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  1. I am currently at an impasse with GE with my mortgage having been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in October and awaiting a stem cell transplant. I have been gathering details of all the charges that have been imposed on my mortgage account, which total over £4000, with a view to going after them for these costs. I have today received a letter saying they have transferred my mortgage to Engage Credit. Two things. One, are they the henchmen? Does anyone have any experience of them? And two, do I still have a case to reclaim the unfair penalty charges given the transfer? Thanks in advance
  2. One turned up initially, and he was then joined by the other two. One of the two who joined him then took control and did his level best to intimidate me. And no, I have not received, and still have no paperwork or letters relating to this company. I also asked for their names and any registration number/ID number which got a sarcastic response and they left without giving their names at all. They are new to the local council as agents apparently. Maybe they are eager to impress
  3. thank you nothing was taken down. No forms were evidenced at all. They didn't leave any documentation either. They were the most unprofessional bunch I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. I'm still a bit shocked by how it all unfolded to be honest.
  4. I have today had a dreadful experience at the hands of Julious bailiffs, acting to collect a council tax debt. I was diagnosed with Cancer in October and it caused major kidney damage and left me for the forseeable future confined to a back brace and walking frame/wheelchair. I was in bed, half asleep and my mother was downstairs making some food for me when a man let himself in, calling himself an officer of the court. I have never received any correspondence from these people. I told him of my illness and the fact that I had a claim in with the council for assistance and also that benefits were taking an age to sort and we as a family were living hand to mouth. All of this having come downstairs on a stairlift to talk to him. He stood in the doorway inside the house, refused to leave and kept quoting his rights. I rang my brother for help, and also got on the phone to the council to try and get them to call them off. By the time my brother arrived, I had three bailiffs standing over me, refusing to leave, telling me they had sent letters and demanding money. My brother was angry at my distress and things got heated. There is no doubt my brother played his part in this, but mainly due to the condescending way he was spoken to and the fact that they were clearly trying to use intimidatory tactics with me. I was by this time parked on the sofa in a lot of pain still trying to get the council to listen. A scuffle ensued, during which my brother was called a "****ing prick" by the ringleader and asked if he "wanted some" I was forced to hand over documentary evidence of my illness, and they left. Luckily the council heard most of the episode on an open phone line and I am satisfied that they will not return. Surely I have right to complain? Was he really allowed to physically open my door and walk in uninvited? Is it reasonable to find myself being pressured by three bailiffs? SHould I not have received due notice that they were going to attend? I have never known anything like today in my life, and my mother was badly shaken up by the whole episode, and I am in bed, completely exhausted! Many thanks in advance of your assistance
  5. It is a charge levied monthly when you are in arrears. They claim to hold the charge if an arrangement is in place, but don't actually seem to bother.
  6. yes, suspended possession order in 2008, and they filed for eviction in 2010, which I took to court and overturned.
  7. I am about to embark on reclaiming my charges from GE Money, and would appreciate a little assistance. I have attached a quarterly update from them, which helpfully lists charges to date. I have told them what I am planning to do when dealing with a separate complaint and they sent me a statement of all charges. the breakdown is as follows Solicitor Legal Fees 885.99 Debt Couns Visit 88.13 DD recall chg x7 175.00 Default Notice charge (2) 65.00 Admin Fees 1280.00 TOTAL 2494.12 Interest 1257.17 TOTAL 3751.29 they say that £427.87 of these charges haven't been applied. Any ideas why this would be? They consolidated the vast majority of my arrears back in 2010. Does this affect my claim in any way? And of course, what is reclaimable and what isn't? Thanks in advance
  8. I did say it was an ongoing situation!!! Well, they today accepted my offer of £25 per week over the phone. They also, however, accused me of lying about the behaviour of the bailiffs! The man clearly said "I don't believe that bailiffs are breaking the law, and even if they are, your issue is with them, not us" He also said he didn't believe that they added extra information in writing in their letters, and maintained that the bailiff company are acting perfectly legally in requesting information and threatening me with prison if I do not provide the information. It's mind boggling that civil servants are allowed to foist such tactics on the general public and then bury their heads and pretend it isn't happening. Thanks for the replies, it is much appreciated. My wife returned eventually, in a distressed state, but it could have been much worse.
