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  1. I beg to differ, I have a charge on my property executed legally enough for them to be beating me with it like a stick for 6 years!!! whilst trying to extort more money on top of a paltry loan, but you're right on one point, they won't or can't take court action but not because they haven't done everything quite legally, they have done enough in some cases, but because they don't want to get found out for the vast majority of things they haven't quite dotted the i's on...Pandora's box, they're trying to bury it before it's prised open by the honest consumers who have been screwed over...they h
  2. A small victory! After much letter writing and complaining to CRAs, Welcome about a default date on my credit files being blatantly changed from 2003 to 2008...in February this year!! and welcome sending a letter to myself and cras stating this was true and accurate even though no further defaults were issued since 2003, well not to me I contacted the ICO and finally, finally someone is protecting the consumer! An apologetic letter from Welcome (you could tell it was begrudged in tone) saying the complaint is upheld, now explanation why they changed the dates willy nilly but hopefully the
  3. Hi all I asked the site team to remove my thread due to legal reasons and if anyone is familiar they will know welcome trawl these threads and keep tabs on things, I unfortunately was identified through this trawling and assumed a new identity as they say. I had a great deal of help from many but in particular postggj who is fantastic. If I thought any experience I had with them would help then I post on the general welcome thread where everyone seems to go, but in all honestly welcome have a secured loan on my property and me over a barrel unless I sell at a loss, which in this market
  4. Thank you for the advice bustthematrix I have had my own thread for some time and a lot of helpful advice about dealing with welcome. as far as the default issue it is now an official complaint with the ICO it is up to them now to deal with it, funnily enough everyone seems to be jumping to attention now especially the cras!! when they ignored my evidence of wrongdoing. hmmm
  5. Hi Susiemac I have been in contact with Welcome and they have yet to ask for a payment, in fairness they are sitting waiting like vultures till I sell my property to get any equity, unfortunately for them the market value has dropped lower than my mortgage balance and they will get nothing from the sale. I have been badly missold and there are all kinds of issues with my account, they told me on the phone there was no point in taking me to court if I had no money. instead they choose to file incorrect default information, Its now with the ICO. Initially they phoned, sent threateni
  6. Hi there On the default issue, my default with this lot was supposed to drop off in december 09 and did...only to appear with a new default issue date on cra data of 29/3/08, the defaults I received where dated 31/12/03. /so effectively they have kept the same account no & details and changed the date the default was issued, and no I have no letters/default/sheriff officer notices from 2008, I was in dispute with Welcome Finance and selling property with secured loan at the time so was in constant communication with them...no default issued to me! Cras will do bugger all and tak
  7. Many congratulations to Andie I had a previous incarnation on this site and have changed user name incase anyone thinks I'm a newby, I was being followed around the site I think! Anyway, advice needed, can Welcome register a default on your account if you have never received & they have never issued a default for that date? Mine should have dropped off but they have changed the date of the default to keep it on file for another 6 years!! Help and advice really needed about the legalities of this? Raised with the ICO and CRAS but no joy as yet. Ta in advance
  8. Hi Being conned you can get copies of the registration documents at land registry and this should include a legal (and I use that term lightly) document penned by Welcome to enable them to secure the loan...this HAS to be signed by you and exist, they can't register without it. Under Scottish law and there are huge differences in land register Scot/Eng, the principal mortgage holder should be notified of the charge, there is a really grey area, apparently they have to authorise security to equity value, but when I questioned this they said it was a matter of curtesy to notify principal m
  9. Hi All Need some advice re: default on credit files. Welcome in their own inimitable way have changed the date of my original default from 2003 to 2008 on my credit files! obviously to continue the damage. I have original sheriff officer letter and default with correct 2003 date on it. Before I go back to them can someone clarify my rights on this. In particular can a default be issued twice? (I have never received a 2008 default) is the 6 year rule an absolute? and if so how do I stop a company issuing a default on false information? I have sent copies of the actual default to the CR
  10. Not the only one with a cautious word!! I must type quicker!!!!:grin:
  11. Hi Voda I appreciate how stressed and despondent Welcome situations can make you feel but I urge that you keep a very close eye on your accounts and credit records. In my personal experience Welcome agreed to "freeze charges/interest" in my situation, only for me to then be defaulted behind the scenes and extra charges added to compensate the interest they froze. Bear in mind that they are under immense scrutiny at the moment and need to be seen to be playing by the rules, indeed they may become lawful and reasonable in their actions if they survive as a company? Who knows? But many
  12. This seems to read succinctly and with a great deal of unprejudiced common sense! I'm sure someone will clarify the finer legal points if necessary. good luck with all. Bump!
  13. Hi All I haven't posted for a while as basically I am still trying to sell my property and Welcome have their claws well and truly embedded in the security on my house, regardless of forged signatures, copies of legal documents not being identical etc etc, you know the tactics. On the plus side I haven't paid them a penny for Oohhh well must be coming up on nearly 2 years?! and they haven't asked, they can sod off as far as I'm concerned and I would love them to take me to court but they have told me (yes, really) that it wouldn't be worth their while. The reason I'm posting is I ke
  14. Everyone sometimes needs a little hope and a lot of common sense and knowledge, all of which Postggj provides as do many others on this site, I think the overall gem (other than Post) is the open and non patronising feeling of genuine warmth and willingness to share sometime difficult and personal information for everyone's benefit, and Post's unwavering resolve and attention leads the way. I wish I could help as much because there is no better gift than easing the despair you feel when companies like Welcome have you over a barrel. And I would vote for him as Prime Minister or King?! Ju
  15. Hello all Having moved house (still not sold flat that secured welcome loan is attached too) I thought I would get copies of my credit report from experian/equifax the old fashioned way and see whats what....well welcome have disappeared from my experian report completely, am I wrong or would it show even though I have moved, they have listed my previous addresses? On my equifax however it is still there...but get this listed as being a mortgage for a joint account!! Obviously they are getting a letter....also found a court decree that I never knew I had, don't know what that is for, t
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