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  1. Hi everyone Well here I am again! This time I have been sent an overpayment letter from the DWP. It is for almost £1000.00. I have asked for a breakdown and their breakdown figures are correct but, to me THEY are wrong. The so called debt is a period from 2013 to August 2017 …… 5 years! They claim they sent me a letter informing me of the overpayment in October 2017, a letter I have never received, because if I had they would have had my reply on the day I got the letter, something both my wife and I have done at all steps of the way with them. Every time we received a letter from them we contacted them to confirm what they have said and in every case we have been informed that the figures are correct. Every year we have sent in to them every bit of information they have asked for including copies of our tax returns and other income including an occupational pension I get. There was a couple of times we asked if the amount we were getting for our Pension credits were correct and if the weren’t how do we pay the money back? The reply was that if it was wrong we would be expected to repay the money! OK, so now my question is how on earth did this amount accumulate over 5 years and not be picked up right at the beginning? (We also have a boat load of other questions like why did they “ignore” or figures they asked for which included tax returns and P60’s etc.). I am sorting out a S.A.R. to send to them, but they are going to take a third of my state pension which will leave us with about £25 per week to buy food after bills, council tax, utilities etc. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi Thanks. I am connecting via wifi, but I don't think that should make that much difference! Yes I have complained to sky and they just say that it's because we are about 1.5 miles from the exchange, but we have a box at the end of the street (about 150 yards away) plus I also know that as I am paying for fibre optic the fibre only goes to the box at the end of the street and then is copper cable from there. I cannot accept the often stated argument that because we are so far away from the exchange etc. that we will get a slower speed. For example if I turn on my lights downstairs and then upstairs the brightness is never different! the amount od power HAS to be the same throughout the cable/fibre! I also have to use a mobile wifi for work and I tend to have to use that at home as the speed is much faster, so the idea that the router is slow using wifi doesn't in all reality hold water! I will be contacting sky to try and sort out this problem as for many people now, wifiis the way they connect to the internet and I am getting cheesed off with statements about the speeds peole can/will connect, that are ALWAYS wrong
  3. I have been monitoring my sky fibre optic broadband for about three weeks or more and at various times of the day and different days. Sky say that I should get "up to 35 or more Mb" but I am getting at best 2.1 (yes that low) speeds and I have used different speed checks online. So if I sold sky a car that I say will do 35 miles per hour and it only goes at 2 miles per hour they would demand I pay them back! Any idea what I can do? I am planning to go to them and demand them repay the last 18 months fees as the normal broadband speed is just as bad. I am putting together a plan and keeping regular webpage speed by prtSc and copying to a word document with dates and times. any advice will be welcome!
  4. I will make a report when I have finished licking my "wounds"
  5. I got a whole lot of info from Parking Pranksters site so will be using some of it when I go to court. As I said I am expecting to win and if I do will be asking for compensation of a whole days income.
  6. Well the hearing is due in two weeks Parking Eye has submitted their claim and the photos ALL show the date as 2015 and do say that the allowed free time is 30 minutes. HOWEVER I have taken a boat load of photos of the area of all of the signs I can see especially the area they are claiming for and they ALL show one hour free. I have even taken a video of the area with a photo of a newspaper showing the date (today). In their claim they say that they follow the BPA's and section 13 states that there should be at least 10 minutes grace and as their statement says that I was there for 1 hour and 8 minutes I think they are skating on thin ice. the hearing is on the 11th Nov so watch this space! I am looking forward to hopefully taking them down and If I win I will be asking for a days loss of earnings.
  7. I have sent my response and I have until the 11th November when the hearing is due. With this is mind I have put together my response to their 68 page submission which is all based around the ParkingEye v Beavis case and my one cannot be as it is based upon them not adhering to the regulations and making basic mistakes like stating that the time allowed free is 30 minutes when the sign clearly says 1 hour, and due to your point that there has to be a period of grace of 10 minutes they are in the wrong. I am just waiting for a short while before I send my reply to their submission.
  8. I am waiting for information regarding the planning permission. I have the actual signage I know who owns the land ... Hoults Yard I am also waiting for the info regarding the contract regarding the arrangements to use the land the photo is the entrance from the highway via google maps but need time to get there to take the proper photos as I have to work (self employed) I have put the actual sign where we were parked but we were never in the actual parking bays just right outside the actual auction house who rents the property from Hoults Yard. post code Walker Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2HL their reason was that I overstayed the allotted time by 38 minutes but it is actually only 8 minutes sorry what is NTK? thanks
  9. Sorry, this occurred in a business centre that is privately owned by Hoults Yard, in Newcastle upon Tyne. I haven't got any photos of the signage at the entrance but this will be sorted as I have also noticed that PE put a photocopy of what they hope will be assumed as the actual signage. The auction house is based in the site there. I hope this is ok.
  10. Here is another of the sign Hi I have got a copy of what they call their contract. It looks like a standard contract (I am not legally trained to know this for sure) but the headings are blacked out as is the name of the person who signed the contract, I am thinking it may be just a contract that has been put together. It does say the name of the site but this is in a different colour to the rest of the contract. The contract is also dated 11 December 2014 so I am wondering if the contracts is supposed to be renewed every year. I have posted the signs further down the forum. the land is owned by the land owners NOT PE. There is another point; their submission says that the vehicle had only 30 minutes free and if you look at the sign it says 1 hour free, I was there for 68 minutes and one second according to their information. Another question; how often do the "clocks" need to be checked for accuracy? Parking Eye Photo 2.pdf
  11. The date was 1 June 2016 the date of the "offence" was 25th January 2016 I have responded within the timeframe. The site is a multi company estate that has a auction house (where the vehicle was), a gym (small) and other businesses. There is a sign as you drive in stating that there is a charge, but does not say how much. the sign we saw stated that we had 1 hour free parking. (the vehicle went over by 9 minutes) but did say where the pay machine was. PE has sent, as part of their submission a copy of a sign they use but it slightly different to the one I have photo of, I doubt it is enough to make much if any difference. The reason the vehicle was on the site for over the allotted time was due to the fact that the auction house didn't open until 9:00 (we thought it was 8:30) and we had to wait for about 10 minutes while they got theirselves sorted and we could pay for the item (a large smartboard). Once the board was outside we had a lot of difficulty in getting the board into the car and ended up not being able to get it in or out, it had become stuck! this took a bit of time to remove as which point we drove away without the board and collected it later that day with a different vehicle. I am a wondering about a different point as the car was not parked in a parking bay but outside the auction house, could this make a difference? I want to upload a photo of the sign I saw inside the site but not sure how to do this. Again does this mean that I had no choice but to accept the "contract"? I do know PE is only the parking manager not the owner of the site. This is the photo of the sign Parking Eye Photo.pdf
  12. Hi all Does the ParkingEye v Beavis help in any way? I note that it tends to be used by parking companies to help their claim but I understand this is only attributable to just one only car park. I have now recieved PE's submission all 68 pages of it all. I am going through it now carefully, but not too sure if I understand it all, I assume this is to confuse me into making an offer ..... no WAY I inmtend defending this to the hilt. If anyone wants to see their submission I can scan it all (double sided so long time to scan it all lol).
  13. This what I have put as my defense on the court form. thanks PArking eye defense.pdf
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