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  1. Thank you Andy. You're correct I just received papers from court Notice of proposed allocation in the small claims track. It says I have to complete and return by 6th of Feb small claims directions questionnaire (form N180). This means they wish to proceed while they're trying to contact me daily. The form speaks about mediation service as well. Shall I continue to ignore their calls? Fill the form and return it? I've never been in this situation before and am clueless. Many thanks lads! Angela
  2. Thank you Andy! I just find it strange they decided to proceed despite the fact they never responded to cca request. Now they're emailing and trying to call me. I'll follow your advice and ignore So normally I'd hear from the court right?. Many thanks! Angela
  3. After receiving a letter from moriarty law they're proceeding with case I've been waiting to hear from court but so far nothing. Moriarty Law has been calling my phone many times but I didn't answer them. I understood from reading posts it's better not to talk to them so Should I answer their calls? Thank you dx! Angela
  4. I received the following from Moriarty Law We write to acknowledge receipt of the Defence filed by you with the Court and in that regard we confirm that our client is proceeding with their claim. Yours faithfully, Moriarty law. Does that mean the court will look into their claim or should I do now? can they win a case without providing any documents to me about the debt ?? Thanks guys! Angela
  5. I've submitted the form on mcol. How will I know the result ? Keep logging into mcol? Many thanks! Angela
  6. Am really grateful dx! Seriously without your help lads i wouldn't know where to start even. Thank you! It's asking me if I want to make a counter claim on mcol My guess is no right ? Angela
  7. Happy New Year! I have edited the names of creditor and solicitor. The POC response seem to be suitable for my case so I didn't change much. Just not sure about section 77/78 bit is that correct or needs amending ? 1.The defendant owes the claimant £105 under a regulated loan agreement with Ariste Holding LTD T/A Cash Genie dated 10/12/2011 and which was assigned to the claimant on 27/4/2016 and notice of which was given to the defendant on 27/4/2016 (Debt). 2.Despite formal demand for payment of the debit the defendant has failed to pay and the claimant claims £105 and fu
  8. You're very kind! So once I edit this send it to Moriarty? What about the mcol deadline? Can't thank you enough luv Angela
  9. I really hope am not too late. I've read posts about credit card defence or overdrafts but I didn't know if I can copy the same You mentioned I should look for loans. Should I write in my defence that I neve received any letter of assignment from them or default? Sorry am just not good with these things.
  10. Merry Xmas! Am sorry my child was very ill. I tried to read and search for a holding/ defence through the search as you suggested. I realised there is no template for defence and I really don't know what to do! Saw some defence to particulars but not similar to mine as payday loan. The claim form date was 1st of Dec and I acknowledged it on mcol. Please what sections or policies should I refer to in my defence? Many thanks luv Angela
  11. Thanks dx I've looked into the defence but am not sure what to write. Today I received letter from Moriarty law and I attached a pic after removing identifiables. Also received a letter from Motormile finance stating they outsourced my account to Moriarty law and I should contact them and they returned back my postal order! I really don't know what to do next or how to defend Any help is appreciated! Angela
  12. I haven't heard anything from Moriarty law or Motormile finance. I did go online and chosen to defend all. How long do I have or what should I do ? Thanks lads! Angela
  13. Forgive me that was a dumb blonde moment. I've defended all and submitted response to the service. Your instructions is water proof. Many thanks dx!
  14. So far no reply from either solicitors or creditors. Furthermore, I've been trying to login for days to mcol site with my claim number and password sent on country court letter but it's says error Indicating info is incorrect. So I can't defend all online Am supposed to login not register right? I'll call the county court help line tomorrow. Dx ta luv Angela
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