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  1. Afternoon guys. Follow up. Well got papers through today from court. It is ordered that Judgement is entered in favour of the claimant against the defendant for the sun of £5.00 this sum must be paid in full by 22 Nov 2019. No order as to costs. Happy with that. Goes onto say that basically because they hadn't produced the contract the court couldn't assess if the costs were fair or not. Thanks.
  2. Hi again. My wife has today just received a general form of judgement or order. It states that upon considering the correspondance from the claimant under cover theor letter of 1st july 2019 and on noting that the paperwork referred to was not with the court at the time of making the order on the 19th june 2019. It is ordered that 1. The case is hereby reinstated and the case is to be decided on the papers with respect to the position of the claimant. The matter is listed for 1 hour on the 9th November 2019. The matter will be heard on paper and therefore the parties are not required to attend?
  3. Wife has just rang the court and claim has been dismissed. Thanks.
  4. All done. Dropped off at courts and also emailed to claimant. Do we just wait now for the post or ring the courts thursday? Thanks
  5. IN THE COUNTY COURT AT xxxx CASE NO: xxxx BETWEEN JC INTERNATIONAL ACQUISITIONS LLC – CLAIMANT AND xxxx – DEFENDANT NOTICE PURSUANT TO RULE 27.9 (1) OF PART 27 CPR The defendant hereby gives notice that it will not attend the hearing on 19th July 2019 at 2:45pm and further gives notice that the defendant has served all documents upon which it relies on the claimant and has filed such documents with the court and hereby requests the court to decide the claim in the absence of the defendant and the defendant confirms it has complied with rule 27.9 (1) (a) and (b). To: The claimant and to the district judge. xxxx Served this 17th day of June 2019 by xxxx the defendant. Done this but dont think I can put the bottom bit as we have not given 7 days notice. How would you edit it. I will take it into the court today or email it.
  6. She works in a special needs school and really short staffed and due to them getting 13 weeks off paid during the year they dont like people taking time out. Obviously because shes been going on about getting time off if she phones sick looks obviously and way they gone on wouldn't surprise me if they pulled her in for it. Luckily it's a small amount (still alot to us) but we will just try and borrow it from family and pay it off straight away if needs be to save getting a ccj as I believe if you pay within 28 they dont log ccj?
  7. Well wife definitely cant get the time off work so looks like we will lose this one. Do we need to make the court aware. Regards.
  8. My wife is today again trying to get next wednesday off for this hearing. She is really panicking as she has no clue what to say or do etc and shes quite a shy person. I am just going over the defence and ws and trying to pinpoint out exactly what they have not complied with or what she needs to say. Regards.
  9. My wife is struggling to get the time off work, is there any way I can represent her or doe sit have to be her? Also if it does have to be her and she can not get the time off what would we need to do. Regards.
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