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  1. WELL BY JOVE...I HAVE AGREED A SETTLEMENT WITH THE CO-OP!!!!!!! my man chris cardwell was trying to get hold of me fairly frantically on friday as there were a few messages on the telephonicle when i got home from work... So, i called his number this morning first thing and we went through the breakdown of my request that we discussed a few days previous and apparently a cheque is winging it's way to me as we speak..... !!! HUZZAH!!! HUZZAH!!! [email protected]!!! i have agreed to halt my claim with the courts once the cheque has cleared in my account, and not before! t
  2. come on now, don't be so harsh on them - THEY called YOU after all - it's nice to know they care (or at least know who you are)?! you'll soon be smilin all the way to the bank. it just might be via the courts let the dogs slip...
  3. hey diddly received my notice of allocation to a small claims hearing today, to take place at my local court (brighton) at 11am on 28 february 2007 so, my slovenly adversary - this is it! i am ready and more than willing - let me at ya!! £2626.21 is total figure to date, with the daily interest piling up am collataing and pouring over my defence points and am feelling good and strong (have been eating plenty of spinach and herring) the more i look around this site the more and more i feel clear and confident - i wish i had asked for standard disclosure in my allocatio
  4. hey janquinny cheers for the support and CONGRATULATIONS did you get a full refund? well, where am i? well, succesfully sent through my court claim via MCOL on 17/11/06 as time limit for a full refund up, plus got bored of their automated responses...had a lovely weekend learning to waltz and cha cha cha, and started the new week confident in the progress of my claim (as i am a few stages further in with barclays at present, so have been here before) Then tue brings another letter from my man christopher cardwell at co-op, referencing my letter dated 19/10/07 - all very con
  5. hey diddly just a quick update...received a reply to my request for repayment that was blatantly a computer-spat document (complete with opening sentence : "thank you for contacting us recently to let us know you are unhappy with our service or products"...if that don't give it away); the rest of the letter was basically concerned with wasting my time...so, sent them my LBA and have had a surprisingly similar reply except this time they state that they are looking into the matter and will have a reply for me within the next 6 weeks...obviously i have nothing better to do than wait around
  6. hi all how's the bank slaying going? good, good... so, at last i have all my statements dating back six years...! NB. you may be interested to know that i started this claim against co-op back in may, (alongside one to barclays), and - just to give you an idea of how much time wasting/bluffing/downright dubious processes that can and will be used to try and put you off their scent - the one for barclays is just waiting for me to file the allocation questionnaire before being given a hearing date!!! The advantage of all their mussin' (oh alright, and my slight slackness
  7. thought i'd drop by old boy - it IS night time after all...eight days to go, eh? been keeping up with your progress - doing well so far; if your claim is anything like mine (and all the others) then they'll file their (very standard) defence a sliver before the clock strikes TOO LATE!! if you want a little advance peek at what they're going to say then check out the druid's thread for a transcript and save your pennies for the allocation questionnaire and fee..then it's sit back and wait for the date... best of luck old chap nutty PS. who's your he/she at barclays? the one
  8. hi all called court today and barclays filed their defence at the very last minute - ohhh! they're such action heroes - real edge-of-your-seat stuff...! looks like the standard response as it's practically the same as everyone elses defence that i have seen around and about this marvellous site; my man is adrian ruffhead (legal executive) - anyone else had any dealings with him? I'd be interested to know... So, onto the allocation questionnaire - and another 100 pennies, well worth it but testing my (newly reformed, honest) financial managings and then wait for the court date
  9. am at the same stage as you victim - 28 days for their defence is up on the 17 october...i await with interest what my man adrain ruffhead has to say about all this as, so far, it's just been standard letters and leaflets - bring me the meat!!! all the best old chap nutty
  10. their 28 days are up on the 17th oct by which time i will have devoured the small claims self help kit that is advertised to my left and hopefully be ready to throw their "defence" back in their faces, or trot down to my new (but not better) bank to cash a fat cheque, or contact the courts with regards to entering some sort of judgement against 'em...and sending the bailiffs in!! my man at barclays is called adrain ruffhead (position: a menancing-sounding Legal Executive) so, hoping the next contact from them will be a positive one...as time goes by and i learn more and more about th
  11. GO GET EM TOUGH GUY..! will be keeping an eye on your thread old boy.. all the best nutter
  12. don't forget to record your phonecalls with 'em - will possibly come in handy if you end up in court...?! going to keep an eye on your thread old boy.. all the best nutter
  13. thanks you guys for the advice and support... all is good - i called them up and asked them to debit from my account the £5 that they required to kickstart the subject access request so now i wait... thanks for the offer of hand delivery JANQUINNY and no fraud as the original cheque ain't been cashed as yet... cheers guts
  14. court have sent me form that states that barclays are acknowledging my service and have 28 days to file a defence... am well up for a scrap and am quite interested in hearing what they have to say about all this... we will see just WHO is on the righteous path - all these years of pandering to their demands and falling for their dupes - this one ain't gonna roll over any more WOO HOO!! lets go!!! cheers guys
  15. "Finally, take the total before interest, and multiply the total by 0.00022. That gives you a small amount (22 pence for each £1,000), which is the 'daily rate', the amount by which your grand total settlement figure increases each day from the claim date onwards" cheers victim - that was the bit that i couldn't quite get me head round but what you have written clears it up!! thanks for the help
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