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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. No-one "advised" me it was statute barred. If I recall, I began paying simply as I had reached a point around 2012 where I was dodging debts left right and centre, and begun token payments to a number of debtors. Some I had no dispute with and have since paid off in full. I begun repaying as I was not trying to dodge the debt, I wanted to improve my general financial position by paying things off and move on. I didn't and dont dispute that my signature is on the loan documents and made payments of around £900 in 2014/15. However, as I got more in control of finances again, I wasn't struggling to manage things as much so I had the time to look into some debts I had concerns about and raise two complaints to the FOS. Welcome was one of these. I appreciate there may have been things I could have done differently in the past that may have resulted in a different outcome today. I will say, in my defence, that dealing with these miserable creatures is so damn stressful that I'm note often the most level-headed when it comes to this debt.
  3. In 2011, Welcome Finance was insolvent and entered into a Scheme of Arrangement, a legal agreement prioritising the repayment of selected creditors over many other business functions. Essentially at this point Welcome stopped issuing new loans and turned into a collection-only outfit. It would appear that the only way they could make money was not to lend it out. They had to do this becuase their parent company, Cattles PLC, also did this. Over time, as their loan book shrinks, the staff they need would reduce too, so I guess they are getting smaller all the time, closing branches as they go. Cattle PLC did rebrand Progressive to Welcome Financial Services Ltd. Cattles also owned The Lewis Group at the time. WFSL itself traded as both Welcome Finance and Shopacheck (made money, kept trading after 2011). For reference, here is a list of the various companies that have operated under the Cattles PLC umbrella: 1. C L FINANCE LIMITED (company number 01108021). 2. CATTLES HOLDINGS LIMITED (company number 05976786). 3. COMPASS CREDIT LIMITED (company number 00235117). 4. DIAL4ALOAN LIMITED (company number 03958533). 5. EWBANKS MAIL ORDER LIMITED (company number 00457490). 6. LEWIS GROUP (HOLDINGS) LIMITED (company number SC154199). 7. MONEYTOPIA BANK LIMITED (company number 00215285). 8. MONEYTOPIA LIMITED (company number 00652955). 9. PROGRESSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED (company number 01682540). 10. RECORDPOINT LIMITED (company number 02906681). 11. SHOPACHECK LIMITED (company number 00274611). 12. STATUSCLAIM LIMITED (company number 02903444). 13. SUPREMEACCESS LIMITED (company number 02913219). 14. THE LEWIS GROUP LIMITED (company number SC127043). 15. U.K. DEBT DEFAULTERS REGISTER LTD (company number SC170934). 16. WELCOME INSURANCE SERVICES LIMITED (company number 02230654). 17. WELCOME RETAIL SERVICES LIMITED (company number 00226015). 18. WESTERNISSUE LIMITED (company number 02930977).
  4. Hi, I would like to join the queue of people complaining about these idiots:evil:. In fact, I already have complained:-x. I complained around 5 areas: 1: No affordability checks were carried out 2: Shortfall Insurance product did not achieve what I was sold it to do 3: Mis-selling of financial products (loans) subsequent to initial loan, continuing to add interest to interest as loans were rolled over. 4: Additional charges e.g. late fees, telephone call fees, letter fees being excessive and not backed up by evidence of letter sent or call made. 5: Statutue of Limitations should be in force as no contact between 2006 and 2012. Collection activity subsequent to 2012 was illegal as barred by statute. Note there is no PPI here. Welcome received formal letters of complaint in March 2015. Final Responses from Welcome were received in April 2015. They rejected every single apsect to my complaint and hid behind their claim that they are unable to investigate d ue to the Scheme of Arrangement being in force, as well as a few other flimsy reasons. I took the matter the the FOS who called me yesterday to advise: 1: the loan was taken out prior to 2007 and the FOS have no remit to look at cases pre-2007. 2: Welcome Finance's Scheme of Arrangement prevents me from being compensated for anything in the period 2007 - 2011 (I think, he may have said 2014). My coutner-argument to this, based on the legal wording of their Scheme of Arrangement, would need to be considered by a judge, not the FOS. 3: Neither the FOS or Welcome are able to declare a debt statute barred. This can only be achieved by having my case heard in court in front of a judge. Given the buch of horrors and scoundrels they are at WFS:evil:, I would have hoped for a more postive outcome. In fact, I'm a little upset that the FOS are not prepared/able to look at any aspect of my complaint. However, I need to decide what to do. The O/S bal is £1397, interest etc all long frozen, debt currently with Hoist Portfolio Holding:mad2:/Robinson Way:x. Paying this, on a small monthly payment until done, is not a problem, apart from I dont want to. I think I am only left with pursuing Welcome through a court, and would probably feel that small claims would be best. While I am reasonably experienced at haggling with debt agencies, post-FOS action is territory I am totally unfamiliar with and would appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thanks Andrew
  5. I dont remember seeing a default on my credit file from them. I tend to retain correspondence for ever and ever (am certainly sure while I might lose a receipt or reminder letter or two, I would have retained a default notice). Honestly dont think they ever took that step. Wouldn't a SAR just reveal copies of what I already have in my loan agreements?
