im not too sure about this but i am sure the council can't hand over to the balliff until an offer to pay has been negated on, I haven't had the oportunity to make an offer to pay. I cant face phoning them I dont think I could handle it. Sorry for the typo's brain is not working today.
  10. Thanks Im sat sobbing my eyes out at the moment as I really dont know what to do. I have all my discharge papers still from losing the babies last year and also my green notes which states everything on there, Im so scared. I dont know if this makes any difference but I didnt actually sign anything yesterday It was just posted through my letter box. She even had the nerve to txt me this morning, saying sorry for the distress she has caused as that was not her intention! DUH!!! I have treaked a letter I have found on this site but am unsure on weather to send it Dear Sir / Madam, Reference number: I am writing with regard to the above account relating to a Council Tax Liability Order. It would appear from advice I have received that my household circumstances are classed as vulnerable according to the National Standards for Enforcement Agents. The reason for this is due to my illness and current pregnancy. Last year I unfortunatly suffered 3 misscariges and then went on to have a breakdown. I have since found out I am pregnant again but are unsure what the outcome of this pregnancy will be. At the beginning of March xxxx visited my address regarding the outstanding amount and It was unfortunate that at that point I was again having another possible misscarige and as it turns out was admitted to hospital again the day after her visit. Your visiting bailiff was very much aware of my condition and previous misscariges and that I was in no fit state to understand or sign documentation. I am prepared to provide proof of my vulnerable nature. This will be by means of supporting evidence from GP. I will forward this to you by separate cover at the earliest opportunity. As the current situation is having an aggravated and detrimental affect on my health, I am requesting that the case is returned to the initiating Local Authority. Doing so would allow me to address the issue rationally calmly and without fear, whilst putting in place an affordable and sustainable payment plan. I also request that, in the interim period, no further visits be made to my home as they impact adversely on me, and I really could not go through this heartache again. I would be grateful if you would please confirm safe receipt of this letter. A copy of this letter has also been sent to XXX Council for their information. Yours faithfully.
  11. Hi, It was my car but we had given it to our son to learn to drive in as its such a clapped out wreck. The amount in question is £600 and the car is worth half of that! The original agreement was with the council but I pay rossendales (not sure why though) and I have also found out that it is a from this year again not sure how though? We had such a shocking year last year after losing 3 babies which resulted in me having a breakdown. I am pregnant again but we just don't know if this one will stay or not. I did make the baillif aware of everything when she first came as unfortunatly that day I was bleeding again (sorry if tmi). I am so down and also having my daughter in hospital I really feel like I cant deal with this. How can she do that with the car not knowing if its mine or not? I really feel like saying ok come and take the car! Sorry on the verge of a nervous brake-down now!
  12. I really do need some urgent help. I am not going to rant on but lets just say last year was a shocking year! I had an arrangement with rossendales to pay £25 pm to pay off outstanding council tax out of the blue a month ago a bailiff turned up asking about the unpid bill! I was under the impression I was paying it. We agreed that she would go back to the office and find out what is happening and get back to me. She called back at a time when we thought we were losing our baby and very kindly said she would call back at the end of March. On Monday whilst at the doctors (still touch and go with baby) she called, I returned the call when I got home only to get an answer machine left her a message telling her I wouldnt be around for the rest of Monday but if she wanted to call back on Tues thats fine. No call Tue/wed but I have been in hospital with older daughter. Came home for a shower today at t time to find a letter through the door with a load of stuff in it. There is a notice of distress which she has put our old banger of a car on it and on the same piece of paper it also says walking posession agreement, all signed by the bailiff, a request to pay by instalments letter, instructions letter. She has added costs on of £24.50 for the first visit and a levey fee of £46. Can anyone help as I really dont know what to do, how does she know the car is in my name? Can I just give her the car and be done with it? Its not worth that much anyway! Sorry if its a bit of a rambled post but I really need to get back to the hospital. Many thanks
  13. Had my capability hearing today and all i can say is thank god for my union rep! He was fantastic. Staightaway he called into question the companies disaplinary procedure and kindly informed them that they were NOT following government guidelines . It looks like i will be offered redundancy but you never know? Fingers crossed, but i have to admit if it wasnt for my union rep i would have been well and truly up the creek!!!!
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