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  1. Thanks for all your help. I passed on the advice and she found a solicitor who is willing to take a look at the situation and hopefully advise. She is on working tax credits so some turned her away saying that they dont do legal aid. She also got turned away from 3 in our local area due to "conflict of interests", i presume he is registered with these so they are not willing to take on a case against the guy. Again, thanks fingers crossed for good news for her.
  2. Hhhmm, sounds exactly like her situation. He has been diagnosed with various mental illnesses, and had tried to kill himself various times. She couldn't cope with it anymore so thats why she decided to split. Now ofcourse (as you said too) he is bitter and wants to cause as much damage to her life as he can. He even key'd the side of her car on new years eve Could you expand on what an "order for sale" is? Thanks for everyones input on this, we appreciate it
  3. Having spoken to her, it sounds like that is what she wants to do (Get out and let him have the house). This will save her being blacklisted, correct?
  4. The children are from a previous marriage so they do not factor into it. She is planning a divorce, this year. I'm just a little astounded that the law would allow someone to become blacklisted in this kind of situation. She doesn't pay the mortage anymore because she doesn't live there and needs all of her earnings to put a roof over their heads.
  5. Hi guys, I am turning once again to you guys for help, although this time it is for a family member. The situation is that an inlaw recently seperated from her husband of about 6yrs. They lived in a nice detached house and had a joint mortgage in both of their names. When they split, she moved into a rented property with her daughters, untill their house sold. The problem is, that the husband will not lower the price of the house, and it is not selling. It has been up for sale now for about a year. The problem with this, is that he is not paying the mortgage on it (or is no
  6. Well alot has cracked off since my last post, alot of lying and extremely poor customer service on their part to be vague. They Finally booked me an engineers call for Saturday morning, and told me to expect them between 8am and 11am. Great! I rang my boss and told him I will not be nipping into work on Saturday (Not a huge deal, it was only overtime). 11am saturday morning came and no engineer Rang them up and apparently there was never any engineer booked for my account! (extremely annoyed by this stage). They kept trying to persuade me to let them book an engineer for
  7. They have upped my IP Profile to 750kbps. Even though I told them I still wouldn't receive over the DOWNSTREAM rate. I am now hitting 350kbps.....Unnacceptable.
  8. Well as expected I got home and the broadband is no different. I rang up BT and they told me that there is "no record of any line test being carried out before (ie last night)". We have to go through all the motions again, doing the line test and then waiting for BT to get in touch within 48hrs. The guys is now saying that my line can take no more than 560kbps (0.5mbps). This is unacceptable to us, but furthermore we are being "perminently throttled" by our IP PROFILE to a measly 135kbps (although it does sometimes go up to 250kbps). Does anybody have any idea of an agle I can
  9. *Update* I have received a phone call on my mobile - MUCH to my surprise. The engineers have carried out work on my line to eliminate a fault they detected on it when they ran their line tests. they have said that I should notice significant speed increases within a 24hr time period. They also said if I do not notice a satisfactory increase, to ring them back and the reference number will allow them to do yet more work. I'm not holding up my hopes, but its a good sign that they have actually gotten back to me. I will report back when I get home to test the connection. Fi
  10. Firstly, thanks for everybodies input. Received and greatly appreciated. I have already tried everything, ranging from master resets on hardware, disabling firewalls, changing routers, filters, connecting through master socket, connecting through test socket (behind the master socket) and kicking the router. All to no avail. I am at work at the minute, but I have put my SNR into a calculator which says I should be receiving 4+mbps - I know this isnt an accurate figure but it also points out that there is a problem. Anyway, even though my dad has already gone through the motion
  11. Hi Tez, thanks alot for your reply. I know, it is shocking that these speeds are what we are receiving. I am 100% certain that there is a problem, please see below my results from the BT Speedtester..... Your DSL connection rate : 384kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 448kbps(UP-STREAM) IP profile for your line is - 135kbps Actual IP throughput achieved during this test was - 85kbps The first issue that jumps out and bites me is that our download speed is lower than our upload! Surely this indicates an error. On the subject of the overall area, and exchange distance, I have just
  12. For some unknown reason, my house has always suffered from slow internet connection. We used to be on bulldog and we were running at about 1.5Mbps. We are now on BT again, and receive less than 0.5mbps. I have just ran a speed test (at Top 10 Broadband » Broadband Speed Test - Test Your Broadband Internet Speed) and it has come up at a pathetic 0.13mbps. What can I do?! BT say that the line cannot take anymore than this speed, but if we pay more money they will be able to supply us with higher speeds! This just doesnt sound right to me. Also if this is as fast as we can get, why w
  13. Send them the template in this thread, You will then receive a letter from Red saying that they have received it and they are conducting investigations. I havent heard another thing from them since. If they do give me "proof" of my debt I will be hitting Wescott with a S.A.R to get all my documents back. Any ideas Wescott will still have my documents on file? It was a good 4 or 5 years ago now.
  14. Due to another thread on this forum, I have found the company which I originally sent out all documents too. I'm hoping that if necessary I can somehow get them to send me ALL documents to re-arm myself? (It was "Wescott Credit" services)
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