  6. The default date on my credit file is 1/1/2010. The DCA are stating that this means they can legally pursue until 2016. I know I could contest this through proving payment/contact etc in last 6 years did not take place, but this course of action would only get them off my back (am to be honest they aren't annoying me much) and I would like to look to ways I can get this settled on my credit file before 2016.
  7. I have a historic debt with Welcome Finance which, after a prolonged period of time, has gotten back in touch with me. Having read a few posts on this site, I think there may be a few options I can look into with regard to possibly reducing the balance on this debt. There is quite a long story here, so let me explain as best I can.... 18 Aug 2001: Purchased 2nd hand car from Direct Car Finance. Finance provided by Welcome Finance. No PPI. Shortfall Insurance also taken out for full loan term. Breakdown and recovery insurances also taken out, not for full term. Loan repaid erratically. ?? May 2002: Car stolen and not recovered, motor insurance paid out for a total loss. Shortfall insurance also paid out. Both lots of money went to Welcome against loan balance. Loan continued to be repaid erratically. April 2003: I signed a new loan agreement to enable the balance to be used to pay off the car loan, which now had no security as the vehicle was stolen and I was left with an unsecured loan to pay off. I have in my possession a full list of transactions on my account from inception to this date. Jul 2005: After once again falling behind with my payments, I signed another new loan agreement. If i recall correctly this was to allow me to reduce my payments by taking the balance over a longer term. May 06: Last payment to Welcome I have a record of. Jan 2007: Moved house, lost contact with Welcome, heard nothing from them until March 2010 when a letter from Willen arrived. I have my copies of the Aug 01 and Jul 05 agreements. I also have a large number of cash receipts from payments I have made, probably most but definitely not all of them. I have the vast majority of correspondence from them. I have read reports of some people having success in defeating Welcome due to incorrect clauses in the Credit Agreements. The two agreements I have clearly state that PPI is not a part of the agreement, and I think it is extremely unlikely I have it on the 3rd agreement. It is over 6 years since my last payment to Welcome, if my final receipt is indeed the final one. My frustrations are two-fold. Firstly, despite a large total amount of money being paid to Welcome by me, and additional payments from the motor insurer and the shortfall insurance company, I still owe over £2000. Secondly, Welcome were a rude and scary company to deal with, to the extent that I had cause to place a written complaint with witnesses to them regarding a DPA breach in 2004. To be totally honest, I am sick of this having been a millstone around my neck for over a decade now and am looking for any way I can to reduce / clear the balance, perhaps with reference to the original agreements, charges applied, statute of limitations, etc. The end-game I am looking for is where this shows as fully settled and satisfied on my credit file, and I am prepared to negotiate some sort of settlement to achieve this if I have to, but would like to explore all the options. I have scanned and uploaded copies of my loan docs, but unfortunately cant attach the link due to a low post count. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. I am just a bit confused as to what my options might be....
  8. Thanks for the confirmation Have done the statements from 05/2001 to 12/2005 and we have a total of £2162.43 so far. Just a few more to add on and I'll be getting somewhere Never before has data entry on to a spreadsheet given me so much joy! Thank you all again x x x x x x
  9. First, can I thank everyone who's worked to put all this information together, it's a real goldmine of a resource and you are all stars! I'm just putting everything together at the moment, and am completing the spreadsheet of charges. I know I can claim for unpaid DD/SO/CHQ and for items that have been paid while overdrawn, but can I also claim for the monthly unathorised overdraft fee itself? Any advice would be appreciated - thanks in advance!
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