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  1. i wasn't on the dole until the last 8 wks before starting work...my partner paid my payments....but we began to struggle finances towards the last couple of months
  2. Did you also send these letters? Would i be cheeky in doing this so late in the day? Im just thinking maybe the court would be a bit lenient on me due to only just getting back into work & making some payment attempts off my arrears .....& also with the credit crunch business Thanks
  3. I have not sent a defence to the courts, i have just looked at the NC1 claim form and it has Volkswagen financial services as the claimant
  4. Its Wed 17th Dec ....not sure what the statement of acc is! not sure what the sar or cpr is either sorry. I didnt have ppi on the agreement
  5. I will have to go court as i left it to late to fill the forms in.... the dca are a company called - close credit management
  6. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/167839-car-loan.html
  7. Hi Its audi finance, i think you should remember me from a few wks ago.
  8. Just wondering has anybody been taken to court for same thing? If so how did you get on? I was unemployed for 18 months up until 2 months ago, in that time i fell behind on my car payments..the default notice came through etc... I have made payments to the company it was passed too...but so far only managed to pay half off the arrears leaving a balance of around 550, i am unable to attend the hearing due to work but am thinking of writing a letter explaining why i cannot attend & to why i got into arrears!!!! also could my partner attend for me?? Do you think the judge would be sympathetic given my unemployment & willingness to pay? The company have told me they are going in court and will ask for the car to be taken off me!! Any advice appreciated
  9. I really need to fill my court papers out tonight with proposal to pay as there is only 6 days left, has anybody been in this position before?
  10. i dont think i can do it
  11. Heres the default notice served to me
  12. I will try to find it in tomorrow, and post it on here 6pm ish... if that's ok ? Thanks
  13. I will try tomorrow! Thanks Yes, i did get a default notice and they passed it over to a debt collector who wanted full arrears amount within 1 day
  14. I took out the agreement Nov 06, when i got the job last month i contacted audi told them i can start making monthly payments, they told me there was nothing they could do to help me!
  15. Hi I have car finance to which i fell behind with my payments due to losing my job, i have paid over a 3rd off. It has now gone to court next month...do i have to appear? I have now got a job and feel i could manage the agreement monthly payments. I have N9c form to fill in with my proposals for payment so that i can try and keep the car, i was thinking of offering my monthly payment plus an extra 20 or 30 pound until i can afford to pay more off the arrears. Has anybody gone through something similar ? I dont want to get my offer refused and dont want to lose the car! Thanks
  16. No, i haven't taken any - why??
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