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  1. So the earliest it would have arrived would have been 29 September due to the weekend. Your 18 days from there calculates to 16 October so submit your form and afidavit before then. You may be entitled to more time because of being on holiday but if it was me I’d meet the above date just to be on the safe side. You need to take the forms in person as you are required to swear the afidavit. Without the correct documentation your reason to set aside would be 1 on the form. I’m sure someone can help with filling in the form if you need. With mine, I phoned 1st Credit just to confirm I’d
  2. The forms you need are 6.4 and 6.5 which are available here http://www.insolvency.gov.uk/forms/englandwalesforms.htm Here is a web site to find your nearest court. I don't know how old this information is so best to give them a call to check they still have bankruptcy jurisdiction http://www.ivamarvel.co.uk/Docs/Courts%20with%20Bankruptcy%20Jurisdiction.htm
  3. I've just been through this with Citi and 1st Credit. I went to court today, they could not produce a CCA and it was set aside in a matter of minutes. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/154290-voluntary-charge-house.html
  4. Thanks Guys. I couldn't claim costs. Their letter to the court asked for no costs to be awarded. If the judge had have made some reference to this I would have asked but she didn't. Getting it set aside and knowing my house was safe was my main aim and I didn't want to risk that not happening by rubbing her up the wrong way. In real money terms I'm only out of pocket by £16.00 although to claim for the hours I've worked on my case would have been considerably more. I find it interesting to say the least that they told the court 5 weeks ago that they wouldn't be able to produc
  5. My Stat Demand has been set aside !!! No one from 1st Credit turned up and I was in there all of five minutes! They had written to the court at the end of August saying that they wouldn't be able to produce the paper work by 3 October. In light of this they would not oppose the set aside but that when they find the paperwork they will pursue the debt in the County Court. Thanks to everyone for all your advice and support
  6. Sent for CCA etc on 5 August but following a letter saying it was retained by their client and they would send it asap I've received nothing. Got my set aside hearing tomorrow. I'm feeling really nervous and hope I get a nice judge. I'll be glad when it's over.
  7. Mr Bear, I’m afraid that I can’t offer advice because I’m new to all this myself. I will be applying for my own SD to be set aside next week and am not looking forward to it. But why don’t you give these people a call, explain your situation and see what they have to say. It’s a freephone number so you’ve got nothing to lose. http://www.discreetdebtsolutions.co.uk/index.html
  8. Thank for putting that on smc1878. I'll be doing mine very soon so interested to know how you got on. Good luck for Friday Vicky26
  9. Has anyone on here ever taken out an IVA to replace a DMP?
  10. I don't know how up to date this is but all court with bankruptcy jurisdication are on this site. Courts with Bankruptcy Jurisdiction
  11. I have the forms already as someone kindly put the link on here. I'll have a look at the sticky thread later, just on my way out to work.
  12. Thanks Palomino. Until today I never realised that you had to be eligible for advice from the CAB, I thought it was open to everyone. You live and learn. Yes I’m still making payments, never missed one. I had a small rise at work, completed a new budget sheet and from 1 August my payment has gone up by £11 a month although 1st Credit will only be allocated £3 of this because of other creditors. CCCS payout date is 25th of the month so they haven’t received it yet but they are aware and have already rejected it. Babybear, I checked with my local court this morning when I phoned them
  13. Hi Babybear. There are no charges that I can see. Just at the time that I started the DMP with CCCS the card, which was originally Shell Visa, change to Citi Cards and they froze the interest etc. I'll have another look though just incase. Can I state grounds of not receiving the CCA as the 12 days won't be up when I submit the form and affidavit? Would this not have been my fault for not requesting it earlier? Yes, the last thing you want is conflicting advice but I'm sticking with what I've been told on here. I've sort of lost confidence in the others after today.
  14. What a morning I’ve had. I spoke to CCCS yesterday morning to tell them I’d received the SD and they said I should go to the CAB straight away for legal advice. I went this morning and they told me that I don’t qualify for their legal advice because I have a DMP with CCCS , I earn too much and I don’t have grounds to set aside anyway. They ended up phoning CCCS to speak to them directly and they said NOT to go to court to set aside myself but to write to 1ts Credit and request that they do it at the same time asking for a CCA. I came home and phoned CCCS because this is definitely n
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