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  1. Hi All just to say that this never went to court as Currys settled a week before the case date. I agreed £1000.00 and received a cheque a few within a few days. I made direct contact with their solicitor for my case and he was very reasonable and understood the frustrations I had experienced. He knew they never had a case so it was a win-win outcome.
  2. Thanks both. I do not have 'evidence' as it was verbal only. Perhaps the SoGA might add to my case but I had not thought of this and don't really know how it might apply to me... can u advise? The store manager was a saga in itself! I went to local store when this started and the manager told me I had to obtain an independant engineers report to detail the actual problem and then head office would consider if they would look at it. I pointed out this had not been mentioned to me when I purchased the tv as being a requirement. I also told him that I could not get through to Currys on any of their phone no's. He offered to get thru for me there and then which I took him up on. He put the phone on loud speaker and after 5 mins of going thru press this button and press that button (exactly the same messages I had got countless times) a message said: "if you have a screen tv larger than 23" which is OUT of guarantee, press button X". Bearing in mind, everytime I had tried this it was engaged, he pressed the button and it started ringing! He smiled at me and said would you like to speak to them? I said, Yes. I told the lady on the other end of the phone that I had "a large screen.......OUT ouf guarantee etc.... She immediately then said "we don't repair them"! (despite their message) I asked her what I should do... she told me to contact the local store manager who would sort it out! With this I called the manager back over, gave him the phone and after a couple of minutes I literally left them 'arguing' with each other over whose responsibility this was. It never got resolved and hence I am now where I am. Bearing in mind that even if I could get en independant tv engineer to give me a report it could cost probably anythng between £40-£100 and the final outcome would be in the hands of Currys as to whether they decided to repair or not. I assume this report might determine if it was a manufacturers fault or not. If so then down to Currys (SoGA?) if not then down to me but I am back to my tv going away again for 2-6 weeks and not home repair as promised at time of purchase.
  3. My Daughter had a day case operation which then caused symptoms and actions very similar to your own experience. She finished up having an emergency operation for peretonitis after having been sent home, excruciating pains etc and told nothing wrong. As already pointed out, the hardest part is obtaining 'hard evidence' and proving that it was actually negligence on the part of the NHS. Providing you give all the details to a 'reputable' solicitors practice they will advise you of likely chance of success and if positive they will offer to take the case on. Our case was settled out of court after 4 years (6 figure sum). We were told all costs upfront, hardly anything, (£2-£3k for medicals) and the service was so professional it was obvious they were not ambulance chasers. Do your research to find someone like this, do not go to the first solicitors you find in yellow pages! I do not wish to now put a damper on things for you but having been through the full process on behalf of my Daughter you may find, on the basis of what you say here, that although you feel justified in obtaining compensation, and you possibly are, that getting monetary satisfaction would prove extremely difficult. Certainly worth collating all of your evidence and getting legal opinion.
  4. I used company name, recommended by a friend, who took details from me over the phone in about 10 minutes. I never went to see them and never heard anything else for about 3 months. They then phoned me to tell me they had got me £4k, cost 25%, which I already knew would be the case. In fact I had cashed in my endowment (Woolwich) some 4-5 years previously so thought I never had a chance. Lucky I had kept paperwork. I was very impressed, especially when I would not have been surprised if I never got anything back.
  5. Hi, I am writing this mainly for others as you have probably resolved your situation by now. I was involved in a 4 year legal claim, luckily via my Trade Union, against my employers for stress etc. During this time I had a number of 'psychiatric' medicals. This culminated with my former employers legal team employing their Expert, whose is a Professor at the leading UK's psychiatric hospital. His report was totally biased against me and in effect, in part, totally untrue and unjustifiable. I countered most of his comments which put me in a poor light with hard 'evidence. It became apparent to me that they can maintain their reputation, even when they lie, because they say it is in their 'professional opinion'. The simple fact is that they work for the 'other side' and you need to continue despite their comments if you believe you are in the right. Shortly after my counter comments my company settled out of court for £65k. It was worth the additional stress of the action to 'win' against a dis-honourable employer whose tactics included bullying and lying etc, etc,
  6. I purchased a large screen tv 15 months ago from Currys, the electrical retailer. I did not want their extended warranty agreement (rip-off) but obtained absolute assurance that if it went wrong after guarantee period then they would come to my house and do a chargeable repair. They now say they have stopped doing home repairs and I must send it back to them (they in fact collect it for £100). They then assess the repair and then give you a cost of repair. This whole process would mean my tv will be away for between 2 - 6 weeks. (It is actually working in part so watchable on limited channels). Question: Have I got a case against them? I only purchased the TV on the assurance they would repair in home if it went wrong and now they will not honour that agreement? I particularly requested this assurance because I was aware that independant tv repairers will not come out for big-screen tvs unless you have purchased it from them. I have also determined that their salespeole will tell you anything you want to hear to sell their tvs. I am thinking of going to the Small Claims Court on the basis of them breaking our contract. Would be grateful for some comments, advice etc.
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