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  1. P.S. http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh155/pinkiss6486/CopyofPhoto0011.jpg heres the photo of the NSH unit we were talking about. Can anyone advise what type and how old it is? Thanks
  2. Hi Jackieandwayne, Thanks a lot for your answer.I really appreciate that.The only thing is we dont have evidence that the NSH units werent working.And he never mention about them being broken either (up until now). I have the feeling that the previous tenant just never mentioned about it. The only reason he asked whether we never used them or not is because his new agent came to check the flat (this agent took over when we decided to move out-we have nothing to do with them) and asked me about it and i said i only tried to use them once, and since they didnt work, we used our plug in heat
  3. Hi there, We're really in need of help. We rented a property privately for over two years and moved out in 20th March 09.We even paid for the whole last month rent when we don't have to, just to be nice. When we started tenancy, landlord had his own "rental agreement- scotland" although we're based in Cambridge and he lives in Newcastle . But since it seemed to be alright, we signed it knowing nothing about the deposit protection scheme. The flat is an all electric ground floor funrnished 1 bedroomed flat with economy 7 storage heating and wooden framed windows. Since it wa
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