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  1. Just a quick note,they have the wrong dates for the court order, looks like you don't need to supply paperwork until the end of this year!
  2. Thank you, this place is so calming. The letter isn't from a Mr Muppet, is he the owner:)
  3. Hi, We now have a further letter from Cabot. I am sure it is pretty standard but. Our response to your request under section 77/78 of the ConsumerCredit Act 1974 I refer to you later received on (date earlier this year) and our response (date 5 weeks later) Cabot does rely on the originel lender to provide information to assist with your enquiries. We havemade several requests for a copy of the signed agreement from CitiFiniancial. However we are still awaitingthis. Notwithstanding,CitiFinancial has provided Cabot with copies of the availalbe statemeents pertaining to
  4. Thank you for replying, unfortunately, as in most thing in life, he had a meeting yesterday with them and I went along. Afterwards I asked if all the extra t-breaks, lateness and phoning in sick were true. Don't know how he lasted this long! Thank you again
  5. Hi, on behalf of an acquaintance. C was employed in Jan 09 on a 10 hour a week contract Now being told they are overstaffed and his hours are to go There are other staff who started a couple of weeks later who are to keep there jobs, but one works 16 hours a week, the other 3 hours a week (1 male 1 female) What should he do, ask, suggest. There has been one issue raised about time keeping. Thank you
  6. Hi, I work more than my contracted hours, because I choose to. Did your employer ask you to work the extra hours, or did you just mis read your contract. I don't see there is much mileage in asking for back dating pay for work they never asked you do do (even if it DID need doing)
  7. Sorry I can think of a few replies but probably not appropriate. there must be some form of complaint. Surely no one can sent baliffs in unless there is a court order?
  8. Hi, Now have a letter from Cabot stating Your Request, We write further to your request fo information under sections 77 and/or 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Although Cabot has requested the information, the orignal lender is experiencing a delay in retrieving the information form its archives. We shall send the information to you as soon as we receive it. The status of your account We will as a gesture of goodwill put your account on holduntil we receive further communication from the original lender. Contacting Cabot If you blah de blah, call
  9. Hi, Sent letter on 29th received the following this morning Your request for information under the Consumer credit Act We acknowledge receipt of your request under sections 77 and/or 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 The Cabot Financial Group is not obliged to provide this information but we are pleased to help and have already requested the documentation for you from the original lender. C Cabot Financial does not accept the statutory fee required under section 77 andor78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and as a result Cabot has returned the fee for £1.00 that you have sen
  10. Thank you. Letter printed will post tomorrow.
  11. I hope this is in the right place. My husband received a letter dated 23 December from Hodsons who have been instructed by Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd who are administering on behalf of Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd. The are asking for a debt of almost 6,000. Summarised we want the lot or will issue proceedings for recovery if we dont agreed to terms withing 7 days of this letter. Client will seek prompt enforcement of any court judgement. All cheques payable to Carbot Financial (Europe) Ltd. We do not know about owing Carbot money but fear it is a loan from a different company that w
  12. CBSH

    HSBC Troubles

    Sorry this is very complicated We have got ourselves into financial difficulties, this has lead to £1300 (1,000 of it this year) charges on our joint account and £550 (450 this year £100 3 years ago) on my husbands sole account. July my husband contacted HSBC and asked them to help us sort this out. EVENTUALLY he saw the bank manager (their delay) 4 weeks ago. He took all our income and expenditure and a list of all our debts. He asked to extend the term of our mortgage (currently less than 4 years) and increase it by the level of our debts. The bank manager said they would g
  13. Appologies for the confusion. I am the manager of the facility we run and the other are also employed by the charity (and all work very very hard) It is the committe who havent given any of us a contract of employement. Thank you
  14. I work for a small charity (four part/full time employees) We have been employed from 6 months to two years. I have asked and asked and asked for contracts of employement and while they accept they havent issued them they cant "agree" them. I have written contracts, job descriptions, sick pay entitlement, maternity, you name it, looked at all the different angles etc and I think the ones I've written are pretty basic but cover what is needed they just need to put in the rate of pay and hours. We all love our jobs but I feel I have a responsibility to get this sorted for the staff
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