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  1. Nero, sorry I mislead you. I was actually parked next to the one with the stand in the taxt area, just about in the TA of the TAXIS. Can you see anything in the PCN wording that might hiccup?
  2. Many thanks Bernie, I'll contest this one.
  3. Bernie, This might help. And the lower pic is taken at the head of a cul de sac and I had stopped further up on the left but you can see half of the Red Route sign from the first pic. It seems logical that if I stopped outside the prescribed hours then it should be OK? But then logic probably isn't appropriate!
  4. I was parked just to the left of the TA of Taxis. The only other sign in the area was one referring to payment of car parking bays.
  5. Any advice very welcome. I was in a hurry, the M/bike bay was full, so I parked next to the end bike, who was within the double lines marking the end of the m/bike bay, and I was just about on the double lines and over lapping into a taxi parking area - none there at the time. I knew I stood the chance of getting a ticket which I did and was about to pay when I noticed the offence as "parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours". I am guessing that technically the street was not restricted as there were occupied bays for cars and bikes, I had just parked out side the M/cycle retaining white lines. Am I trying my luck or is the PCN incorrectly made out and if that is the case, do I have a right to appeal? What exactly is meant by Restricted Street?
  6. This is irritating anyway you may pick up the pic here i33 . tinypic . com / kmhkj . jpg I've cheated by spacing in the hope it works. Just add h t t p : //
  7. Bernie I did take a pic but was disallowed to post as I think it said I hadn't posted 5 times! Anyway there are 2 red lines at the point I stopped and no bays in sight at all. I'll send you this and than try and post a pic! Thanks for your help
  8. Bernie the B, I've just been down to look at the spot where I parked. There are double red lines where I stopped. About 30 feet before that spot, there is a sign, Red Route, No stopping Mon - Sat 7am to 7pm and underneath that excpet 10am to 4pm no return etc. As I have mentioned before, I got a camera pcn at 12.40am, I asked a warden close by for her opinion and she said, double reds and your are stuffed regardless, not literally, but if that's the case what's the point of putting time limits. Any ideas? best Jez
  9. B the B, no typo and not poor English! Just seriously hacked off and being done but at almost 1am in the morning. I wasn't looking, I just assumed there were double lines. I shall go the area today and check the signs.
  10. Does anyone know if Red Routes are in action over the weekend or are they 24/7 ? I was parked briefly in Commercial Road, London to pick up friends and booked at 1240am on a Saturday morning. No question I was on the Red lines but I hadn't noticed it. I would be grateful for any help anyone can give. thanks JC
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