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  1. hi thankyou for your help i will try and call the council again today and see what they can do the children are 14, 10, 6 and 2 when you say councellor do you mean i should right to them explaining the situation they want 150 a month ive offered them 85 which will mean the debt is cleared by the new tax year but they just wont budge maybe its because they know they have a wpo allthough all the stuff they have noted down will not even make £100 so there will be a big loss i did tell rossendales this and she said they would still take it and i would be left with the remaning bill to them
  2. also in your previous post you mention illnesses or disabilities i have been under my gp and was refered to a cardioligst due to heart and breathing pains which has been put down due to anxiety and stress but have never mentioned this to the council as they might think i was lying and should have said in the first place dont know if it will help
  3. hi we havent sold it we got into difficulty and had loaned it to cash converters i didnt realise ehat they had put down didnt even read it was just trying to sort out the re payment with the company also we have lg speakers so he could of people meaning those not quite sure, we are a family of 6 we have a large and a small sofa so so we could all squeese on i suppose but we have 6 dining chairs he has only put 4 down do you know if he can break in or are the council right by saying he cannot
  4. hi on the wpo is 40 inch plasma which is actually 50 inch but is on finance in my mum in laws name, lg dvd system that we no longer have, glass tv stand old dining table and 4 chirs and bookcase, i didnt even know he wrote these down i just signed the form not realising, i have told rossendales that the tv is on finance and they have said if a baliff comes to remove goods then will have to showproof which we can do the charges are first visit fee 42.50, levy fee 36.00 walking poss 12.00
  5. hi hope somebody can help have a counicl tax debt with rossendales, i have signed a walking possesion and he has leved on a tv that is on finance and a old table and chairs and a couple of other things that are worth nothing, there was agreement set up for £150 a month which made the first month fine but now second month cannot afford to pay as my partner has a court fine over a thousand pound that we are paying £250 a month back explained this to rossendales and offered them £75 a month as he only works part time and we have 4 children and i dont work she will not accept anything and is saying that £150 is the minimun they can accept i rang the council and told them she is refusing my offer and they spoke to there recovery team and they said just to carry on paying the £75 every month to rossendales and see what happens they might send it back i asked the council can they force entry as i have signed the walking possession order but she said no they can only gain peacefull entry is this true or are they allowed t force in as i signed the agreement any hep would be greatly appreciated thankyou
  6. ok thankyou but if they turn up demading the money can they break in as its a motoring offence this ois what im worried about we have said we can pay but not in the 4 weeks they have given us .
  7. hi was hoping somebody could help, ny patne has a cout fine fo just ove £1000, for motoring offences dating back to 2004 which was being paid fotnightly from his employer, he changed employment and completely fogot to notify the court it has now been passed to marsdens who ae demading the whole lot and not even accepting any kind of payment plan, even though he only woks pat time and we ae receving benefits as we also have 4 children to look after he has rang the court and they ae saying we have to deal with the baliff directly that it is out of there hands does anyone know if there is anything we can do as payment is due at the end of this moth we can pay half his wages each month but they wont accept this any help geatly appeciated thanks.
  8. hi sorry its for council tax i asked for a break down of fees and he said when he comes to collect the £380 he will give it to me, the debt is 469.00 council tax, and then with charges and fees £760, but i offered £150 cash as im not working and have 4 kids and then pay £50 a fornight out of my benefits but he wants £380 before he will even arrange a payment plan for the rest
  9. hi i need to see if a baliff is registered as i have signed a walking possesion order, in december and now another baliff from the same company are back saying they want £380 upfront the debt is £480 but has now gone up to £ 760 with there charges ,they are coming back today with a van and a locksmith. any help thankyou
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