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  1. We’ve recently had a new gas main installed after a gas leak was detected in the pipe that supplies our home (a loose joint in the old steel pipe). The network providers had to dig four holes in our tarmac drive so our previously undamaged drive, with patch repairs done, looks like a patchwork quilt. The providers tell me they are only liable for a patch job on the holes, is this true? My logic makes me think that the driveway should be reinstated to its original condition. Any ideas on this?
  2. Me neither, but it does seem a major problem for some folks. Well done for teaching your twins how to ride bikes btw.
  3. Good point! The disability situation should be considered. If this does not apply then I would still pursue on the ‘OR unable to walk very far’ grounds.
  4. I think this is a terrible response from the police! Had you got your park anywhere lights on? One solution that some parents have adopted is to use a large FWD. It is within the basic design capabilities of the vehicle to park off road so no offence is committed. With a general election looming I would certainly take the mater up with your MP. A situation were vehicles can’t go off road and pedestrians, especially children, can’t safely walk IN the road is intolerable.
  5. It should say 13 hours but some vandal has rubbed the 1 out. You can just about see where it was.
  6. And keep copies of all the documentation you have received?
  7. It's tempting to write back and fight but, if you do, then you are just taking part in the game. Best ignore.
  8. Had one of these 18 months ago. Just ignord them annd they went away. Eventually.
  9. I think it was six letters in all. Keep the letters and read them again in six months time. What they say and what they do are completly differnt things.
  10. It’s working then! The whole idea of all the letters from dept collectors and all that rubbish in them is to get you scared so you pay up. I think it’s called psychology. I was in the same boat 18 months ago, they just gave up in the end. Just ignore them.
  11. Plus the green used for Dairy Crest livery is fairly unique.
  12. Many Dairy Crest milkmen are self-employed. The dairy only owns the round and float. The insurance liability may be with the milkman and not the dairy.
  13. Requirement to display registered name at registered office and inspection place. Could be read as and instead of at.
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