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  1. Just ignore their letters and threats. IF they send anyone, they won't be bailiffs and whoever they are just tell them to sod off, there is nothing they can do, they have absolutely no legal powers whatsoever. They have the same right to "collect the full amount" as a Jehovah's witness. Tell them to go away and shut the door, they are powerless.
  2. Ha ha! Hamptons Legal...just as ineffective and useless as Lowells! Just another desk in the same office I think if I remember correctly. It's all just a bluff to make you think they are escalating their actions in reality it's just a different letterhead backed by the same bunch of buffons. Rejoice in the fact that Lowells have your debt rather than a proper DCA that might do something that warrants your attention.
  3. Yes and worse, statutory demands. All came to nothing. Asked for a copy of my CCA once they hit me with the stat demand, they folded like a cheap suit
  4. If they are ignoring your request I would ignore their requests in return Until they start court proceedings (which they won't as they don't have a valid paper trail) you need do nothing. Worked for me
  5. Not according to companies house webcheck site, but that is only updated at weekends so it might be out of date if it went plc just recently Worth checking again next week.
  6. Oooh, an 0800 number nice! Hours of fun for all the family pssst, what format does the reference number take, i.e is it two letters and 6 digit number, or something else etc. Not that I condone time wasting calls at someone elses expense obviously, that would be very wrong
  7. This is what an official SD looks like SDP1.jpg picture by fiftypence_photo - Photobucket SDP2.jpg picture by fiftypence_photo - Photobucket SDP3.jpg picture by fiftypence_photo - Photobucket SDP4.jpg picture by fiftypence_photo - Photobucket compare it to your own to see if its similar. The SD is a precursor to making you bankrupt, if you don't respond by having it set aside they can then apply to make you bankrupt. Don't panic though, most of these can be set aside quite easily and a lot of time these are not followed up to the bankruptcy stage anyway, they are used as a scare tactic. However, it is important to treat it as though they will follow up with the bankruptcy action so that you can be prepared for the worse, but setting aside the SD will stop any bankruptcy action in it tracks.
  8. I dare say the practice is sailing close to the wind. Must be worth sending an email to the SRA asking if the practice is in breach of guidelines or not (with a link to the website of the offending solicitor ), at least it might bring a little heat to bear on those solicitors who think renting out their letterheads in this manner is acceptable.
  9. Does look like it might be a fishing exercise by Lowell. Your safest bet is to get it set aside and claim back your costs in doing so. You don't have to have legal representation to do it, many from this site have done it themsleves. You will have to assume you will need to attend court and face them across a table (fairly informal process). You can claim Litigant in Person costs (£9.25 per hour unless the figure has changed) this includes time for researching and putting together your defence. You could come out of this with a nice little tax free bonus Ignore the dates on the documents, your time for setting aside starts from the date of service, i.e. when you actually receive it.
  10. Here's one such firm that allows you to 'rent' their letterhead HL Legal They have changed their pricing, you used to be able to do it on a one off basis but it looks like you have to buy in bulk now - just shows what sector of the market they are targetting, must be profitable for them even at 75 pence per letter
  11. No. You can take someone to court without legal representation, i.e. do it yourself, you don't have to be qualified. Although if you want to do it and represent someone and charge appropriate fees you do need to be qualified.
  12. Yes he can complain - he is not complaining about service standards as a client he is bringing to the attention of the regulatory body evidence of a solictor acting in contravention of the rules as laid down by the regulatory body. He won't get much for his troubles but if the SRA deem it necessary they can give Mr smalltime lawyer a good kicking
  13. Most if not all of these DCA's are full of hot air and lame threats, I personally wouldn't even bother wasting a stamp on them. They rarely take anyone to court and most of the time they do take anyone to court they lose as they don't have the necessary paperwork to follow it through (provided the consumer gens up on their rights of course ) If you really think they might sue you can always email it, it is just as valid and you can ask for a read receipt (depending on which email client you use) I only ever email DCA's now, never bother sending letters - they always respond via royal mail though, how quaint.
  14. Yes but it probably counted towards their statstics - evil rabbit caged, another crime solved and more justice dished out to a sinsiter crim!!
  15. Definitely!! Put as many obstacles in their way as possible to put the balance of power on your side. Everything in wriing that way they can't lie, they will lie of course but at least you will have the evidence
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