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  1. So hypothetically if i stopped paying them i thought the court bailiffs could enter the property, not that i have anything to take )) the property is council property so i don't know if that makes any difference?
  2. no i'm afraid i don't as it was so long ago. I rang the court and they did manage to tell me the amounts owed for each CCJ 6,769.25 and 1,778.91 and 1,604.33
  3. i am paying the money to Link Asset and yes they are aware that they are CCJ's. Although they didnt know how much each one was for!!!
  4. Hi I am making the payment to a debt company called Link Asset. The debts was for a fitted kitchen through First National and the other two were loans. The total was for less than 25k. One CCJ was for 6k
  5. Hi I received 3 CCJ in 2003 from First National. The company that now has the debt is Link Financial Outsourcing Ltd and out of the blue I have received a yearly statement whereby they have added interest to each on on a daily basis. This averages from 123.00 interest to 20.00 and 16.00 on the others. The initial CCJ's were for 6769.25, 1,778.91 and 1604.33 in Feb 2003. I have made all the payments as agreed by the court 10.00, 7.00 and 4.00 per month. The amount now on the statement is higher than the original debt owed. Is there anything I can do? At this rate I will be paying unt
  6. Hi Scott Thanks for your reply. Hopefully it is a bluff but to be honest there is nothing I can do if it isnt. Do you know what is likely to happen next, if it is not a bluff. Kind regards Fiona
  7. Hi Susan Sorry I havent replied in a while but have been ill. I still havent heard anything re stat demand and it is now 28 days. When would I expect to hear something if I was going to be made bankrupt. Once again thanks for your kind words.
  8. Hi All Many thanks for the advice. I have decided to ride the storm and see what happens. To be honest going bankrupt would not be such a bad thing for me anyway. Will stop people hassling me at work, constant letters and phonecalls at home and work are making me really depressed. The way I see it I have nothing to take, other than my credit rating which must be in minus now anyway. Fed up robbing Paul to pay Peter so to speak. I just don't have the energy anymore to fight these people. What's the worst that could happen, they take everything, they have done that already, my credibility a
  9. Hi all, please could you someone help with the above. I received it in the post today with regards to a credit card debt owed to Halifax which i took out July 02 and was passed to Capquest April 06. The Halifax were originally taking money from my account randomly without any notice and then passed it on to Capquest who have pestered the life out of me for the last 2 years phoning 3 x a day and numerous letters all of which i have ignored, as i had originally tried to get Halifax to agree to pay off the debt at 25.00 a month, which they refused. I have read all the literature on here and don't
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