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  1. Did you also send these letters? Would i be cheeky in doing this so late in the day?


    Im just thinking maybe the court would be a bit lenient on me due to only just getting back into work & making some payment attempts off my arrears .....& also with the credit crunch business



  2. Just wondering has anybody been taken to court for same thing?


    If so how did you get on?


    I was unemployed for 18 months up until 2 months ago, in that time i fell behind on my car payments..the default notice came through etc...


    I have made payments to the company it was passed too...but so far only managed to pay half off the arrears leaving a balance of around 550, i am unable to attend the hearing due to work but am thinking of writing a letter explaining why i cannot attend & to why i got into arrears!!!!


    also could my partner attend for me??


    Do you think the judge would be sympathetic given my unemployment & willingness to pay?


    The company have told me they are going in court and will ask for the car to be taken off me!!:(


    Any advice appreciated

  3. Hi


    I have car finance to which i fell behind with my payments due to losing my job, i have paid over a 3rd off. It has now gone to court next month...do i have to appear?

    I have now got a job and feel i could manage the agreement monthly payments.

    I have N9c form to fill in with my proposals for payment so that i can try and keep the car, i was thinking of offering my monthly payment plus an extra 20 or 30 pound until i can afford to pay more off the arrears.


    Has anybody gone through something similar ? I dont want to get my offer refused and dont want to lose the car!



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