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  1. I know I should gave chased it up sooner but I have been I'll and in hospital, still recovering so don't really feel up to getting into a dispute with them. Did vauxhall demand the £245 upfront? Or would they have invoiced you?
  2. I have just checked my agreement and it states under charges ' goods collection fee on voluntary termination of the agreement by you-£70' I have returned a car previously about 6 years ago to Santander and they did charge me £60 to collect it.
  3. They say they only collect for free if you live more than 60 miles away
  4. Thanks for your reply. The finance company is FGA capital. My work hours have been reduced by 75% so money us so tight at the moment and the cheapest I could find for an MOT is £45 unless it's done with a service. The car is a fiat. I think it could be Manheim auction house as when I googled it the nearest one is just over 18 miles away. If they have to collect on a low loader do you know how much they will charge me? Do I have to pay it upfront? Or do they invoice me. The latest car payment came out 5 days ago so I've no spare cash at moment till next payday. Thanks
  5. Due to drastically reduced hours at work I am doing a termination on my HP agreement as I have paid over 50% of the amount due and can no longer afford the repayments. I sent a letter 2 weeks ago, 1st class they claim they never received it so sent another one last Friday by 1st class recorded delivery which according to royal mails website was delivered today (Monday). Rang them today and they haven't got it yet was told it could still he in the mail room. Advised to ring back tomorrow. I am told I have to return car to auction house 18 miles away from my home. They seem to be dragging
  6. Hi, I booked a holiday for myself and my family and invited a good friend to come along. She accepted and paid her share of £311. Then my sons school informed me that he could not have the time off school due to it clashing with his Sats exams. I informed my friend and advised that she could claim off her travel insurance. Then today her sister came round to my house ramming on the door and my windows. I couldn't answer as I was in the bath and my children were downstairs watching television. I only realised who it was when she posted a note through my door saying 'the next step is the small
  7. I today received a reply to my letter asdking for costs and this site even got a special mention. It goes: Dear Madam, Re:*********Phoenix recoveries We are in receipt of your letter dated **th September and note its contents. We do not believe that you have incurred any costs in connection with this matter. Proceedings were issued on **th Aug and discontinued on **th Aug. During that thirteen day period the only action you took was to file a defence which appears to have been taken from a debt internet forum and would require little 'research' on your part. No letters were sent and we
  8. Just a quick update. Sent a letter to Capquest requesting the costs of £42 by return of post made payable to .....[us]. And lo behold a cheque arrived by special delivery this morning!! Seemed very easy so it better not bounce now!!!
  9. Yes I made it clear that the payment was for the CCA and nothing else. Will try the letter by recorded delivery today.
  10. I received a letter from Moorcroft stating I owe £1900 to Choice catalogue [more like £1550]. I sent them a CCA request and enclosed the £1. Ignored so I sent again recorded delivery and received a letter back. They told me they were in receipt of my £1 payment. No mention of CCA request but they needed to have a payment plan in effect immediatley. If no arrangement was forthcoming in 48 hours they may start legal proceedings. I have not paid or acknowledged this debt in over 6 months. Any advice on next step much appreciated
  11. Hi, Just as you predicted I received the notice of discontinuance this morning from Bryan Carter. Where should I go next? What costs can I go for now? Still no CCA.
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