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  1. Hi all following on from my pervious thread about an HP agreement I had with GE Motor finanace which i had started in April 2004. I have been looking through all my old paper workand I have noticed under the credit protection insurance option on my contract I never opted to include it in my agreement. I have checked my final statement and it indicates that i have been paying an insurance premuim on my agreement. the total amount on my last statement was £4,060.26 I have looked through the T&C's and there is no info regarding the credit protection insurance. I am about to send a PPI refund claim and i would like to know if the only thing i should list as a reason for reclaiming is the fact that i never agreeded to pay the insurance. Your help is greatly appreciated Kind Regards
  2. Hi all please could you advise me on a matter. I recently started a gym memembership last year december 08 I have paid up to date the fee of £30.00 per month. But in the last month I have missed 1 payment due to the finance company " BELMONT " making an error on my direct debt. They had set it up as bi weekly on my account. So low and behold I have been charged by the bank aswell. I explained the sitution to them and they never got back to me with regards to setting up a new DD To cut a long story short in 1 month they have sent me 4 letters which is costing me £30.00 for the prevalige of them sending. I have not been told I owe them £120.00 which they then sent to RCS debt collectors who now have sent me a letter stating that i pay £284.50 Please advise should i call RCS and explain the situation or call belmont Kind Regards
  3. First post here Mods please move to right forum. Regards I’ve been reading all the posts on here with much interest. So here is my case. I had an HP agreement with GE car finance which I started in 2004. I finished paying over the agreement in 2008 I was paying a total of £456 per month which Inc payment protection. I have been reading that I might be able to claim back Please could you confirm what, how and where I can claim back on? Kind Regards
  4. Hi all I'm new to the boards but I have been reading up Please could some one offer me some advice please I have been dealing with robinson way since april regarding an account I have defaulted on via london scottish. My starting balance with them was £3692.12 They called me and asked that i pay £550 per month I told them that I could not afford to pay that. Due to the fact that we have a new baby on the way and I am the only one working. But he still went ahead with the plan My payments history is as follows to them 01/04 - £300.00 PAID 06/05 - £300.00 PAID 02/06 - £350.00 PAID 04/07 - £350.00 PAID Total Paid - £1300.00 At the start of the month " July" i got a letter in the post saying i had defaulted on my agreement to pay £550.00 per month and that i would have to pay the full balance The next day i got a call saying that I could make 2 payments of £650.00 they would close the debt after that. Which i have just made a payment of £650.00 I was looking at my credit report and i noticed that they have indicated that I have 4 missed payments ? and the balance on my credit report owed to them is £2842.00 Which does not work out right !!! Starting balance - £3692.12 Paid £1300.00 Balance £2392.12 C/R Balance £2842.00 UPDATE 20/07/2008 That leaves a difference of £449.88 am i missing something here ?? please anyone inlighting me kind regards
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