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  1. I think the silence from BMI and total disregard for the well being of its passengers can only strengthen your case for compensation. Naturally there is no compensation due for hotel accommodation that you did not take so in fact, BMI has already saved itself a pot of money by not abiding by the "duty of care" obligation, afforded to passengers under the Montreal Convention and also under EU Regulation 241/2004. Of course, this can be brought into the "negotiations" with BMI if their response to your next letter is not favourable. -Mikee-
  2. Tim, What happened about accommodation? I assume you took the Ryanair flight the following morning? If you had to pay for overnight accommodation then this needs to be included in your claim. Having re-read your draft letter, I would also remove the reference to "no other aircraft available to operate the service". Let BMI state this. The Regulation gives you the option of taking an alternative flight (on another airline) to get you to your destination earlier than BMI's own flights but this choice wasn't offered to you at the time of cancellation - another failure of BMI to
  3. Hi Tim/all, Personally, I would not mention anything about administration costs in your letter as it gives them an opportunity to pay you less. Even if they did deduct admin costs, I don't believe this would stand up in court since you are the one who has been financially affected. Besides, there is nothing in the Regulation which allows an airline to deduct such costs. As you have already done, just request the compensation due under 261/2004 and a full refund of your costs. I would take copies of your receipts and send the letter + receipts via recorded delivery so that you have
  4. Tim, Let me know your email address and I'll forward you the letters I wrote so you can use them as a template. -Mikee-
  5. To fellow passengers, I'm sure some of you are here looking for advice on how to claim compensation for a flight cancellation. Details of entitlements under EU Regulation 261/2004 are contained elsewhere in this forum and at the Flightmole website but here is a brief summary of my experience earlier this year. My flight from Paris to the Southampton was cancelled approximately 1 hour after the scheduled departure time. The airline said it would re-book me onto the next flight which was 9 hours later. I asked to be re-booked onto an alternative flight to a different airport and tra
  6. Hi everyone.... Firstly, for flight delays and cancellations, please check out the Flightmole website where you'll find heaps of information regarding how to claim compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004. Regarding cancellations due to technical problems, these do not all fall into the category of extraordinary circumstances. It is up to the Airline to prove that the technical fault is extraordinary and not to claim that all faults are extraordinary and therefore, do not attract compensation. The explanation you were given was misleading and by law, you should have been given
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