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  1. Good Afternoon, During 2005 I was out of work and therefore could not make the monthly payments to my personal loan and Gold card that I had with HSBC, I had used the maximum 12 months allowed for my protection to repay the loan while i was out of work therefore HSBC advised that I had no other option than to have a managed loan account. I felt that I was forced into this and after a year and a half of paying off mostly interest only, I decided to do something about it and took advise from the people in this forum. As advised, I requested a copy of my credit agr
  2. does anywhere have any advice what i can do about hsbc i have sent cca to hfo services so dealing with tht but worried about hsbc now
  3. i am 5.5 payments behind for hsbc managed loan and wont be able to make this months payment of 210 which will then default it and then pass on to debt collection agecy i really do not know what to do i have spoke to hsbc and asked them to restucture my managed loan but they have refused to do it sorry for being dumb but what is CCCS AND CAB
  4. i have sent the CCA form in the post to hfo services today but as i stated they calle3d last week saying forms have been sent to court for a charging order however like i have stated the house is my girlfriends ands its her moragage im just really worrying about this all and dont know what to do about it
  5. guys after going through some of the threads on here i dont think and IVA is not the right things for me and i have decided to go bankcrupt could some one adise me on how i need to do this please
  6. i havent had chance to post the letter yet just been so busy with work but off on friday so will do it then had a call today from hfo services(who today said they had sent the forms to the courts for a charging order this has me very very worried as its not my house the house is the girlfriends its her morgage any ideas guys?? please help im really worrying about this
  7. I have stumbled upson this forum having having some problems with HFO Services who now claim they own my barclay card i havve been advised to send a cca letter to them which i will tomorrow after work But the question i have is that im currently looking into an IVA to clear the debt i owe but i have noticed on the forums thats people do not reccomend this. I was wondering if bankcruptcy would be the way to go here is what i owe and i just cant afford to pay anything off as im on a minimun wage job £338 (capitol one) now with cabot £900 (Barclay card) Now with HFO Services and been
  8. So i should sen this letter u have just done along with the CCA letter is that correct
  9. thanks for the reply i will send the letter tomorrow i cant believe how threating they were on the phone they call me and start being threated so rude also when i spoke to them about me doing an IVA they said cant do an iva if it has gone to court
  10. Good afternoon all, i have been reading through the forums and come across sefveral people been threatend by hfo services. I recieved the usual hoax from them send a missed delivery card through the door etc etc etc then i started to get phone calls asking me to pay my barclay card account of £800 they wanted me to pay 200 a moht for this which i kept telling them i could not afford now i have had a phone call today saying who is this person "my girfriends name" as the house is in her name and they are now threating me with court and baliffs i have tried to advised them that i am
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