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  1. I will have to go through my file but it is a while ago
  2. We have bern charged £12.00 for "letter received from customer" and £23.00 for "letter sent to customer". Seeing as we have never been in arrears with them I dont know how they've got the gall to charge us. Also these charges do not appear in their "tariff of charges" dated february 2010. No transparency there then!
  3. Hi Pam I emailed you the other day regarding joining the group. Did you received my enquiry?
  4. We know exactly what you mean. We have never missed a payment and now only a fraction less than we did in 2005. We too are looking for a solicitor (North West area) who can help us take them to court. Its very difficult, but some bright young solicitor must be looking for a challenge!
  5. FOS said they could not help as loan was taken out in 2005. Swift advised us to complain to the FLA as they were members. My local MP went straight to the top of the OFT, but even with her involvement they showed no interest in what Swift were doing. I want to take them to court not because we don't want to or can't pay, we just want a fair rate of interest. Even though we are examplary payers, Swift seem to be hell bent on aggravating us over this. I feel genuinely sorry for anyone having problems paying these people, they treat us badly enough.
  6. I've tried the OFT FLA FOS but none of them are interested. It is ridiculous how these people can get away with it and no supposed "authority" iseems to have the power to stop them.
  7. Hi Pam I'd like to join the group please. Regards Mally
  8. I want to take Swift to Court over the rate of interest they are charging us. We have never been in arrears with them. Could the above information be of any use to us in this respect?
  9. Hi Mrs Foot Have you actually taken Swift to Court, and what happened?. Regards Mallymoo
  10. Hi Sparkie Can you please tell me on what basis you took Swift to Court and how you got on as we are intending to issue proceedings against them as well? Regards Mallymoo
  11. Hi PSB123 The judge told me that once a statutory demand has been set aside, 1st Credit and/or Connaught collections cannot issue another one, although they may be able to make a County Court claim against me. I'll be ready and waiting if they do! Don't think it would go down too well with a Judge if a SD has been set aside though.
  12. HI Babybear. I'd be very grateful if you could help me with the issue of LIP. I spent ages preparing my affadavit, then I had to go to Court once to take it in and get it sworn, and then I had to attend court yesterday for the hearing.
  13. Hi Babybear Wish I'd known this before I went to Court!
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