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  1. I've dealt with Bryan Carter and that address you've quoted is for them.I was trying to explain my experience with them last year to people on here a week or so ago but they were just trying to tell me I was talking rubbish when it was them the head game twats on here who have perception issues.THESE PEOPLE ARE willing to take action as far as getting a court summons to retreive the money I understand balifs sometimes pretend to have authority to retreive funds but there are levels of court action just a court order I think can be avioded but a summons has to be complieed with but don't ask me I'm free from these people now I don't need to be on this pathetic blog anymore.The law is arsehole its not logical and the people who make them are insane.
  2. What I mean is BC sent the letter I had sent them which proved that I did'nt owe the debt to the Carphonewarehouse and CPW appologised for the mistake and sent me a refund.
  3. I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say here.I understand that you are telling me the law but what I'm saying is that with the other Debt collectors I was aware that if I did nothing they could not really do anything other than pass on the debt.However with BC I was given the information on this forum last year that BC would take the debt to a court.So in order to aviod them passing on their evidence that I owed money to the Carphonewarehouse to the court I sent BC a letter of proof I had received from the Carphonewarehouse that I did not owe the money.I agree that I could have let it go further before disputing the debt but I decided to send them the proof becaue after a year of harrassment from DC I wanted an end to the problem and it was and I got a refund.Why would I have wanted anyfuther bother the others did nothing but BC would have done.But now I realize that the other DCs did do somthing which was pass on the debt.I tryed to reason with CPW but they were unreasonable.I did'nt reason with BC I just sent them the letter I gave them no phone details and communicated as little as possible I am aware they would have phoned regularly to intimide as DCs do.But the matter was concluded reasonably they sent the proof to the CPW and the CPW appologised and gave me a refund.The issues was poor communication and missinterpretation and staff who were lazy and could'nt be assed to investigate and made false asumptions.
  4. If I knew that you had proof that I owed you £5000 and could use it to provide a court with evidence but allowed me 7 days to prove that evidence was inaccurate before presenting the court with that evidence then I'd send you the proof that I did'nt owe the money.Because I would'nt want it to go any further.
  5. I had a letter from BC last year for a debt that I did not owe.They gave me 7 days to dispute the debt which I did and so I avoided them taking it further.I received an appology and a refund from the Carphone Warehouse.I found BC reasonable. I'd advise you not to take too much notice of the comments on this thread too seriously as some of the comments from these people on here seem mixed up. I'm a university under graduate so I have the ability to see things a bit more profoundly.
  6. I can't understand why people on here or dissmissing the things I've said to advise people who have received a letter from BC threatening court proceeedings against them.I can only use my experience to advise people in a simular situation that if a debt has been passed onto Bryan Carter then unless the person who receives the letter can prove the debit is not their own debt they will go ahead with the proceedings that will result in bailiffs eventually confiscating property to the value or more than the debit.This a fact and these people who are saying I'm wrong are creating a distraction which could lead to the people thinking that these people can be avioded.I know what I'm talking about these are not like other debit collectors who don't do what they threaten.If they have evidence that you are suposed owe a debit and you can't prove you do not owe the debit if it is in your name they will start proceedings if you can't provide the evidence in seven days that you should not have had this debt they will start the process after seven days if you can't understand this fact then I think you need a reality check . The only way of defence that you mention would be to ask BC to prove you owe the debt and if they have proof you owe the debt then what do you do?
  7. (Edit) If you read what I said I've included all of things that you are attempting to prove I have'nt said.I'm not disputing the fact that a CCJ has to be obtained and court orders not complied with. I have said the proof that the debit doesn't not belong to the person unfortunate to have received the demand from BC has to be complied with within 7 days otherwise they will begin the process. I've had experience with these peole Bryan Carter so I should know what I'm talking about.I sent them proof that the debit was not mine within their time limit and they halted the process which would eventally have led to bailiffs being sent out. I received a refund and an appology from the carphone warehouse last year after they has persued me for a debt that I did not owe. I'm trying to help this person from a fate that could avioded I don't call it scarmongering or a fishing trip I call it accurate advice.Its people like you who try to mislead people by attempting to disregard good advice from an experienced person who has had dealing with BC in the past for what seems like entertainment to you if anyone's on a fishing trip it's you.Plese don't say its a hobby but I can empathize with this persons situation what you are doing is attemping to discredit reasonable advise which may cause this person to go along with your doubts and not take their letter seriously. Read the past threads and you with see that these people mean busness. Whatever your reply I will not respond as I'm done here.It is now up to the person with little time they have left to choose for themselves whom they wish to beleive.And if your polution leads to these people loosing their property I hope you'll be proud of yourself for messing it up for them. Good bye I'm out of here.
  8. O.K they have their proceedures the point is that my reply was intended for someone who is about to have these proceedings initiated if they cannot prvide evidence that the debit does not belong to them. I dissagree that baliffs do not have the authority to enter premises by force.If they have been given the power by the court they are able to break into a property.It all depends on what authority they have.The people you refer to would be calling themselves bailifs but without the permission of the court.
