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  1. Unfortunately not in a position to use overdraft. Car Loan is upto date but my unsecured credit is a ghastly mess. Working through the process of CCA'ing them etc. Thanks for help anyway
  2. I have had my car since May 2006. I did a three year contract with a final payment due now. I owe £11k and I have been offered £10500 to sell and I dont think I can expect to better that. The problem is I dont have the £500 difference. The finance company tell me I cant simply hand the car back because I have paid everything to date. The finance company will not let me sell the car for £10500 and then leave me owing them £500. They want to take the car back and then sell it at auction and then I be liable for the difference which could easily amount to 3k to 4k. If I cant find the £5
  3. TESCO have passed it to Triton Debt Collection Co. They are a full subsidiary company of Royal Bank of Scotland. I suppose I do a CCA request in the usual way? Is that right?
  4. Got a TESCO loan which I have not been able to pay for some time. They have defaulted me and are now threatening legal action. I CCA'd them and they sent me a copy of my Fixed-Sum Loan Agreement. Its a poor copy but looks a legitimate copy. When put on photobucket it is difficult to read anything. Its signed by me in a box titled 'this is a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974'. It is signed by Tesco Personal Finance ltd. I have also signed a box for PPI. The terms of the loan ie. term, amount, APR are all together with the PPI amount. Is this a multiple agreeme
  5. I CCA'd 1st Credit in February. Nothing since. What if anything should I be doing. What MBNA sent me is impossible to read and IMO is not enforceable. No letters etc am I winning the battle?
  6. Brokencard are certainly doing the rounds. I have been pursued for the debt by Mercers then Calder Financial and now Debt Managers Ltd. Still no signed agreement just threat after threat after threat. Threat of legal action from Debt Managers Ltd resulted in me CCA'ing them. What next?
  7. Quick Question. I received a County Court Claim Form on 14th March. I have 14 days to respond. If I admit the debt but cant pay off in full I assume it is likely that claimant will still ask for judgement against me even if its a reasonable time scale i.e 6 months. If I return form and say I am goint to contest it and defend this gives me a further 14 days to try and raise cash to settle before court hearing. Right or wrong.
  8. I am fighting (with the help of Cag) several credit cards companies. Due to non compliance of CCA request I have put accounts into dispute with providers. Result is adverse credit against me i.e. late payments and MBNA may have defaulted me:( Question is will the management compant carry out a credit check on me. Will the late payments and possible default go against me. I have no CCJ's Looking to rent for a minimum of 12 months. Agreed on property just need to submit application and applivation fee.
  9. Letter today from 1st credit Ltd. MBNA have assigned full balance to them and the full amount outstanding is due to 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd immediately............YEAH RIGHT:lol: They will even comply with any data requests for copies of personal info they might hold. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER.............. Do I SARN and CCA them?
  10. I have a thread already running http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/168940-mbna-warning-letter.html I have been issued with a default notice from MBNA received this following my CCA request After an opinion from a Site Team Cagger. Starting to brick it now with default notice looming. Is it enfoceable? If not can I stop default notice, bad career move if I get one however I cant afford the monthly repayments anyway at present. Sorry for bringing this to this thread but after second opinion.
  11. Yes, Slick good points well made. Bit of a downer yesterday:cry:
  12. The refunding of charges is to applied against the o/s balance. Having not paid them since the account has gone into dispute they will simply reduce my arrears.............on what I believ to be an unenforceable agreement. Not sure if the charges refund is success or not
  13. "http://i436.photobucket.com/albums/qq89/letmeseethem/Offer1.jpg" What next for me?
  14. I have received the following letter "http://i436.photobucket.com/albums/qq89/letmeseethem/BCardMCs78.jpg" And a photocopy of a BARCLAYCARD AGREEMENT A COPY FOR YOUR RECIRDS and BARCLAYCARD CONDITIONS OF USE. No signatures, dates ref numbers absolutely nothing. In a seperate letter they provided me with BARCLAYCARD CONDITIONS. So they have not met my request. Interestingly though I also received a letter from them that as gesture of good will they are willing to credit my account with some money due to charges on my account. I have not complained about charges yet!!
  15. Received 12th January 2009
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