  9. I have been struggling financially for a number of years and always fall of our local council. Partly because I'm with an aggressive mortgage lender (GE Money) who have a suspended possession order over my property. They employ the wonderful people at Rossendales, , which seems to get worse with each passing year. I have never let them into my home, and yet hand delivered letters drop through the door, usually with "if you don't call me, I'll come back and break in" written in pen on the bottom of the letter. I have met these people on my driveway and pointed out that my wife is suffering from depression and has undergone counselling by a sexual abuse charity for problems from her childhood. They rip up their letters and say "no more" but the harassment continues. This year I have had payment plans pushed through my door that I never agreed to, and requests for information under the law with threats of fines and prison attached, which again I understand they are not allowed to do as they are not the creditor. Today, finally, a letter dropped through the door from the council threatening prison. My wife opened it and has disappeared to god knows where in the car and won't answer her phone and the kids are worried sick, I've had enough. I'm tired of the complete absolution of responsibility you get from the council at the illegal tactics used by these idiots in their name. I want to put together a dossier of the way people have been treated by this fetid company and am interested in people's experiences. But also would like clarity from anyone who may have had success in making a council accept that these things shouldn't be happening in their name? I'm at the end of my tether with it and need to do something. I owe £1800 and have offered to pay them £25 per week online. I have also asked that a detachment of earnings order is not sought from my wife given that she works in a close quarters environment in a pre-school with three other women and this would cause her considerable distress. Is this likely to fall upon deaf ears too? Many thanks for your help. This website has proven to be a great support and very empowering in difficult times
  10. I have a mortgage with GE Money and fell into serious arrears in 2008, at which point they gained a Suspended Possession Order. Further problems led to an eviction date, which I successfully overturned with the help of the good people on this forum. I paid almost three years without any problems, and then missed three payments, April, May, June of this year. Payment is 358 per month Their treatment of me has been nothing short of scandalous. Every adviser you speak to tells a different story. The first one in July told me I could not have an authorised arrangement unless I paid at least the contracted payment in one go. Three weeks later, I spoke to someone else who said she was wrong and set an arrangement for me to pay £400 in August, which I did. At the end of August, I got a letter saying I had broken the arrangement and they required full payment of the arrears within 7 days. When I rang and questioned this, I was told don't worry, its just the letter we send when an arrangement comes to an end. I set up a new arrangement to pay £100 pw, with a first payment of £150. This arrangement lasted 10 weeks, and I met ever payment. Halfway through this period, I got a quarterly mortgage statement, with a letter attached that basically ran through the entire process for repossession and advised me to contact the local authority about getting housed. One line at the end said if you're in an arrangement, please ignore this. I rang last week to pay, and they said the arrangement had expired and I had to set up a new one. I told them nothing had changed and I would carry on paying £100 per week. Apparently this isn't good enough, and I have to go through the whole process of income and expenditure again. They also said that without an authorised arrangement, they would likely contact solicitors to seek an eviction date. This in itself doesn't worry me. I stopped them three years ago having not made a payment in seven months. Since August I have paid these clowns £1,800.00 I'm just sick and tired of their scare tactics and bull****. To cap it all, the Quarterly statement talks about over £4000 worth of charges that have been levied, of which I have paid £3700. Considering I'm £1100 in arrears, this is more than a little annoying. My wife also suffers from depression and is undergoing counselling having been abused as a child (they have evidence of this) and, had she opened any of their letters, she would have gone over the edge. Any practical advice on how to deal with these insipid people would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  11. I have a mortgage with the above mentioned shower. I fell into arrears in 2007 and they obtained a suspended possession order. On defaulting that, they got an eviction date in September 2010, which I successfully overturned, and went on to make 30 payments, during which time GE capitalised my arrears. I have fallen on hard times again and have a couple of questions. The mortgage payment is circa £360 per month and I have arrears of £1288 They put an arrangement in place for August to pay £400, which I did. I received a letter yesterday saying I had broken the arrangement and they required full payment of the outstanding arrears within 7 days. I rang just and they said it was a computer generated letter which is meant to say I have no current arrangement. It doesn't say this at all. I have spoken to three different people in July, August and Today at GE and got three different stories about how they operate re arrangements. I wanted to pay £100 today and she refused until an arrangement is in place, and asked for income and expenditure details, which again, I have given them over and over again. More worryingly, she referred back to 2007 and said that until an arrangement is in place, she can't guarantee there won't be action using the original SPO. Can they still use that order? Is there anything I can do to make these people pay for what is clearly a complete circus? Thanks
  12. yes, the full and final settlement was made in writing prior to payment....yes, everything was agreed correctly at the creditors meeting....and no, he knew nothing of the CCJ until it had been lodged Thank you
  13. A friend did a lump sum full and final settlement IVA in 2006 through PKF. Since then, a CCJ has been lodged by one of the creditors, and others are still chasing debt and telling him that the debt is live and still owed. What are his rights in respect of this? Surely this isn't correct or legal? Thank you
  14. hi all update, and sorry if this now belongs in another thread The bailiffs ignored all of my correspondence, but I also ignored theirs....result being a letter has dropped through the door this morning from the council demanding full payment of £1201.86 or suitable repayment proposals or they will apply for my wife's committal to prison. Any ideas what kind of term is considered suitable? or more directly, how much I have to offer for them to accept? I can probably afford £100 per month at a real push...is this likely to be quick enough for them? If a committal to prison drops through the door, my wife will likely go completely off the rails Thank you once again
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