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  1. Hello martin3030, can i ask why you have copied the post by coniff? If it was to suggest coniffs comments were not personal because coniff wrote It wasnt. Then I disagree, just because coniff wrote it wasnt dosnt mean it wasnt, that is why I wrote it was in my last post. Anyhow, it dosent matter.....like I previously wrote, I didnt come onto the forum for advise (thankfully), I came on to the site out of interest, and maybe share stories. Coniff obviously didnt realise that from the thread!
  2. Obviously the Judge did not share your opinions Coniff And the Judge deemed the counterclaim as ridiculous, as filing a counterclaim for defending a claim is not allowed.
  3. Hi everyone, I WON IN COURT ON FRIDAY We all had a bit of a laugh ...... at the dealership, including the judge!! Their defence and presentation was a complete shambles, no dates on anything, no documents for anything, continuous contradictions throughout their entire statements . It was awarded that they refund the total purchase price, the cost of the service, all my costs of taking it to court, and my costs for the day including my witness costs, including interest. Hope all are well, Leo
  4. Hello spedqeenbob, I didn't actually come on for advice...I came to read other peoples posts and maybe share stories! What sound advise was I given, because it I could not see any? I didn't expect to have someone trying to pick at everything I did (right or wrong) and post a load of false assumptions and accusations like wanting a new replacement bike when I said no such words!! Then finishing it off with 'I think their counter claim has more strength than my claim'....that's not sound advise buddy....that's being an ass! My attitude in response was off, I admit..... I was caught off guard, and I lowered to it.
  5. Received a 'General Form of Judgement or Order' from the courts yesterday! Before DISTRICT JUDGE ????? sitting at ???????? County Court, The Shire Hall, ????? Upon the courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days receiving it. IT IS ORDERED THAT Unless the defendant files an allocation questionnaire with the court office within three days of service of this order, the claimant shall be at liberty to enter judgement. Dated 07 August 2008 I think all it means is that the dealer failed to file the allocation questionnaire within 14 days.
  6. Providing a motorcycle with a defect such as this...........is taking the pee! Refusing the customer his right to reject it....................is taking the pee! Carrying out a service such as this..............................is taking the pee! Not collecting the machine 3 days before the trip...........is taking the pee! Supplying a motorcycle to take on the trip which is illegal..... is taking the pee! Writing a defence that I would not let them have it, when I have a letter from them that they are refusing the right to reject it because it is their right to repair it................is taking the pee!! An helpful retailer would not have taken the pee in the first place!
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