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  1. 4 Years to the day I posted this thread and continued to maintain it to conclusion to help others , ... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?200733-NCP-and-Railway-Car-Park Here I am now 4 years later and it's happened again ! I'm interested in this Game Changer thread, .. without boring the pants off everyone with every specific detail, ... I parked for the day (again at Ely train station) , bought a valid ticket, parked in a valid space and returned at the end of the day to find a charge notice stuck to the windscreen apparently due to being outside a marked
  2. We booked tickets to our local theatre in August, we booked all 4 seats in a box. It was for a special occasion and a joint birthday gift for our good friends. The performance is for this Saturday 27th October, we were contacted by the theatre today (25th October) at 3pm to say that the box is no longer available as the touring company will need to install lights in there. I am confused as the show has been running since Monday 22nd and presumably they did a rehearsal. The tickets were £35 each plus £2.50 each booking fee (even though it was a debit card booking directly with the theatre
  3. I've tried not to be lazy and have looked up the links to SOGA and Tesco's own policies, .. but I'm still having difficulty getting the facts exactly straight. My son bought a Praktica TV from Tesco 5 months ago it is not working now (does not switch on at all). He still has the receipt, paid using debit card. He has been told that they will not refund or replace but send it for repair because it is past 28 days old. Tesco's Electrical Goods Refund Policy states that "Electrical products are guaranteed for 1 year. Please return electrical products to your local Supers
  4. I think this is a VERY KEY part of this train of correspondence, I am very interested to know what you mean when you say there is no DirectDebit agreement set up? under what mandate has your bank been paying these people? direct debits are strictly controlled in this country. Any more info about this ?
  5. OK All -As the Original Poster of this thread - Nothing Happened at all !! the world didn't end, I didn't lose all my worldly possessions, I didn't lose my kneecaps ...etc etc. Everything worked EXACTLY as the experts on here said it would, my last update was September 2009, it's now March 2010 ...I think we're done here. Nothing more to say. For all the doubting Thomas' please read this thread fully. Thanks to ALL for your support. PS Could the moderator please amend this thread to put this final post at the top to encourage people to read it and be assured the advice w
  6. I wasn't quite sure where to put it,....but I've added a thread on the "Campaigns" forum, it is not specifically a motoring only matter but would probably be appreciated by those intending to fight unfair prosecutions.
  7. Not Guilty ? ...pay your own costs ! I heard a very interesting interview today relating to proposed changes by the government due to be sneaked in this month , despite massive objections from consultative parties and many other groups. It would appear that the government wants to significantly reduce the amount a person is able to recoup in costs if they successfully fight a prosecution attempt. In a nutshell if you are innocent and you prove it, it will cost you. The link to this article focuses on motorists , BUT it is not only motorists who will be impacted it is everybody
  8. Apologies Bernie, let me try and clarify it, I wanted opinions on the taking over by the Council of "control" of on-street parking. At present the only things they "control" are a few "free" car parks and the rip off one near the station. Is this something the Council can decide to do without consulting tax payers ? They have already proved that they can be downright devious and cynical by the charging unusually high rates for the train station car park when all other car parks in the town under their "control" are "free". I don't think they should be trusted to take over
  9. **Latest Update** OK guys and girls...... 2nd letter from Graham White... The more observant among you may have worked out, ... that despite ominous threats giving me 7 days before the end of my world!... they sent the second letter 14 days later !! Ok down to business.. Usual headings and legit looking legal stuff at the top about clients, "legal" reference numbers, bar code and telephone number. total amount due £90(they seem to have forgotten that the last missive added on lots of scary extras and had me up to ~£200+ !! ) It begins... FINAL WARNIN
  10. Our local council will be "taking responsibility for" or "taking over control" of "on-street" parking when it passes from the police to them" shortly ... Is this something compulsory? is this supposedly a good idea? is this something taxpayers have been campaigning for? Have I missed something ? Pros and cons please..... The answer to the last question is probably yes, but any answers / comments from anyone else on the others would be helpful. We have at least 3 or 4 "free" ( we already pay for them in our council tax) public car parks in our town at present, the only one w
  11. What about someone who regularly parks "opposite" my dropped driveway in a narrow road, therefore making entry and egress very bl**dy difficult ?. Oh, and by the way by parking opposite my driveway with 2 wheels up on the kerb!
  12. I was "caught" for allegedly (I didn't ask for, nor was I shown any evidence) doing 101mph on a motorway (70mph limit), by a mobile camera on a motorway bridge over the road..... First offence. I got an £800 fine and a 14 day ban. PS Insurance went up from ~£200 a year to over ~£1200 because of the ban. PPS There are average speed cameras in the Limehouse Link tunnel but people regularly exceed the ludicrous 30mph limit... do they know something I dont ?
  13. **UPDATE** As promised.... Received first letter from Graham White Solicitors. NOTICE OF INTENDED LEGAL ACTION You were written to by NCP LIMITED and their agent Roxburghe requesting the settlement of a Parking Contravention Charge Notice. Due to the absence of payment, or a valid appeal, our client has instructed us to proceed to legal action to recover the amount due. Therefore, it is a legal requirement to send a notice of INTENDED LITIGATION before legal proceedings are issued in the County Court. This letter fulfils this requirement. Take note: the costs as
  14. Could I just interject here....as someone who is now reaching the latter stages of a dispute with a PCN, I have been taking the sage advice of this forum and ignoring them...because they are in the wrong! Am I now hearing that they DO TAKE PEOPLE TO COURT AND WIN ?
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