  9. As I have also had experience with BC and won against them I can assure you that what I have said is accurate advice. You scrutinized my sentence which was intened to be for an open minded person because you have a problem with its interpretation so I'll re translate "if they don't send BC proof within seven days (probably one or two now) then Bryan Carter with begin the process of court proceedings which will eventually lead to a court order and then Baliffs. If they contact BC and just ask for proof of the debit that won't stop them from going ahead with obtaining a court order just because it worked for you it does'nt ensure it will help in their case. They won't accept a court hearing, the court just give bailiffs the authority to enter the property and take goods that would probably be more value than the debt. If the person had the money to pay for the court and lawers then that's O.K but there would'nt be any public funding if court orders were obtained. This person can do what they like I could'nt care less of the outcome its not my problem but I have not given dangerous and misleading advice and will not be dismissed as someone who don't know what they are talking about.
  10. I'm giving this advice because I was in same situation as this person last year and because I sent BC proof that I did'nt owe the debit the proceedings were not issued against me and the debit was canceled. .I don't know you are BB you was here last year but I'm trying to help this person but if they take your advice then they could end up loosing property as these people mean buisness I ignored other debit collectors but these peolpe are for for real. If this person chooses to take your advice then they (would) have taken misguided and rather dangerous advice. I did'nt have to help this person I don't know them but I know how traumatic it is with people like that on your case and so I gave advice based on what I found on this thead last year from people who know that Bryan Carter are still operational and have the authority to take it that far with court orders. I've said before these people are not going to take court action if the debit is proven to not be owed within the time limit they give on their letter I had the same letter last year. But it seems like you want them to have bailiffs calling BC will get the court order etc if they don't send proof. Their letter was sent at the end of August so their time is running out.
  11. You need to send them evidence that you don't owe the debt otherwise they will send out bailiffs within seven days.
  12. With reference to Bryan Carter,My experience with them them was they did exist.I managed to avoid giving them my telephone details.They did seem controling and abusive I did'nt allow them to be like that with me on the phone by not conforming, I did'nt answer the questions and asked my own etc I think its called reverse psychology.I sent them them the proof that I did not owe the debt and then it was fine they called off the dogs and got in touch with Carphone warehouse who had been unreasonable even though I had received a letter stating I owed nothing and was actually owed money by Carphone warehouse. The outcome was that I received a refund from CWH after a year of threats and eventually Btyan Carter who would have arranged court bailiffs to confiscate goods by force with no court hearing to examine the legitimate defence in my case.So by quick action before the deadline I was able to aviod the unfair proceedings. They ,B.C were reasonable but only when the evidence was presented within the time limit.
  13. Futhermore in response to your post here,You mention the art of complaining. How many ways are there to skin a cat? I mean at the end of the day I can't see how anyone can acheive a result with the Ombusman. Its all geared in their favour they are all the same family if you like they are going to back each other up no matter how well presented a complaint is regardless of the contents.They get their own way. I don't see why government has this meaninglesss organization installed anyway because it serves no purpose other than a facimile, a front, a nice cosmetic ornimental meaningless institution which makes it look as though they are there to care about the NHS not being up to scratch even on larger scales I think councils petitions would struggle to get any action and addmission of guilt say for instance hygenge standards are not up to expectation I'm sure they'd put up a huge fight. The individual complaint is only kind of dealt with in terms of was it handled correctly ie did they investigate it and do all their bits that would be on their song sheet and of course they would have done all that.But its the standards of care the quality that is deliberately engineered by them to be not considered. All they care about is did some prat examine breifly and skimm through and say nothings wrong I aggree with these people even though I have'nt really had time read it all but they are doctors so they should know what they're on about and so Ill sign it. So as far as they're concerned everything was handled correctly.They are pathetic.What ever happened to the NHS that I grew up with they used to care?
  14. I have experienced the NHS complaints system and it's a waste of time the first stage was to compain to the local trust I did that and they supported the doctors decisions and not mine because I was'nt in a position to comment on medical matters.Any evidence from medical experts in my favour was ignored.The was no access to legal funding without my own financial imput.The advocacy services were confined to guidlines which were fine tuned in favour of medical experts who were heavily sheilded by the pompus medical protention regulations.It may have well been like the days of Robin Hood and and the Sheriff of Nottingham they were just the same.Without the violence though.But the Health Care Commission were just the same when they were in place now without them the Ombudsman is just as bad they are a bunchh of total arseholes they don't a **** about anyone.They don't take any notice all they do is support the people the complaint is against.I'm not an idiot I wrote an extensive report of the details regarding my experiences with the NHS and they just kept getting it all wrong and twisted and the doctors could play it however they liked and they would always be in their favour because of their doctors badge that says they know better than me because I'm not as medically correct as them because I have'nt received their training.I just said Heil Hitler and **** off to them thats about all you can say.
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