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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I have had contact with this shower, Iqor, complaint to TS Preston results in a spineless wittering about my local TS needs to start proceedings, thought that the TS in the perpetrators town was responsible for this? Any ideas on a contact in Preston Trading Standards who might react?
  3. Hopefully to confirm my thoughts 1. Sent a CCA section 78 letter last October. No reply after 12 +2+30 (sent recorded) except "investigating, requesting documents and on hold" After the 30 day period ( and some sent default letter No response Received a snotty pay up letter, sent further copy of default letter This proceedure again. Now, received in February 2008, copy of application form, and assignment letters They say that copy of "agreement" was sent in early Nov and Dec 2007, but not received (honest!) I take it that they are well and truly in default and unable to do any further? I have reported the breach with copies etc to TS
  4. Today, a recorded delivery letter with --- a photocopy of an application form and a pay up letter Only 3 months out of time Have told them that the matter is unenfoceable as they completely defaulted, and have committed an offence See what happens next then
  5. I really depair, CQ is a shining example of the slovenly standards of eduction these days, they just cant read and understand the English Language. Maybe I have been too formal, have sent now the you are out of time and in complete default letter 3 times now, all by RD and received. They say they sent the copy agreement on two occassions last year, nothing else mentioned, and if it was that important, well a traceable method would seem appropriate. I doubt the accuracy of this letter ! Now the telephone calls have started again, despite "only in writing" they dont get answered though, Perhaps a direct, blunt "Foxtrot Oscar to them in either writing or over the phone is the answer? Trading Standards have not communicated further as yet
  6. TS are very interested, and are having a pop Plus several veryhelpful observations on various bits of law AJustice s40 and contacts to make observations to The thot plickens !
  7. Looks like the beast of preston is next in line, had a phone call sat morning from a polite girl, asked if I was me, would only say was "calling from Preston" but I wouldnt do the security routine, told her I didnt know who she was etc, if HMG can loose data etc. Anyway, she asked if I had received a letter, which I hadnt, and to call them as soon as I had this apparently posted Friday, and the call at 9am Sat, before the post arrives ! As if I am going to talk to them!
  8. The latest stunt, after the wonderful letter from Daniels came two days later, a letter warning that as no contact made etc, this was moving to the pre litigation stage, and immediately after a trial baliffs would be despatched to sieze goods. Well, they had a CCA request, sent recorded and received ( proof of service), they defaulted on the 12 +2+ 30 and have had a recorded letter (received) to this effect ( as the helpful template) I have just sent them a copy of this letter, and told them that I am now making a formal complaint to TS Winchester for offences under the CCA, Administration of Justice Act, etc I expect they will still drone on, perhaps some remedial reading classes for Fleet are in order? Anything else I should do at the moment?
  9. Just a question, Capquest are well out of all time on a CCA and have had the formal recorded delivery letter to this effect. I have just received a letter from one Michael Daniels, making me a wonderful offer as I am about to be legaled. Advice please, ignore, or send a copy of my formal letter of dismissal?
  10. Having some fun with More Crap I have a very old debt with a Card which they took and wanted payments from about, I think, if memory serves, late 1990's, anyway, not being aware of this site and advice, I have been paying them all this time. I have sent them NOW a CCA letter which is out on the 12+2 and shortly on the 30 calendar, i'e no details . Is there a proceedure to re-claim all monies paid, I do not have a record as such or should I request a statement for whole period and demand repayment or a County Court summons(?) and or criminal proceedings will be commenced? There letter acknowledges my demand, but is so sugary it would make you weep, asking for all sorts of information about points of dispute etc for " mutual benefit" As if I am going to supply this ! Also, I believe that Westcot are NOT registered as Data processors within the meaning of the Act Advise gratefully received ManyThanks
  11. Sent the 2nd letter (see above - for which many thanks) to WC, reply from Compliance Manager, very much thanking me for bringing it to their attention etc and enclosing a copy of their complaints proceedure! A nice printed huggy squeezy brochure. Talk about a volte face, after threating me with death and doom ! I think that WC are not registered with the information Commissioners with a licence to process data? I did a search and nothing came up, but a confirmation would be good. Have told Blair Oli that they can go whistle, out of time, totally at fault in failure and for passing a disputed matter and Data Protection offences etc
  12. Thanks for that, I liked your comments, I suppose its a case of when the next DCA in this case AIC start, I direct a CCA at them? I have to say that this site is reassuring, No one like debt, and we all have our horror stories, but the way these "people" think they can treat you is abominable, if they did it in the street they would be arrested. Thank you
  13. Thanks for quick reponses Bath Oliver obviously dont like being sent CCA's, I have sent them today the first letter, and I awit a response from AIC who I understand are real low life
  14. A further development from Blair Oliver. Served them a CCA recorded etc and proff . This is now out of 12+ 2, but just got a letter from them "Dear Sir/Madam Account number ----- Thank you for your recent communication ( so thats aan acceptance of receipt then !) This has been forwarded to to the Agent dealing with your account who will contact you in due course if required. Please quote the above account number on all correspondance and address themn to Allied International Credit (UK) Ltd The Clock Tower, Office Number 5 Chineham, Basingstoke RG 24 8BQ Yours sincerely J Smyth Manager Litigation " Signature is a printed one, and as there are marks all over, looks like run off a printer as a series I feel inclined to write to Blair with the letter above, and I feel that this is a pass the parcel job, and AIC will be getting a CCA. Also, I think I should mention the data protection act to all when corresponding. Any thoughts?
  15. Thank you for the info, another item with westcot has arrisen though I have a Halifax card which was being handled by Blair Oliver, and I sent them ( now out of 12+2) a CCA letter. Just received a big threat pay up letter from West Cot, and I am sure it is the same account, should I CCA the, tell them to Foxtrot Oscar or what. Also, sorry to jump about, does a photocopy of an Application form ( for a Card) need a definitive mark from the issuer, I have had a copy which is only a date stamp Any detail on what I should expect to see would be most helpful Thank you
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