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  1. Sent the letter saying they still have not provided me with the original default & requested the data to be removed. They sent me a template of a default, then quoted section 176 of the Consumer Credit Act. They then said they are satisfied with the actions they took. Am I stuck? Do I proceed with the complaints process & take the matter to court?
  2. No they never sent me the actual default notices or copies. Just claimed to have reference numbers and quoted these.
  3. unfortunately no . The form I signed has all of those details on it. My only leg to stand on is the fact I never received the default notice. But if what I'm told is true & reference numbers are enough in court I don't have much to stand on by the looks of things . Might just keep writing to them till they get annoyed with me & remove it .
  4. They sent me my signed agreement and a load of statements half of which I've never seen but it's the whole reference thing that worried me as I've been told reference numbers are enough in court.
  5. This is my draft response. Tell me what you think Dear Mr ....... Thank you for your letter dated 31/10/08. I am very concerned with some information in your letter. On the 28th July Miss ......... wrote to me stating that my debt was not passed on. You now say it was. So I have been lied to. You also say that the default letter was sent yet this was not sent to me within the information I requested. If you have these default letters you are in breach of my rights under the Data Protection Act. If you don’t have these then you are in breach of principles 1, 3 & 4
  6. Hi guys just a little update on where I am with Style. Sent them an SAR request. They sent me statements. Told them there was no default notice there and no proof. They now say they have references to them being sent. Is this viable or can I still have them on grounds they cant provide original copies???
  7. Sent the SAR about a month ago now & still no reply. What should I write now?
  8. Thank you for the replies so far guys. They are really helpful. I defaulted at 251 quid or summat which is really what ticks me off. MY credit limit on the card was about 150 quid and I paid em back close to 300 quid. Really silly if you ask me to be honest. Doesn't do them any harm to remove it considering I paid it straight away.
  9. Thanks for the reply Paul. Im basically trying to get my default removed. I didnt even realise that I had 1 until 2 months back. May as well claim back the charges as well while I'm at it.
  10. Hi all Im new to these forums but as the title suggests I've got a little problem. I got a copy of my credit file about 2 months back & found that I had a default on there registered by Style Financial Services. I never received the default letter & only remember some company phoning me stating that I owed money so I paid it straight away. After reading through these forums I sent a CCA request. However their reply threw me. It stated that as my debt was settled they had no obligation to provide me with the information I requested & that my debt was not sold on.
  11. I've got the same sort of reply from Style & would like to know how to combat this.
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