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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help with this - I have Tax Returns and Penalties that date back 15 years. 1. Is there a limit to how many years back I have to do Tax returns for? My tax situation is complicated, and the worst of it is that I am extremely unlikely to owe any tax. Basically situation is this - many year ago I was thinking about self employment and rang the Tax office to enquire how I would get a schedule D number. I never requested one, just made a general enquiry. I then worked as an Employee on PAYE for several years, and moved homes several times. Forward a few years,
  2. Hi All, Phoned Court at 3.55pm, just before they shut. they confirmed no papers filed, and said it would be automatically struck out. YAHOO! Apparently I dont get notified of this, only if they re-instate it. So what do I do next? Thankyou everyone for your help, shall certainly enjoy the weekend, knowing it is struct out for now! Thank You
  3. Thanks CCM, really hope I don't get post tomorrow! Is that all I need to do to get it struck off, or do I also need to file a form? Here's hoping with my fingers and my legs crossed! Thanks for all your help, Mwah
  4. Doh, Deadline for them is 24th April not Feb!! Trying not to get my hopes up, nothing on doormat so far, only 1 day to go, fingers crossed
  5. I was really impressed with the defence you did, and the draft order directions, shame the District Judge wants boring plain old english he he he. Deadline for them to redo POC is 24th Feb, so fingers crossed! On another note, I did read somewhere, but heck can I find it now, that if Assignment of debt is done, with /or without notice to Debtor, but Debtor makes payment to original company, then in law, the debt reverts back!! I mention this as I did not receive assignment notice from B/C etc, and have ensured that I have been paying them monthly over the last few months. B/C have been
  6. Hi All, Update on what is happening: Friday I recieved a General Form of Judgement or Order from the Court as below: "Before District Judge XXX sitting at XXX County Court Upon reading the court file IT IS ORDERED THAT The claim be stayed as it makes no serious attempt to comply with CPR 16.4 (1) by setting out a concise statement of the facts (Stylised particulars do not constitute compliance) The Claimant must amend, or substitute its particulars of claim setting out the Claimant's case in plan English and file and serve them by 4.00pm on XX April 2009 and in def
  7. CCM, Thank you, thank you absolutely brilliant. I like it, I like it! Had read GhostDebts thread and was going to use this in section G "On the xx/xx/2009 I requested the disclosure of information pursuant to the Civil Procedure Rules, which is vital to file a full and complete defence against the case from the claimant. A copy is enclosed for the court's reference. (Proof of postage and confirmation of delivery is available) To date the claimant has ignored my request under the CPR and I have not received any such documentation requested. As a litigant in person I respectfully requ
  8. Thanks Ghostdebt, will look at your post and the others for info about form 149.
  9. Hi CCM, Defence submitted online: 1.Except where otherwise mentioned in this defence, I neither admit nor deny any allegation made in the claimants Particulars of Claim and put the claimant to strict proof thereof. 2. The Defendant is embarrassed in pleading to the Particulars of Claim as it stands at present, inter alia: - The claimants' particulars of claims disclose no legal cause of action and they are embarrassing to the defendant as the claimant's statement of case is insuffic-iently particularised and does not comply or even attempt to comply with CPR part 16. In th
  10. Hi CCM, the two threads were merged into this one. Am not at home so can't post up defence yet as need to scan it in. The POC is on post no. 8 of this thread. Will post up defence submitted in the next 2 hrs. Thanks
  11. Thanks CreditCardMug, been trying to phone the court to see if I can have a few days grace in lieu, but permanently engaged!
  12. Some other info. CCL didnt provide a Notice of Assignment when requested, however I have been paying a small amount to Barclaycard by S/O each month. I read somewhere that without valid Notice of Assingment, or even with, if you make payments to the original creditor, that the debt reverts back to them. Should I mention this in 'Other Information' ?
  13. Update - received Acknowledgement from court for receipt of defence, then nothing. Now received Form N152 (1 page only) notifying moved to local County Court, with a copy of the Allocation Questionnaire to be returned by 30 MARCH!!. The Court took 5 days to post it out from date of issue (postmark on envelope) sent it 2nd class, and it arrived whilst I was away for a few days.!! Have read CreditcardMugs thread, but not sure what to do. CCM received form N150, but I have not received, should I have been sent it? The only form I have to fill in which I will have to take to the Court on
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