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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. *** WON *** I made a counter-offer that was mutually acceptable to both parties. Cheque in bank. *waves* Goodbye RBS. It was fun whilst it lasted....
  3. ** SETTLED ** Received copy of their AQ on Monday and decided to make a counter-offer splitting the difference between the claim and their latest offer. I did this partly on the basis that everything I've heard indicated that they would wait until the court hearing (3+ months) before making settlement and during that time I would be paying interest on a CC that would equate to roughly the same value. My counter-offer was accepted by return of post... Mint? Done
  4. Wooooaaaaa!!! Just taken a call from Cobbetts. Very nice, softly spoken lady who started by apologising for their mistake on the offer - it was indeed too low. However.... They are only prepared to settle for charges+costs+8%. They do not accept contractual interest. When I asked why, she claimed "because that's what the office of fair trade said was fair". Which was a bit odd. I said that I'd have to decline the offer, and she said that on that basis, they would be applying to "strike out" the claim on the basis that their offer had been rejected...!! "Bring it on". Wa
  5. Offer! Private courier firm delivered a letter this morning from RBS Group Litigation. a) The letter had the wrong address, but fortunately they managed to work this out... b) The offer was for about 2/3rds of the claim. c) Cheque enclosed. d) Usual restrictions. Was tempted. Was *very* tempted... Sent a No.5 rejection letter along with the cancelled cheque. Getting closer....
  6. Offer from Cobbetts. Their client is "confident" that they'll win at trial, however, "please have some money". Strange sort of confidence eh? Curiously, the offer supposedly was for "charges, court costs and 8% interest" and yet the offer was actually only for the charges - no recovery of court fees and 0% interest.... Imagine even a legal offer from a solicitor being misleading... Unthinkable! On the basis that the offer is for 50% of the claim, I've sent a 'No.6' rejection letter from the library, with a slightly acerbic addition pointing out their FAIL at maths and sugge
  7. Nothing to see here... move along. (Edit : Posted comment on wrong thread - sorry).
  8. Allocation Questionnaire completed & returned today. I've included the 'Draft Directions' as recommended - this is quite a cute document and I'm very impressed by whoever came up with it. A solicitor told me a long time ago that litigation is basically poker. The draft order is akin to going 'all in' with a straight face. Love it.
  9. Acknowledgement of service dated 6-Feb. The CC must be busy - it's taken them more than a week to get the notice out to me. Interestingly, the MINT claim has been handed to Cobbetts, whilst this one is being dealt with by 'Group Litigation' in London. Why the difference when they are both RBS?
  10. Crikey! Just received a 7 page written defence from Cobbetts. Is this normal?
  11. Acknowledgement of Service - 4/Feb from Cobbetts. "I intend to defend all of this claim" We shall see....
  12. Thanks Steven. I actually cleared some of the smaller debts first, even though they didn't have a high APR, they had high monthly repayments (loans mostly), so paying these off freed up relatively large amounts to snowball onto the credit cards. You also can't dismiss the psychological effect of having a long list of monthly payments declining in quantity. ---- Interesting to see the Egg Card decision this week. I can't help but wonder if my good fortune with the refund was just that - a stroke of lucky timing? If people are considering a claim - maybe now is the perf
  13. Won't be spending any of it *, sadly. I'm "snowballing" all of the payouts onto the balances of other cards. It's been a very successful strategy for me. This Egg money will be clearing my RBS card. What I was paying RBS each month will be added to what I was already paying my Mint card, clearing that much quicker. When RBS refund my charges, those will go to Mint as well. It's a lovely thing! * Well, maybe a pint. Or two...
  14. Coincraft: Uncirculated Hong Kong 5 dollars I think they've recently stopped printing their own, but about 50% of the notes in Hong Kong are HSBC ones.
  15. Caro! Long time no see/hear. I've been lurking on & off, but with nothing active of my own, I've only posted a few replies here and there. The Egg settlement is very close to being the full amount - it's certainly on offer I'm 100% happy to accept - which is the ultimate benchmark. Sadly, the other 2 active claims are (hopefully) only 4-5 weeks from settlement which will mean my permanent retirement from BAG. (This is a good thing!). 7-days is a pretty classy return to form though...
  16. No luck required! ** N1 signed, sealed & delivered 21-Jan in the Aldershot & Farnham County Court. ** Fingers crossed!
  17. 21-Jan. N1 Filed @ Aldershot & Farnham County Court. ---------- Monsieur Crusher. Nice new avatar. I 'spose the pinkness is a bit passe now? The cause of all my financial problems was a small business I started up 7 years ago which basically drained me of money. I finally bit the bullet (3 or 4 years late) and walked away just over 12 months ago and went freelance. Things couldn't have worked out better and I'm very nearly back to "ground zero" with almost no non-mortgage debt. These last 3 claims pretty much cancel what I've got left. Which is quite sweet! I
  18. *** WON *** This must be a record. The first letter I sent was sent 11-Jan, after a rapid-fire exchange of letters, derisory first offer, "see you in court" and sensible offer dated 18-Jan!! Can anybody beat 7 days? YAY!
  19. Prelim dated 29/Dec claiming £970 which included CI at 16.95% Offer of £177 dated 11-Jan. LBA dated 12-Jan. Final 'I am sorry...' letter dated 18-Jan. N1 printed & ready to file on Monday morning for the full amount of £891+fees (this being lower, because I had inadvertently included a couple of charges older than 6 years and didn't fancy the complications).
  20. Got all the details last April, after nearly 2 months of waiting for the Data Protection Act reply. By then, I couldn't afford the court fees! Started the whole process again this month, have got to the LBA stage and will be N1-ing them on the 28th Jan. The have made an offer of £96, being the difference between £20 charges and the 'acceptable' £16 as "allowed" by the OFT...
  21. Prelim dated 29/Dec asking for £1508, which included CI at 15.9%. Offer of £278 dated 11-Jan. LBA sent 12-Jan. Final 'get lost' letter dated 18-Jan. N1 printed & ready to deliver on Monday 21-Jan, for slightly less than originally asked because of 4 charges older than 6-years (didn't need yet more complications).
  22. Well done. Another winner. When they settled with me, the cheque cleared my bank, I started spending the money and then 5-days later their cheque bounced! Cost me £80 in bank charges did that little escapade! (Got them back later ... of course Nice one.
  23. I don't think the full decision has been posted anywhere, but the person who actually got the decision is #9 on this thread, where they quote verbatim from the FOS;
  24. Letter of complaint posted to A&L today. I tried to get as many phrases from the FOS decision as possible into the complaint; "I believe your action was a retaliatory and punitive measure...", etc, etc. Account was closed in Aug '06 after we got £6k+ in charges back. I was furious then and I'm no less furious now!
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